Absolute Darkness (ch 4)


Hello every one…. im so so sorry for late… but i was bussy also lost my password here…. but as make up i write looooong artical…. enjoy

so as soon as song over she left again to raj leaving Sanskar stoned on dance floor with stolen sight.

4 days passed since that day and indeed ram goshal has moved to far south state for unknown reason. That night raj invited the triangle of death for party including them and some business men.

Sanskar wore black tuxedo, while laksh wore casual jeans, ragini had night saree and hair tie pun. The moment they step in, girls fall for laksh and Sanskar immediately, they r beautiful gods in humans, ragini hold laksh arm to prevent him hitting men gazing on her and show her right on him. Sanskar eyes looked for swara immediatly, she didn’t leave his mind in peace for second in those four days. Re remember every look of her bubbly eyes, her voice, her strong replays her flawless body covered n tat kurtha.

Raj was there with Shivrani, three reached raj and offer greeting words and all, after mints swara got down from stairs and Sanskar eyes were just glued wide, she was shining star in black dress, like mermaid from hell, steeeeeeam hot and s*xy.

She stood by them, greets them (note she doesn’t know their real names, only sanky lucky and rago)

2 hours later raj got busy with businessmen’s girls who throw themselves on him to finish deals, ragini and swara were talking, laksh with some businessman and Sanskar in terrace thinking of that mermaid who took his thoughts as no woman did, he felt a hand pass his chest from behind, he trouble and look around to see……….

Sanskar: madam Shivrani!?

Shivrani; shavi for u boy, ?

Sanskar in sight: no thank u Shivrani ma’am. I’m ok like that.?

Shivrani with playful smile: Y virile,? I’m sure ur not stupid, neither do I, then lets skip those forms?

Sanskar: I’m skipping nothing?, I’m not interested in ur offer?

Shivrani: Oh now u ll b loyal to raj?

Sanskar: I’m loyal to non but my family?

Shivrani: Then y play hard guy type?, I know what u was?, then no innocent and all?

Sanskar look her angrily?: really (Shivrani was taken back) what do u know huh, tell me???

She look bold to him: I know that ur most pleasure toy boy???, I know coz I saw u there, but I was another house guest, but now………..

Sanskar got furious????? and hold Shivrani arms and push her to wall hidden from people,: I hate that word???

Shivrani: Its ur reality?

Sanskar press her arms tight: b*t*h?

Shivrani: I ll pay??

Sanskar: I quit ?and if I had price now u wont b able to pay it?, now if u didn’t shut that mouth of u ?and stop following me I swear raj himself ll rip u pieces to his men, and get u back to ur house, pleasure house remember it????

Shivrani got hell scary?? by his strong grape on her arms and cold angry words she nodded and he let her go (get lost)?? Sanskar said.

Sanskar land to that wall?? remembering his darkest years, the years he was called golden play toy. Swara shade come to his mind?, and for weird he calmed down?, he wished that swara who came. Four days he couldn’t bring any woman to his bed and kept sleeping on drug pills, like suddenly she took his everything, he can’t see any girl but her, y is that? Perhaps her name, no! then y, we he cant stop thinking of her, her challenge, her eyes, those lips, and that scent he smell while dancing that night, one meeting and she had him to core. He decided to know everything about her. He back to party and cheek for her, luckly she was with ragini smiling in angelic way.

Swara: oh rago?, I have never smile that much n much time.?

Rago: any time ?, we offer jokes by hot line. ?(both girls laughed and lucky came with two drinks)

Laksh (after sipping some drink he give to ragini): here u go baby?. And water for u swara.

Swara: thanks lucky! Do u both share everything? Hahah

Laksh hold ragini waist and hug her close: everything (????)

Rago: Aaari, party!? u shameless.?

Laksh: Shameless and proud?, and u know well what type are they so what problem?.

Swara: I really wonder y u call triangle of death?? Ur personality………..?,

Ragini: its darkness what made us swara,? u wont understand coz ur free

Swara sad shade: free huh? I do understand rago, but y u people don’t just quit??

Laksh: too late, swara, too late. We r deep in shit and no more back( sign with his arm as death)

Swara ask worry: lucky!! Where u got that tattoo on ur arm??

Lucky: that one? Since I’m kid, like I’m born with.?

Swara catch his arm: this tattoo, its… pretty.??

Lucky: thanks swara, ?may I have my arm back?

Swara: sorry. (swara with in deep thought, sanky, lucky, rago)

Swara: So lucky. What a name.

Laksh: Well its my famous u know

Swara: What u mean?

Both ragini and him look to her then smile: its nicknames, actually we are, Ragini, Laksh, and Sanskar.

At this point swara drop her glass,? and all look at sound she control her troubles and down to pick it up, Sanskar was already heading there and rushed when glass fall

Sanskar: what happen??

Swara don’t answer

Raj also reach: swany what is it?,

Swara stand up with a smile: my hand slipped, im sorry.

Raj: never mind, waiter clean up, darling I ll b right back.

Sanskar: what happen rago???

Ragini: I don’t know, we were talking and……….?

Swara: Actually I was shock to know that u have other names mr. sanky?

Sanskar looked at her, ragini and laksh?

Laksh: we didn’t mind to tell her sanky?

Swara: im sorry if that botherd u,? its just ur names is bit weird hahah, dnt worry ur secrete is safe. And also…

Sanskar catch her hand and put tissue on it; ur bleeding ?

Swara got so shiver right now, Sanskar felt it also, he was touching it softly, warping her hand while look in the eyes, he couldn’t read her eye, pain, happy, sad, cry, many is there many… he whisper (I’m just warping ur wound, why so much tension) swara look at his eyes when raj came back

Raj: all ok swara, oh wound,? u such careless person ???(he said in evil smile that Sanskar didn’t like at all)

Swara pull her hand: its nothing?

Raj catch her palm and press the wound cozing more blood to swara, while she keep extra calm: nothing indeed??. Now go to that wealth guy there and set contract schedule. Com on

Swara raised her head challenging and looked finally to the triangle and wake away. The party continuo normally, Sanskar watched swara all night from man to man and woman to woman, one touch her back as tapping and she remove kindly, other woman press her hairs. He understand that she is easying raj work by these touches, but he can see disgust so clear in her eye, finally all left for their home

In raj room

(sawara pov)

I was removing my jewelry, when raj came in, i looked at him in the mirror and continuo my removal, he just sit on bed…..

Raj: good job today swany

Swara: Swara! And I always do u good bussiness (i took towel and head to wash)
raj: wait (i stopped, looking at him) come here. (i moved toward him) what kind of a man is sanky?

Swara: Dangerous but loyal, smart and beauty, he is a lethal weapon (Swara heart ached) y u ask about him? He finished ur job right?

Raj: I plan to make him work with me

Swara: no

Raj: Y

Swara: Just like that

Raj: And since when u decide work!!

Swara: Since I increase ur profits with 40%

Raj stand up: really (i kept looking chillingly to him, so the next thing i felt was hard slap on my cheek) b*t*h. Ur not favour to me, u work for me, i bought u!!!! get it.

i was still standing: in another day it would have make me fall, ur getting older old man

raj give me a harder slap but smile didn’t go away, so another slap and another and i just struggle and smile, then one more slap, that was my limit so i fall

raj: I don’t know what u ll get from these, ur just amusing me

i smile: I ll crush ur sadistic self. u can’t control me raj, I’m not Shivrani.

Raj: Well we ll see

Raj dragged me from hair on floor to bed and throw me on it, i knew what ll happen so i got ready, this is hw i defeat him……………. ( guess what ll happen here??)

Sawara POV over

Sanskar cabine

(Sanskar pov)

As soon as I enter my room, I fall on bed. She just dnt go out of my mind. Her black hair, Her bubbly round eyes, those arms I wanna touch, her fluffy lips I wanna take, her body curves and skin that I wanna enjoy. I wanna take her and hide her from those filthy eyes staring to her, but y I keep think of her??. I never think in woman, not in this way, there is only swara in my life, my child friend swara, the pure place in my life, and no woman ll take her place, not even f she had her name. but if all that is true y I keep think of this swara?.

I touch my swara kiss place on my head, y swara? Y u didn’t let them catch us both instead of running, why u left me with promise to survive and left me to die every day? Y u died and left me swara??????.

I’m feeling uneasy in my chest and breath get heavy, I feel so sad, I think pills won’t work today, I rang for Avenash to bring my any woman now, just hell everything now.

Sanskar POV over

Laksh and ragini in there room, ragini in s*xy nighty and just out of wash room, laksh in home pant and bare chest laying on bed

Ragini: im so tired.

Laksh: indeed… com here let me relax u…..

Ragini: ur never enough aah… even in party… hw u drag me in dark tat way.. what if we got seen?

Laksh: i dnt care… i just lose my control around u baaaaabyyyyy

Ragini: laksh b serious… what u think about swara

Laksh got worry face: what about swara??

Ragini: i dnt know… she is different…. somthing just not fitting well.. why she is with raj and shivrani?? Fishy na

Laksh stand up and stand behind ragini hugging her from back and look at her reflection in the mirror

Laksh: i dnt know darling she is normal to me… and i dnt wanna spend this night talking

Ragini: but laksh……….. (laksh swift her around and occuppy her lips, he moved slowly to bed and make her lay without breaking kiss, he played a song by sound control, and enjoyed each other fire.

Days pass on, Sanskar start gather information about swara but all he get she suddenly start showing around raj 3 years ago, where she come from? Hw?? He could never know, she really work as sectary for him, but he use her finishing his deals even though she never slept with any but raj, and at night she is his ??

Raj quit known to be filthy like all underworld people, but she is not, even Shivrani tried cheat him but not swara, in same time raj like obedient girls, while swara is the opposite, she oppose him in her way.

The more Sanskar try to know about swara the more he get lost in her, he was in office when ragini and laksh came in

Laksh: hay sanky?

Ragini: aaari ?sanky nahi?! Lover!!?

Sanskar: ragini what nuances??

Ragini sit on his desk next to him: no shame in that Sanskar☺, I knew u r following swara history?, u love her na!?

Sanskar: u surly hit ur mind rago?, I love only one swara in my life, which is ur sister and no matter what no other woman worthed to b loved?.

Rago got sad: and I bit if swara was alive ?she wouldn’t agree to waste ur life that way. Sanskar, this girl is different, I feel it,☺

Sanskar: if she was alive ?we won’t b doing this conversation now?

Laksh: bas ur crap u two,???

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