Absolute Darkness (ch 3)

Ragini: What u want from him?

Raj: I want him dead (swara looked discussed when she heard that word)

Sanskar: That’s not our question!?

Swara look to that sanky ?: what u mean?

Sanskar: We asked what he want not what he want to do to him?

Swara: Is there difference??

Sanskar: Like heaven and hell?

Swara: Result is same to u people?. Bullet in the head?. All leads to rome

Raj: Swara enough!? (looking to Sanskar) he dig behind me?, I hate digging a lot

Ragini: Then kill is not needed?, we ll remove him from ur way

Shivrani: What that mean??

Laksh: Its our job to get u what u want with suitable way, killing is our last option

Raj: I want him dead?

Ragini: Then y came to us, one bullet with 5 rupee From ur men would finish it.

Sanskar: I answer that, coz we r the best, and u don’t wanna b linked by any chance, we untraceable specially in assassination, but still, our job our rules. As long as u get u want, any way ll b benefit to u. as said (looking to swara with evil smile?) all lead to rome.

Raj: Fine. Price??

Laksh: 3 lakh?.

Shivrani: r u kidding?

Ragini: No?

Raj: Deal sweetheart?

Laksh: Deal is done?. And she is my wife not ur sweetheart?

Raj: Sorry big man, swara drinks.

Swara stepped to bottle taking Sanskar eyes with her, she could feel his burning gaze but ignore it since she is used to it, and make one drink to raj, ragini was confused

Shivrani: what that mean?

Swara: I’m sectary not maid?, I serve him when he asked, but don’t have to serve others too. U have hands or call waiter.

Sanskar got wide smile? .never saw a girl in such courage attitude even if she is, escort secretary, he called waitress and served them all

Sanskar: enjoy ur evening mr.raj, hope u join us outside to enjoy the shows.

Laksh: Tomorrow we find 3 lakh in our account, after two days no more ram goshal for u.

All stepped out of the cabine, sit in bar hall enjoying different shows and songs, swara all the time was with raj, but she keeps feel Sanskar gaze on her, she gave him looks several times, and whenever there is eye contact, Sanskar break it immediately by looking anywhere.

Sanskar thinking: (what hell with u Sanskar?? Is not first time u see girl?? Y ur eyes glued on her?, her eyes are amazing, deep and round, like pure water from old times, she is so ….. I don’t know, but imagining her in that ugly bed makes me wanna kill him).

Swara were also thinking looking at them: (sanky lucky and rago, the triangle of death?. Best in blackmailing, accidents and assassination, the underworld hydes in these three. They moved year ago to delhi and started their own gang, they don’t take any side, but once u pay they r loyal to u and dnt do or deal anything that conflux with client’s work. Bar is their legal face. No one could found their past coz simply anyone try to do is found drawn in ganga river. They have given extra beauty and smart and used it to rule underworld. If crime world is divided they ll own 25% of it).

A song was played (khabi alvida lets party tonight),
(Pyare pyare lamhe, pyaree pyaree baate
Sapno ke din hain, sapno kee raate
Ho gunje hai dil ke tarane, bajne hain git suhane
Behke hai sare divane, toh nach le nach le all night
Where’s da party tonight, on the dance floor
Oh sapno ke din hain, sapno kee raate, where’s the party tonight)

laksh pulled ragini for the dance since its his fav song, Shivrani keept give looks to Sanskar and winks and signs, but he didn’t care of. He is used for women to throw themselves on him for whatever reason, and he dnt have to obay that anymore, but also his glued eye on swara didn’t leave him, after mints he gone to raj table:

Sanskar give hand to swara: may I take this dance?

Sawara: NO
Sanskar almost chock: excuse me.?

Swara: clean ur ears?, I said no?

Sanskar: y??

Swara: dnt feel I want to?

Sanskar: (feel later, do now) best tip to live life.

Swata: doing it without love ll be vein.

Sanskar got bit angry due to his hurted ego and gave look to rajthen back to her: perhaps i should have asked ur master not u

Raj smiling since he like to be called master : dance with him swara

Swara: but….?

Raj: now?

Sanskar regret forcing her, he knew if he pull back now and say never mind swara ll get trouble, so he have to b rude and insisted to dance. she stand up and walk pass him and his stretched palm. On dance floor Sanskar get close to her, but it was rocking song so no need for direct touch but her sweet scent drove him to lust thoughts, he managed to catch her palm rotate her around, dancing behind her in rocking way, watching her body shaking on fast beat

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