Absolute darkness (ch 24)


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Swara POV

I hold that jacket, its is Sanskar’s really, what does Sanskar jacket do here???? I couldnt resist my urge… i smelled his jacket, it has such sweet sent, i hugged it to me….. aari wait what if…..

(Sanky….. sankyyyyy)

I called for him but no replay, so he is not in the room so hw this came here. I was still holding that when my room door open and he came in

Sanskar: swara, u awake, feeling better??

I just stood dumpily.

Sanskar: Swara, r u ok?

Swara: what does ur jacket do here??

Sanskar smiled calmly: I spend night here and when I head to my room I forgot it here.

Swara: u … u (cough***cough) spend night …… in my room???

Sanskar: well… acctually u was so drunk and faint and I had to bring u here.

Swara: But hw did u enter my room then and now? And y spend night here?

Sanskar lend on wall looking smiling to me: Simply I break into ur room and y I spend nigh? I couldn’t just leave u like that

Swara: w..w..What? U break into my room??

Sanskar: I couldn’t ask key from reception!!!

I was getting dizzy, Sanskar rush to hold me and set me to coach

Sanskar: swara, r u ok?

Swara: I feel so dizzy? What exactly happen yesterday?

Sanskar: what do u remember?

Swara: Our …. Our dance

Sanskar: and? ( i keep silent) our kiss??! (i lowered my sight, I cant face him) I ll take tat as yes, then??

Swara: no…. nothing!! I cant remember any further details.

Swara POV over

Sanskar was thinking so she don’t remember telling her past, great

Sanskar: that’s because u faint yesterday, after that only, I carry u and brought u here, I couldn’t go to my room coz Shanaya there.

Swara: And what does Shanaya do there???

Sanskar lowered his sight and whisper: Swara, if… if I ever bother u with….. with that…. Shanaya, I …. I swear to u I didn’t mean it, Shanaya is don khan gift, I’m sure u know what it mean, so I had to keep up with her.

Swara smiled sarcasm: I’m sure u did

Sanskar smile, he is amused watching her jealous but also hate her doubting: I drugged her and that is hw I came out with u yesterday.

Swara: And u think that she wont tell don khan??

Sanskar: No

Swara: Why???

Sanskar: Because she think we did it

Swara looked confused to him: hw???

Sanskar stand up and looked away from swara: she would woke up tired and …… and …..

Swara: and what?

Sanskar closed his eye: no cloth on her

Swara eye go wide and tear flow

Sanskar turn around to swara: nahi nahi swara pls, I had no….

Swara: Mr sanky, I value ur care to me….. pls head to ur room now,

Sanskar: again sanky…. swara…..

Swara didn’t listen and head to shower she remove all her belongs and let water wash her down and heard her room door being shut,

Swara POV

I’m sorry Sanskar, it drive me madly when u look to another girl or another girl look to u, ur my Sanskar, in the past and even now more, its not about the pure ur n my life before, or the pure fraandship we had, we were merly children and dnt know what love is, but even now, i loved u sanskar, ur hidden smile, ur ego, ur hairs, ur voice, ur care to family, ur mine sanskar at least n my mind.

Hahah I think I sound like Sanskar possissve now. i looked to water flowing at my feet, and memory came to me, …………

Flash back

Hhhhhh, hhhhhhhh, please ma’am please….. its cold (little swara crying)

Lalika at that time; not before u learn ur lesson, b*t*h knows no shy, u must get to that

I cant ma’am I cant. Please ma’am let me go I beg u

(I was hanged in celling that time from my wrists, my feet barely reach floor, I was all wet, and air condition was on cold mode, I was freezing of cold)

Lalika: For 3 years u have been begging what makes u think I ll leave u now?

i…..i… don’t know …. , its cold ma’am plsss

lalika: No, think…. y would I leave u? ( she get close to me touching my back, I jerked my body to leave me) then stay in this room (she shout angrily) put her down and whenever she is dry wet her again, she must b an example)

I was untied and throw on cold floor, I crawl around my self, it was cold, hell cold, it was a torture room (the cold room) the room is designed to b cold only, I cried, I begged but no one listen, and when I get unconscious, I could feel my sis ragini between my arms, and Sanskar back at my back hugging his laksh. Idea itself gave me warm and peace, but yet I wake up in dirty bed covered. Every time I’m close to death, they pull me back alive, lalika couldn’t leave me that easily ( I paid a lot for u and u must profit me ur price)

I begged her I ll pay by working, I ll b maid, I ll b lower than that, I was ready to weep floor all day, anything but this. But she never let me. 5 years she has been trying, she forced me to smoke or cold room, wear nasty cloth or cold room.

Her love rooms was provided by hidden places, she put new girls there, but me, I never looked and I always spend nights in cold room, I tried to burst my eyes and become blind so I don’t see these but still lalika never let it happen.

Flash back over

For 5 years I hold all that, and it was nothing compared to lalika forcing herself upon me, or the girls with me, and I never allow it to happen, I made them angry, coz cold room or being back wept in front of everyone or even get humiliate in front of them, that was all nothing comparing to what they want me to be..




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  1. Tigeress

    Laksh suffered the most

    1. Rajkumari

      Thanks for ur comment.. and y u think laksh suffered the most?

  2. Nice………Everyone has suffered …..

  3. Tigeress

    Actually whenever sanskar revolted back then to save him laksh always agreed to do his part of job also , so I thought he suffered the most

  4. I think all suffered same pain but sanskar is suffered more because he didn’t agree for that job & also he forced for it to do & do .
    Nice episode.
    1st is sanky
    2nd lucky
    3rd Swara &
    4th ragini

    1. Rajkumari

      Thanks for ur opinion

      1. Welcome

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