Absolute darkness (ch 23)

Sanskar POV

i was confused….. y she really make it two persons, but i really cant deny tat i love swara tat way, so wild and bold, yet still innocent and bubbly…..
Dnt wait tat i ll say cute…. im gangster…. gangsters dnt say cute

I said: so swara is what u mean? Swara is not weak nor b*t*h ok.

Swara shouted angrily: she is big  b*t*h. She is indeed, she is b*t*h “huh”,
she was sold to lalika as little girl, she… she was only “huh” 10, she try escape, Kasamse she “huh” try, but that….., that ….. get her only torture, that lalika “huh” train her to b the perrrrrrrrrrfect “huh” b*t*h by force “huh”, la..lalika.. was showing her nasty things, tshoooo, she humiliate her in all ways, “huh” ( swara cried) she was only little girl Sans…. sanskaaaarr, she fought as …. as “huh” possible, but “huh” forced to smoke and watching nasty things happen to girls there in bed rooms.

i knew she was full drunk now and telling her own life so i kept listening.

Swara pushed me away and stand up shouting shout: SWAAAAAAAARAAAAA ur dirty biiiitch “huh”….. u hear meeeeeee……. 5 years (she count 5 years on her palm)”huh”, 5 nasty years u spend with lalika, what a  “huh” nasty lesbian, “huh” hw many time she tried to force herself to u ah ah “huh” u dirty, and what u do aaaaaa???!
all u do is shouting and hitting, is tat all u can do u weak b*t*h tshoo tshooooooooooooooo

Swara barly standing up … struggling around, I could feel tears fight n my eyes for her but I didn’t trail it down, she suffer as I did, or maybe even harder..

Swara: but no….. neeeeveer….  no, no forgive for u, u don’t fight enough, u was better dead …… I hope u dead lonnnnng agoooo swaraaaa, I wish u really diiiiiied “huh”.
Now u see sanskaaaar, haan, u see na y she is b*t*h, that’s “huh” y!!!!!!!!! b*t*hes don’t live Sanskar, they only get played with “huh”…bas

i try reach her: Swa…

Swara shout: don’t call me her naaame, she is weak, “huh” she is “huh” so weeaaak “huh”, she cant “huh” she cant even tell u that …. That… that she love u so much… she always did and … “huh” and always will, that “huh” tent kiss she mean it, she…. she even want u more sanskar “huh” but …. but she want u to hate her Sanskar, she said all that shit blablabla to hate her only, so plssssssssssss hate her Sanskar, don’t love such a b*t*h, but….”huh” but…. but she live in fear “huh”, she love u bohat Sanskar, she love u bohat that she don’t tell u her secrete, she is …. she is….

(swara stumbled to fall, i reach her to catch her but she pushed me away)

Swara shouts angrliy: naaaahi nahiiii don’t touch me naaaahi, u ,……. U ll get dirtyyy……huh noo… u ll stain urself only……. ur bohat pure to me nooooo… but wait….
I’m hellllllllyyy naaaaaaaaaaaa, so u can touch me ahahhah ( she reached my hand and cheek it) u didn’t get dirt na… u… u.. didnt “huh” get dirty naaaa,….. clean, …. Clean urself of me baby ( she looked at me crying) clean of any dirt baby …. sanskar,  just forget me Sanskar, weep me, I’m no longer good for u, clean… clean…

( swara was getting faint finally after so much hell pressure)

Swara: i… I love u Sanskar, I love u so much, please save me…. Save me Sanskar… ( finally fall in my arms)

She fall into my arms repeating only I love u and save me, I hugged her to me, I never thought hw much pain she have, hw much her past was harsh to her, hw much thoughts run to her mind, hw much pain she had through her life, no wonder she don’t accept me.

i had to head back to hotel, i call laksh on phone

Sanskar: laksh whr u

Laksh on phone was breathing heavily: not ur bussines …. what u want??

I got the hint: I’m going back to hotel, f u need me u know what to do. (then i didn’t wait laksh to replay and hang the call)

I carry swara on my back and walk through tunnel and small streets till i reach the main street, i stop cap and reach hotel, i sneak inside the hotel. I couldn’t go to my room coz Shanaya was sleeping there. and i cant ask reception for swara room key, but i went to swara room…..,

I put swara on floor at her room, luckily I’m a gangster man, I out a card and mess with lock till it’s open,

I carry her again and put her down to her bed, I took off her shoes, cover her with bed sheet, her hairs were irrating her face so I removed them of her. Her face was tired and sad but yet angelic, I couldn’t fight the urge of trilling my hand to her face, I touch her forehead down to cheek, tunneling her hairs with my fingers.

I’m sorry swara, I was so blind with my pains that I didn’t think of urs, i release the tears in my eyes for swara, sad were holding our hards with icy hand.
I was interested to ur past but I got drawn in u. beside it seem that I were looking in wrong direction.

Sanskar POV over

Sanskar laid by her side caressing her hair and her past word eco in his head, and first name on his list to talk to was lady lalika.

Morning came so soon to swara room, she woke up so tired, hardly opening her eyes, she found herself in bed in her yellow dress,

Swara POV

last night memory came to me, uhhh heavy head indeed, what did I did last night, ah yes, party with rago, predent to be helly being all free with Sanskar, our sweet dance, and I kissed him, and …. Wait whaaaaaaaaat

did I kissed him again, damn it. Now he ll clench me more, then…. Then…. Then what happen,…………I cant remember.

Try swara try,…… useless, may be I ll remember later. That’s y I hate drinking and don’t drink except in necessary times.

I left my bed, hmmm need shower badly. Aww, I struggle in my shoes, pagal, good that coach was there to lend me, oh that’s Sanskar jacket, it looked nice on him. I keep my way to shower,….. WAIT WHAT??

I hold that jacket, its is Sanskar’s really, what does Sanskar jacket do here????

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