Absolute darkness (ch 22)

Swara POV

After i show tat girl her place, Sanskar burst in laugh, I drag him to me and went whr else

I hugged him, he just don’t react

Swara: whats with u?? I’m not good enough!!

Sasnkar: not like that

Swara: thennn

Sanskar: I’m already in love

Swara: really??? And whr is she??

Sanskar: I don’t know, but I face a problem right now….

I whisper: and what is that???

Sanskar hugged me strong by my waist and getting me closer, he came close to my ear to whisper: my problem is that I fall for u too helly

Music played slowly and I moved myself upon Sanskar, he was smiling and little lusty appeare in his eyes I stepped one step back and he step forward, and it was like god has driven this song for us

I took steps back to dance floor, i danced with my heart on song calling Sanskar to dance, he replied my invitation and all area followed us

Swara POV over

Ishq shava
Mushq shava
Ishq shava.. (Haye)
Mushq shava.. (Haye)
Khushamdeed.. (Haye)-e-marhaba
Mila mila mila mila aankh mila
Laga laga laga laga aag laga
Zara zara zara zara paas toh aa

Ishq shava..
Mushq shava..
Ishq shava.. (Haye)
Mushq shava.. (Haye)
Khushamdeed (Haye)-e-marhaba

Shauq hai shock se lagne ka
Saans mein saans uljha toh zara..
Aaj ki raate kiski hai
Kal ki raat teri na meri
Chaand utha chal toss kare
Chehra tera..Aur chaal meri

Laksh entered dance floor calling his rago

Ishq shava..
Mushq shava..
Ishq shava.. (Haye)
Mushq shava.. (Haye)
Mila mila mila mila aankh mila
Laga laga laga laga aag laga
Zara zara zara zara paas toh aa

Ragini came by my side and replay her love calling

Ishq shava..
Mushq shava..

Dil dariya hai rukta nahi
Paani pe chal ke
Dekh zara
Baadalon pe paanv rakho kabhi
Unme zameen nahi hoti
Dil ki hardil pe had hogi
Koi laqeer..
Nahi hoti hai


Ishq shava.. (Haye aa aa.. haye)
Mushq shava.. (Aa aa..)
Ishq shava.. (Haye)
Mushq shava.. (Haye)
Mila mila mila mila aankh mila
Laga laga laga laga aag laga
Zara zara zara zara paas toh aa
Ishq shava.. (Haye)
Mushq shava..



They left far from eyes, ragini pulled laksh her, looking playfull and naughty, laksh reached her neck

Laksh: ragini, I love u, hmm even that is not enough

Ragini: hmm, really!!

Laksh: haan, till now u hold me and my……..

Ragini; shshshs…… y always bring tat topic? We are married from 4 years and u still cant forget that?

Laksh: 4 years u hold my fears and my unable to sleep without music because I hate silent and my awake in the middle nights screaming. ( tears shade in his eyes)

Ragini: and I love each action of these, u see 4 years of suffer but I see 4 years of caring my love, singing for him like a little baby, and have chance to say I love u again and again in mid-nights.

Laksh: but I’m not good, perhaps if I fought like Sanskar, ……

Ragini: y u keep that thought laksh??.

Laksh thought in his mind (I’m a toy so I deserved a dirty girl like me but god had gifted me a pure girl like u, I’m her first, while I’m…..
god I would never b grateful enough for that gift, even so I’m such bad u gave me so much, then hw u treat pure people)

Laksh: nothing

Ragini pushed him away: go u ruin my mode, perhaps I ll find better thing to do.

Laksh grip her from behind: nothing is better than this honey

He burry his lips to her neck place trail of kisses, moving his wife sweet hairs. She moved him to wall place her kisses among his face arriving his lips pouring each other love so deeply. Laksh hug her tighter each moment like holding his own life.


Swara was running and Sanskar following and both were little drunk, while running she pumped to a man

Man: whr u going sweet girl, looking for fun, or…….

Before he could continue he got hard punsh on the jaw

Sanska: she is taken a*sh*le.

Swara burst in laugh ( it was ur turn naaaaa hahahahah) swara said while complete her alcoholic drink and ran again till Sanskar caught her, and no one was in that place.

Sanska: hai.. swara wait… hai

Swara: y u keep that name. I’m HEELLLLLLLLLLLLyy


Sanskar: ok ok helly. But y not swara???

Swara lend on wall: coz she is weak, I hate her, tsheee

Sanskar wasn’t full dizzied coz he used to drunk, but not swara.

Sanskar: swara is strong for me. She challenge raj u know, handling don khan and giving head hitting replay hahhaah

Swara: hahahaha that reply was only for u yaaar hahah in another day she would silent like nice kitty. And as for raj what else she have to do??

Swara drag him to her hugging his waist: he buy her u know, so she follow as possible, same time she hate him with every drop in her blood so she cant help going against him. haahahhahaa

Sanskar; I must say, but I love u sw…….. HELLYY

Swara: hmmmmmmmm I’m better than that weak b*t*h.

Sanskar looked at her: who u mean?

Swara took Sanskar lips between hers in harsh way, folding his hairs. it made Sanskar moan and groan and took no time responding to her harsh kiss.

Swara: I ….. love… ur….hairs. soft …… like… silk ….. yet … so wild…. (swara manged to say these word between her kiss)

Sanskar broke kiss: what u just said?

Swara: ur hair, I love it, black as moonless night, soft as silk yet so wild.

Sanskar: I heard before but….

Swara crush him again in a kiss giving him no time to think.
both of them when they touch each other they forget all sences. Swara was falling in to floor and he fellow her, just in that open place, not caring any conditions around. Sanskar was rolling her around so some times she is top and sometimes he is top but there kiss never broke, finally it landed as Sanskar on top and broke kiss for air.

Sanskar: I love u swa…

Swara: helly please. Don’t mention that weak b*t*h


How was the part sweet fellows

B ready …..

Next chapter is reveling swara past

Write ur guesses pls..

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