Absolute darkness (ch 21)

Sanskar took Shanaya and left. While ragini smsd swara to play sick and go for change into something comfortable dress and wait her at western lake for important meeting.

After while or so swara did as told, she changed to yellow dress and black jacket on it and losen hairs and waited.

Ragini came wearing long skirt and stomach shirt and loose hair

Swara: what is tat all about ragini?

Ragini: we ll enjoy our own party shshshs

Swara: Ragini I’m no mode…….

Ragini: Shshshshshshs I wont take ur blablabla, here is laksh,

Laksh came in spore car and ragini push swara inside, he drive around hotel and at side street he stop car

Swara: where is that???

Laksh: u keep many question swara, just come,

they walk for mints then Sanskar appear to b waiting in blue shirt and black pants and two motor cycles

swara: sanky????! But I saw u left with Shanaya

ragini: hahahaha and now she must b having sweet dreams … challo.

Ragini and laksh wore their helmet and ride on motorbike and go, leaving swara with no option but doing same with Sanskar, she sit but hesitantly

Sanskar: u must hold tight

Swara was still afraid but the moment he take off she hugged his back with all her might, he was driving madly yet so profession, she was never on ride before, they caught raglak and they were racing, swara was shouting and Sanskar felt happy with her strong grip around his body.

They reached tunnel and they head there and stop bikes whr prople where standing. It was like big yard and barrels of fire everywhere and some gather around for warm, while u can see couples of all kinds. Some making out and some cuddling and dance floor was on fire.

Ragini: hai boys, go wait us there at dance area, come on.

Both follow ragini order, they stand at dance floor, some girls and boys where dancing on some music, ragini in mints follow them and was cheering for the dance.. music was pretty loud

Sasnakr: whr is swara?

Ragini: what?

Sanskar: swaaaraaa, whr is she?

Ragini: I don’t know what u talk about. ( she look at him and smile)

Sanskar exchange confuse looks with laksh, then took laksh little far from music and laksh kept eye on ragini

Sanskar: what’s with ragini?

Laksh: don’t look at me, u know her

Sanskar: y I’m not comfortable with tat.

Laksh: ur not comfortable since yesterday.

Sasnkar: I have a question for

Laksh: bolo

Sanskar: hw u feel while kissing ragini?

Laksh stoned by the question: excuseeee meeeee

Sanskar face was pale and he looked down.

Laksh: did u kissed swara??? ( no replay) Sanskar!!! ( laksh shook his bro till he node yes) oh Sanskar ( laksh hugged him tight)

Sanskar: its not good laksh, it was like…..

Laksh: like something u never felt before, fire but cold, a bless from some place

Sanskar: hw u knew that

Laksh: that hw was my first kiss to ragini, nothing can b told, but if swara kissed u back means we must buy her from raj by any price or way

Sanskar: I don’t know laksh, she behave weired, and I’m lost myself sometimes and… laksh what happen??

Laksh was totally pale looking at dance floor

Sanskar eyes head there and he got pale too

Swaragini were ………



There were closer of burning the whole place, everyone was cheering them, swaragini were holding hands and exchanging places, there where super that neither laksh or Sanskar believed it till laksh pinch Sanskar

Sanskar: aaaaaaaaaaaw hai

Lassh: aari u pained, then I’m not dreaming

Sanskar: u suppose to pinsh urself like tat ( he punsh him)

Laksh: aaaawwww… really yaar not dreaming

Swaragini finished their dance and ran to sanlak place holding hands and laughing

Ragini: hahahah tat was super na,

Swara: indeed.

Laksh: ragini…

Ragini: haan!!! kya baby??! don’t b like that na. ( she stepped to laksh and gave him hug)

Sanskar: what is this???.

Ragini: oh sorry I didn’t introduce u, those are laksh and Sanskar, my husband and my brother, guys this is helly

Sanskar: helly???

Ragini: haan we just meet up at dance floor

Swara: hai guys

Sanskar; what is wrong ragini? Aur swara what r u doing?

Swara looked around, and point to herself: u talk to me??!!

Sanskar: no one here else u

Swara: ragini, ur bro is really dozed of, my name is helly

Sasnkar: helly???

Swara: any problem???

Ragini: oooh ufffu he talk too much helly, please deal with it.

Swara wink ragini: sure.

Swara took Sanskar from the collar of his shirt: let’s go big boy

Swara dragged Sanskar from his collar with her and Sanskar looked confuse to ragini who smile to him

Laksh: ragini what is going on????!

Ragini: lucky what holds swara that she is stuck in herself, so I told her to go away and pretend to b someone else and do everything swara can’t do, and she don’t have to pull back coz she wont b swara she ll b else woman. so she gone away and came to meet me as helly, and as I can see it worked na

Laksh lift ragini to so she tie her legs around his waist: what r u made of ragini? Ur brilliant (give her cheek kiss)

Ragini whisper laksh ear; I m made of laksh loooove ( bite his earlobe, then head to dance floor)

Sanskar was still dragged by swara and she stop at some drinks

Swara: u wanna drunk? Hahahah I mean drink…

Sanskar was still puzzled but smile and say no

Swara: let me bring two drinks

Swara POV

I thought of trying ragini idea, I was really hesitate, but swara faced a lot of pressure today, I really can’t handle it

aaari kyun swara?? I’m HELLYYY

I brought two drink glasses and found Sanskar with another girl pushing herself on him. I steep to them

( who is she) I said

Sanskar: I don’t know

Swara: who r u????

Girl laughing: I’m the girl who ll take this man to her bed.

Swara: really ( i took drink glasses and pour it on girl) BED MY FOOT. This man is taken honey ( I pushed girl away)

Sanskar burst in laugh, I drag him to me and went whr else

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