Absolute darkness (ch 20)

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Woman: y such lovely girl ll b that sad

Swara look at her side and cursed her bad luck each passing second, she knew she ll face hard pressures but that was really heavy.

Swara: madam lalika, what a surprice.

Lalika: pleasant as hope

Swara keep look to her

Lalika: raj not around today?

Swara: no, I’m her as his messenger with triangle of death.

Lalika: hmmm…. interesting, (lalika pushed swara end hairs that cover her shoulder and gaze her bare shoulder admiring) u still indeed beautifull.

Swara got irrated and senced the hint in her words: same as u madam.

Lalika: pls make it lale, ur no longer a kido

Swara was in no mode for that, she gaze to triangle again for help but they were still busy in their dance

Lalika: wanna dance?

Swara: madam lalika, ur no fool so me, what u think off is simply not happing, u know raj very well, so pls.

Laleka: ok honey, u win but I wanna dance, raj ll allow that much.

Swara: I’m no mode of it.

Lalika: swara, don’t b rude now, challo, for old times….
Swara kept silent
Lalika: u don’t want to ruin raj bussines na?

Swara walk to diji musical and order a song, everyone noticed the sudden change in music but didn’t care much and danced among the new song, swara step to the middle of dance area, triangle looked confused to her, music start really, she looked for Sanskar and blame him and he was like what happen?

Sanskar POV

What happened? What I did? Y gives that looks? Everyone was dancing and she started to move her body slowly, do u know when u pull doll strings, that was swara, music was kinda smooth but like dirty, mints later I understand when woman came to swara and dance around her, I knew the woman, lady laleka.

Great, just great, really god??? Like I’m not enough with men looking her at bar, like I’m not enough of raj, like I’m not enough with every man here looking her including don khan who can smach us in a second, nahi u send me a f**king lesbian too, AND A PROSTITUE DEALER…..like really???!.

Ragini and laksh were also shocked of it, swara and lalika didn’t touch but they were twirling around each other and slowly moving their bodies till music was over, no one really paid intention, lalika hugged swara and whisper her some words and left then swara pass by our side but Shanaya decided something else

Shanaya: nice dance swara, didn’t know ur that type!!!

Swara with smile: what type Shanaya?

Shanaya point laleka: that type.

Swara: u know better Shanaya, u must b expert since ur from that type na (Shanya tensioned) but I guess that ur sensor is broken, it point me wrongly.

And swara left, I could feel Shanaya fuming. I point for laksh for save me of her, so he came and took Shanaya for a dance, I followed swara, she went to terrace leading to an outside garden

Sanskar POV over

Sanskar: swara

Swara turn around, after weeping her tears: yes

Sanskar: Y u make that dance??

Swara: Y u make that dance??

Sanskar: R u reapeating me??

Swara: No I’m not

Sanskar: Then??

Swara: Shanaya is very good na, goldy and mature, just ur type like that girl u pinned in ur office

Sanskar: Do I smell jealous around here?

Swara: No

Sanskar: Then??

Swara: Just forget it

Sanskar hugged her from behind: I cant, that kiss we had, u cant let go also na

Swara: Please sanky pls let me

Sanskar: U jealous don’t u? let ur feel go swara. Don’t hold them back

swara pushed him away, and ran he wanted to follow but he meet Qader

Qader: Mr. sanky, hope u enjoyyy

Sanskar: Not of ur business

Qader: I think it is

Sanskar: Hw is that?

Qader: Unfornatly raj is not here, but dont underestimate don khan, I had rough time convincing him to invite swara here as YOU requested me in a term of favour

Sanskar: Qader!! Did u just threaten leader of death triangle, whose specialty is blackmailing and killing

Qader: Mr. sank……… (before he complete his words Sanskar was choking him with his hand)

Sanskar: So Qader utter one word about that topic and ur blo*dy body ll stain the ganga river, I promise u that.

Sanskar back inside and laksh was still dancing to Shanaya, he stood by ragini

Sanskar: where is she?

Ragini: token by khan, over there

Sanskar groaned: damn it

Ragini: still wont tell me

Sanskar: this girl driving me crazy, if she jelous y she treat me like I mean nothing to her?

Ragini: maybe raj

Sanskar; I don’t know

Ragini: I have idea

Sanskar: tell…. ( ragini whisper him) well done

Sanskar went to bar and make a couple drinks, then pour something in one of it, then head to laksh and Shanaya

Sanskar: u enjoyed honey

Shanaya: oh yes Mr. lucky is pretty good dancer

Sanskar: I was talking to lucky

Laksh burst out in laughing: good … ggoood…one ….sanky

Sanskar: the good one is that ur rago is calling, u better go.

Laksh head to ragini and Sanskar handed Shanaya one drink

Shanaya; thank u

Sanskar: no no, u wont drink that here

Shanaya with play smile: then where???

Sanskar pushed her waist to him, my sweet bed.

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