Absolute Darkness (ch 2)

In his jeep car he reached the bar named pramoda, head to lucky office and open door

Sanskar: hai lu……………. (lucky was making out with a girl)

Lucky; aaari knock yaar?

Sanskar face was full red?: y knock this is office not bedroom. Sorry rago

Rago (the girl)?; I know. But ur bhai is out of control

Lucky: when I have hot wife like u?, control surrender baby?

Sanskar: yaaar get a room?

Lucky and Rago: get lost hahaha?

Lucky: really Sanskar? u gotta find a girl and marry, only then u ll understand?

Sanskar got sad face?: no girl worth after her, beside who need marry while no one girl can handle my condition???.

Rago got sad face also?: maybe u need to let go Sanskar and take risks. Im going to waiters.(then she left)

Lucky; y mention it Sanskar?

Sanskar: sorry laksh?.. I really didn’t mean to, she just refuse to b out of me??.

Laksh: we were children Sanskar,? there were noth……

Sanskar: laaaksh?!!! Y u call me??

Lucky give long sight?: we got a job

Sanskar: who is the client?

Lucky: u wont believe, RAJ malotra?

Sanskar: u mean raj malotra the drug dealer of delhi, kalkata, and mombay.?

Lucky: with his flesh and blood?

Sanskar ;Name of target?

Lucky: Not yet know, we ll know at his home 8 pm.

Sanskar: His home? ?He needs us?, he come?

Lucky: Sanskar it raj malotra?

Sanskar: Trust me, tell him we preserved a cabin for him at 7 pm, he ll come

Lucky; Ok

Sanskar: Does rago know??

Lucky; Sure if its raj malotra it ll take three of us.?

Sanskar: Very good?

By the time of 7 . Raj malotra arrived with two beautiful women and 4 bodyguards who awaits him outside paramoda bar.

Raj is a man in age of 47, wearing black Indian suit. With him one woman 37 age whose hair is red, white s*xy knee dress and showing her full back and expensive jewelry. Other woman rather to be called a girl, age 20, black long hair, bubbly eyes and black night kurta barely showing her top back, glittery scarf and shown arms.

Laksh and ragini welcomed them at door and lead them to their carbine through the bar that was busy and music full in the place.

Sanskar waited them in the cabine wearing jeans with red shirt and jeans light jacket

Sanskar: welcome mr. raj

Raj: welcome mr. …….

Sanskar with evil smile?; Sanky, and those r lucky and rago my partners, please have a seat

Ragini knew raj was decreasing from Sanskar so she said: welcome, mr.raj. those must be ur wife and daughter na????!(laksh give her elbow knock?, but she didn’t care?)

Raj face was between anger and evil??: no. (pointing to red hair) this is shivrani, my escort from long time, (the woman gave glare gaze since it mean she is old), (pointing to the girl) this is my 24 hours secretary ?in everything, name swany

Girl replayed in challenge: SWARA!?

Laksh ragini and Sanskar was shocked?

Ragini: excuse me!

Swara: my name is swara,? not swany.

Raj pressed swara arm toughly? but she kept calm. Sanskar notice that and smile?

Sanskar: so to business. Target?

Raj: Ram goshal

Laksh: The lawyer?!

Raj: Indeed

Ragini: What u want from him?

Raj: I want him dead

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