Absolute darkness (ch 19)


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Sanskar: I almost get that, but what u mean hidden and what does that relate with u?

Swara closed her eyes, it was tough moment for her: coz I was….. I….. I was an…. Item they fight on.

Flash back

Round room contain windows of cabins, and a man sit in each one, about five men. Voice from sound speaker came

V: the last item, and as usual we keep the best in the end. (while he talks a girl enters the room, with sort of dress that shows her body instead of covering it, she was trampling like she was drunk or drugged, tears on her cheeks and look disgusting to all those men looking at her exposed body. It was none but swara). Girl age 17, creamy skin, no marks or tattoos, but might need teaming; (man came in left swara hairs turning her around like showing her to men around). Virginity garneted, price start at 2 Lakh .

Men start to put their prices, and finally, two men were fighting over her. Doan khan and raj malotra, but raj malotra won her at the end. She was taken and covered in bed sheet and throw in raj room.

Flash back over

Swara tears run from her eyes

Ragini: swara… app…

Swara weep her tears: I was sold Na. So I was item they fought on ( more tears com to her face and she weep immediatly).

Sanskar hated himself so much for reminding her of such thing,

Sanskar: swara…. i…m…

Don cupping swara shoulder from behind: so swara where were we?

She moved his arm: at the drug port don.

Don looked at her; Ur indeed deserves each rupee of 5 lakh raj paid for u.

Sanskar clenched his hand, ragini and laksh hold hand tight, they hated that way with swara. But swara replay was even greater…

Swara: I indeed worth don khan or u haven’t been inviting me so far to ur bussiness.

Don kept give her looks: so when is the date?

Sanskar: two days from now, the ship ll arrive at midnight.

Don: quantity???.

Swara: 10 ton

Don: hhah r u willing to rain Delhi with drugs??.

It was sick joke so no one laughed.

Done: fine, I expect my payment soon. Markets need more girls to be sold ( he winked swara in nasty way).

Swara maintain her full control. But this party is getting only hell bad worse.

Don: now since all is set, time to enjoy. Too bad raj not here Na swara…. u must feel lonly.

Swara kept silence.

Don: but not for Ur Mr. sanky, (don winked his eye for a woman and she came stand beside him) let me introduced to u, SHANAYA, my best golden girl. (Then he wink her) my gift for u tonight. Enjoy, Excuse me.

(He catch swara palm one more time and kiss again) raj must be very lucky having u sweetie. (Then don took his leave with couple of girls)

Swara POV

Ok that is heeeeellllllllllllllllllllll. HW unfair …. I wanna scream and cry, but I can’t. Im stick to tat fake smile of plastic swara.

Now sanskar is with that b*t*h and I should hold watching.

Shanaya got close to Sanskar rest her elbow on his shoulder: so Mr. sanky. What u wanna do??

Sanskar: no need for u miss Shanaya. I can handle my self.

Shanaya felt offended that sanky was a man who show no interest in her beauty: aari y Mr. sanky, am I not beautiful enough?

Sanskar give her smile: not at all honey. Actually (looking to her with bold eyes) ur stunning, but still I like b alone.

I watched Sanskar looking and telling her those words and I was fuming in anger. Did he just say she is stunning? I ll kill him maybe. She no differ from me. I keep look to Shanaya and me and make comparisons till ragini hit my elbow. I look to ragini

Ragini: stop staring her, she notice it.

Swara: I don’t care, did u just hear….. never mind.

Swara POV over

Ragini was smiling with laksh knowing that swara is getting jealous only, and Sanskar unknowingly was increasing her jealous fire.

Sanskar: don’t worry about me sweet woman. I ll b fine.

Shanaya: oh now I get it, I’m not ur type na!!

Sanskar look her: nahi not like that

Shanaya: face it my dear, in such place only two ll b ur type, either its me, or ……..

Sanskar look at her: or…

Shanaya: or ur sweet bhai lucky sir, maybe ur into him than me, even though he is married.

Ok that was it for swara she hold a lot of shit from that Shanaya

Swara; watch ur tongue Shanaya, its death triangle u talk to.

Shanaya: and what is ur concern my swara.

Swara: ur swara? Huh. That sound little pervert na Shanaya.

Laksh and ragini burst into laugh on swara hitting head reply, Sanskar smiled and Shanaya was fuming now

Shanaya: I mean ur not one of them.

Swara: but I work with them, what touches them touches me, and for ur information, Mr. sanky is very selective in his women type, so maybe ur not just his rank.

Sanskar jaw almost drop, he was happy with swara defense to him, while laksh and ragini was getting hard time controlling laughing out loud.

Shanaya decided to play her dirty last card: rank or no, I’m Don Khan gift, and I don’t wanna hear rank word from a salve.

At that word four stopped their enjoy, word was too harsh to b told and they felt its heavy on swara. Ragini took steps toward Shanaya and whisper her

Ragini: being slave means she is forced, and that is better than selling herself like u, so …… one more word miss goldy b*t*h and I swear u won’t see next day sun same as today.

Sanskar felt that ragini mean every word and also that Shanaya can cause them many trouble.

Sanskar; hai ladies, lets take that easy, miss Shanaya would u dance with me please?

Shanaya smiled with victory to ragini and walk away with Sanskar

Ragini: swara don’t mind her ok, she is just…

Swara: never mind ragini. I’m used to that. Lets change topic.

Three were chitchatting but swara mind and heart wasn’t there, she kept gazing Shanaya and Sanskar ki dance and closeness, Shanaya touching Sanskar and struggling to fall on him, she was latterly angry.

Ragini: swara whr u I’m talking to u?

Swara: no where!! I ll bring us some drinks.

Swara head to bar and heard Shanaya laughing out loud with Sanskar and got hell angry. Just yesterday gave her that kiss and now,….

Her eye caught laksh and ragini dancing too, and wondered y no woman close to laksh, even when ragini not with him, but answer was simple he is written as ragini property, wife or not, but no woman can get close to him. Then y she cant do that to Sanskar, then again simple answer, Sanskar not hers and wont b.

She was sadly gazing both couples when bar man interrupt her thoughts putting drinks. Woman aged about 40 came and stood by her side

Woman: y such lovely girl ll b that sad



So it seem really sanskar and swara not so different…….

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