Absolute darkness (ch 18)

Sanskar touch swara shoulder: y sanky swara, hw easy for u to say laksh or raj, y my name is so hard to tell???.
Sanskar print his lips against her shoulder: hmmmm swara.. replay me pls…..
Swara sopping: sanky i ll say this one more time.. leave me alone
Swara keep cry in silent and Sanskar give up talking to her, he go to other side of tent, out one smoke and light it on

Swara: look at him with teary eyes: pls don’t smoke

Sanskar; pls don’t cry

Swara look down and lay to sleep, Sanskar also laid and finished his smoke.

Next day, they gather all things and drive again, swaragini in behind and sanlak in front. Swara asked this from ragini, since ragini saw she didn’t sleep well and looked over tired and puffy eyes due to much crying, and needed to sleep. So she lay to ragini lap and gets her sleep. By noon they reached hotel owned by DON KHAN

Don Khan, a match for raj in Chennai and all states around, no drug or gun or pr*stitute can b sold in market without his permission. Same as raj he own many legal shops and hotels and much more illegal projects with drugs and guns and anything can be sold, but of course no proof.

A man was waiting the triangle and swara in hotel loopy, he introduced himself as Qader

Qader: welcome to Chennai, I hope u enjoy Ur trip

Sanky: we did. When is the meeting?

Qader: after 3 hours. Please do rest in Ur rooms. These r the keys. (He talks to swara) Ur usual room miss swara, nice to see u again.

Sanskar hated him for his looks, but each head to his room.

Swara POV

As soon as I enter room I locked the door, darken the curtains and searched the room corners very well, and sure I found couple of digital cameras, I destroyed them thinking, what a sick man that don is, then put myself to bed, I ll have great pressure to hold.

But what happen isn’t easy erasing, a lover kiss can be very dangerous indeed, every nerve in me shiver for tat kiss. Every breath wanted him. I wanted him, I thought I hate to b touched, raj and even before him, I hated my body that made me so desirable, but yesterday moments….. Huuuuh, god pls b at my side, I can’t hold this anymore.

Swara POV over

As for laksh, ragini and Sanskar, they reached raglak room

Ragini; its either u come now with us Sanskar or I go with u

Laksh: kya hwa ragini?

Ragini: Ur answer Sanskar.

Sanskar; lets go inside

Three of them got inside raglak room

Ragini: r u gonna tell me what was last night about or shall I drag words from u.

Sanskar: I don’t get what u mean.

Ragini: really? (She sits down) let’s start with this. How on earth u did know that swara was sold?

Sanskar: she told me in a moment of anger.

Laksh; y u didn’t tell us Sanskar.

Sanskar: I had no time ok.

Ragini: what happen after me and laksh gone?

Sanskar; nothing

Ragini: then why swara eyes full of tears?

Sanskar; u can ask her ok

Ragini: do u hide things from me Sanskar?

Sanskar: nahi ragini. Y u says that? Just it’s better to ask her better, that’s it.

Ragini: ok go to Ur room now.

Sanskar head to his room.. Locked the door and throw himself on bed…. That kiss

Sanskar POV

I lay to that bed and took out one smoke and get lost in its smoke, or got lost in the sense of that kiss, why it wasn’t normal.

I was s*x toy for 5 years or more, and had many women in my bed by my own well, but no kiss felt like that, I felt like breathing swara soul, like being blessed. I shivered for that kiss, like it was my first.

Aaaaa, I’m going mad, swara shivers yet her bold and her harsh, y telling all those things. I feel she was lying and yet every word was true, I’m selfish gangster, I don’t deserve her, but yet………. Aaaaa………

Sanskar POV over

After 2 hours or so, swara woke up got freshen, it was night, so she decided to wear s*xy dress indeed, she wore blue dress. Golden accessories. Sanskar was in tight grey jeans, black shirt and gray jacket. Ragini was in black long dress, laksh in black leather jacket, blue jeans ans black shirt.

Ragini call swara to meet them at loopy. When time come three gathered and swara was little late, Qader lead three to don khan place

Qader; don’t worry on Miss Swara, I m sure she ll b able to follow us.

It was sort of party. They meet up to don khan

Don: nice to meet u. after all u have improved Ur worth.

Sanskar: thanks

Don: raj very lucky to work for him

Laksh: we don’t work for him

Ragini: we work with him.

Swara suddenly came in; indeed great difference don khan.

They all look to swara who was just shinning, Sanskar heart was numbing for her s*xy dress. He keep remember the tast of her sweet lips and the strong, then jerk his thoughts when she closed to them.

Don: ohh… the million dollar girl … swara (Don whisper last word and took swara hand and print deep kiss on it) I must say the girl has grown up to be sharp sweet knife.

Swara pulled her hand; then better be carful not get cut don khan.

Don: I’m a chief honey, knifes r plays in my hand.

Swara smile only

Sanskar: it seems u two have very strong bond

Swara was known to the jealousy in Sanskar voice, she can’t let his feelings in work now.

Don: she is raj…….? secretary Na, so we must know each other, but its little back too isn’t swara!!!!.

Swara smiled with tension, she don’t want him to bring that topic, then she smile: indeed don khan

Don; well it’s….

Qader came and whisper to don, then don excused for time.

Ragini; swara explain pls.

Swara: no need rago.

Ragini: swara booolooo now.

Swara: rago, please i….

Sanskar: please what swara. Y u never trusts us?

Swara: it’s not about trust sanky…..
uffff, what u people know exactly about raj and don relationship????

Laksh: partners!!!!

Swara; wrong. Enemy partners.!!!!!

Ragini: what u mean???

Swara: don khan and raj hate each other to death, it’s like whjole world can’t hold them both, and there was Blood Rivers between them

Laksh: was?!

Swara: yes, don has something raj doesn’t have, which is high quality guns and easy ports. Raj has something done don’t have which is high pr*stitutes and toys, so both decided finally to cooperate and get used to each other. But that in business only, in other fields the fight but in hidden way.

Sanskar: I almost get that, but what u mean hidden and what does that relate with u?

Swara closed her eyes, it was tough moment for her: coz I was an…. Item they fight on.

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