Absolute darkness (ch 17)

This chapter contain mature content ?????????

So read at ur own risk 18? 18? 18? 18? 18? 18?



Swara: I was sold 3 years ago, in black mafia market in delhi, raj were there and he paid highest price.

Sanskar: hw u reached mafia?

Swara didn’t answer, let him ask whatever: I lost…. What u want me to do?

Sanskar: my ask ll be later.

Swara: now my turn. Ragini, tell me about ur sister.

Ragini: she was most amazing girl, u know i cant remmber much about her face, but….. she always was there for me, i cant remmber my parents, but i remmber her, her care, her sing to me to sleep at night, she stole one shirt for me coz i get so cold at night, holding me tight like mom, tats my shonna. She had ur name, and she always protected me from everything (ragini tears locked in her eyes)

Swara got so moved by her sister’s words

Swara: hw she died?

Ragini tears fall: in a fire.

Swara eyes widen, hw they think that?.

Laksh hugged ragini sidely and tap her head to console her.

Swara: when ur sister died?

Ragini; when we were kids… age of 12 maybe.

Swara is getting more puzzled only… tat was the time the separated in… then y death come in between and n fire too????

Swara: what fire….

Laksh: please swara… it hurts to talk about her…

swara could see hw much all were sad about her so called death.

Swara: ok…. ur moments of happy power?

Laksh: what is tat? ( both sisters smile to each other and ragini weep her tears)

Ragini; laksh and Sanskar. ( she look to laksh) Laksh was there always for me, my first and last love, my savior, my bless. Our world has always been dark, but one second looking in those pure eyes make me forget all sarrows.

(laksh smile for her honest sweet words).

On other hand my protector, Sanskar, if moon itself looked at me with wrong way he is ready to leave earth with no moon. Always defense me no matter what, and to me he is my open book bro.

Swara got touched by all that, thinking hw strong have they became.

Swara: me to Sanskar,

Ur full name

Sanskar Maheshwary

Whr u from


What brought u here


Did u loved swara


Did u forget her

Never and till my last breath

Y u people so attached to tat swara

Sanskar said roughly: Firstly dnt call her tat ever, call her shonna swara.
Secondly for ragini she is the sister tat protected her all the time, then what u expect about tat??
Thirdly Even although we were kids but shonny had mature mind more than us.. only we relized tat later…. after she was gone

( sanskar shade a tear) And for me… she was gone saving my life… she was my reason to fight this world… i loved her before knowing what loves mean…..

Swara got motived by his words and hw he defence her even thinking she is dead, she thought of telling him the truth right way, laksh interrupt her thoughts

Laksh: as for me …. she was my sister…. i cared her… i feed her and if she was still alife we would have such bond as sanskar and ragini ( he start to have tears too) actully i think she would have been like our mom and our kid…… she is our pure shonna

Swara was just blank about hw much these three over evluate her… but thinking about laksh last words…… she kept silent and back to sanskar…

Swara: tell me about the marks on ur body

Sanskar went blank this time, also laksh and ragini. Sanskar was full hurt and each hit memory came to him,

Laksh: enough swara… these memories hurt more than bringing happy to us…we r tired… challo ragini.. lets sleep

Swara: im sorry laksh … i reaallly didnt mean to……

Ragini: its ok swara… tat was game propose… to know about us…. and we get to know u…. ( ragini go to swara and hugged her) dnt get tension ok… sister

Swara widen her eye while ragini give her warm smile

Ragini; ok…. lets go..

Raglak left to tent, leaving Sanskar and swara alone, after mints they heard music come from raglak tent

Swara: music??!!

Sanskar: laksh have some issues, he hate silent, so he always sleep with music on.

Swara went silent, she felt bad asking about his body and herself and all

Swara: i.. I’m…sorry.. I got curious only

Sanskar: its ok… it just past… ur not sleepy???

Swara; no, r u?

Sanskar; nahi

Swara and Sanskar kept silent for while

Swara: so??? U didn’t say my dare?

Sanskar: so do u?

Swara: u first

Sanskar: r u sure of it

Swara: Yes

Sanskar: Then u must answer my question, no argue, no quitting, no silent, no running, no dare, u must answer it whatever it is

Swara got much tension, if he ask her about past but….: agree

Sanskar: DO U LOVE ME?

It was like bomb he put on swara, she didn’t utter a word

Sanskar: Swara u agreed to my conditions, now must answer the truth only swara

Swara stood up: its just a game, I wont answer any thing I don’t want to

she start to walk away from camp

Sanskar: hai Whr u going?

Swara: not ur business

Sanskar shouts: swara hold…. Swaraaa

Swara was going just away from him thinking (I made up my mind to make u hate me. Now my chance, forgive me on my words Sanskar, i do this for ur sake, forgive me) she kept moving only hearing Sanskar shouts, finally caught her

Sanskar: what is wrong with u swara? Whr u heading? Y u run from me?

Swara started to shout: me? Running? Wake up Mr. sanky, snap of ur dreams ok…I do what I want only, what do u think of ur self ah? Leader of triangle na… So what!!!!
I don’t fear u leader of triangle. I deal with men dangerous than u which is somthing u ll never get and u think I run from u, huh don’t make me laugh.

Sanskar with evil dark voice: enough swara.

Swara: no, I stop when I want. I’m not ur doll to play with. I m raj doll. He is my master, I belong to him and ur nothing to me.
Ur just another client i should deal with… no more…. just another gangster man fool around in his childhood with a gun to show hw man he is.

Sanskar POV

I got more angry by each word she say, i say in cold evil low voice: swara for last time enough and walk with me to tent now

Swara: no …. I hell wont. U didn’t buy me. And hear I say again, I feel nothing for u and ur nothing to me but a murder, arrogant, selfish gangester person.

Swara turn to leave angrily but i hold her wrist and turn her to face me and took her lips immediately between mine in hard way, burry my hand in her hairs and support her head to mine, swara fought hitting my chest with her free hand while her other was still bent by me behind her back. i didn’t struggle for second and kept tasting her sweet lips, I just couldn’t stand her words anymore. Such sweet lips, swara stopped her fight, she kissed me back for my surprise, not only that she was harder even more than me, folding my hairs with her fingers and pulling them. I freed her hand and reached her waist and pull her close to me.

Sanskar POV over

Swara POV

Hmmm. What he is doing? I don’t want this kiss, I hit him with all my might, but the urge keep grow in my heart, that sweet feeling dragged me to the end. I fall for u Sanskar.

I just kissed back with all the love in my heart. His hand on my waist pulling me closer, what shivers it give me. I clinched to his neck and pull his hairs, i crave for him…. dnt blame me. Our kiss deepen and got harder till we both needed air or ll die.

Sanskar left my lips and we were breathing so heavy, he whisper while his thump touched my wet lower lip ( this should have been our first kiss n the room two days ago). He reached for me again, I just cant stop him anymore. Another deep kiss devort between us, it was even harder… I pushed him to tree which made him groan in pain of hit but still didn’t leave my lips for a second.

Swara POV over

Sanskar POV

Aww … did I really get hurt? Nahi, swara sweet lips stop any pain senses. I filled my love desire from her lips.. my hands run aganist her back.. feeling her shivers and pulse run through her spin…..

He palm were clunching me like im her precious thing… or folding my hairs like she is falling for it…..

I couldn’t leave her lips till I urge for air only, I depart from her again, leaning my head to hers and catches our breath. I whisper to her ( I guess this would give me answer) I cursed myself telling this, coz she pushed me hard and run to tent,

Sanskar: Swaraaa.. swaraaa wait… pls … swaraaaa

I try catch her again but she really don’t want and she was crying.

Sanskar POV over

Swara went to tent and cry, she blame herself for giving him hope, she wanted him to hate her, but she end up kissing him and leashing the love inside her heart. She lay on blanket of ground and silently tears came out. She felt tension as Sanskar enter tent, he sit by her side,

Sanskar; swara!! Ur really bad in lying sometimes, and what just happen is one of them. U didn’t mean not even single word of what u said then y swara. Our kiss proved ur lie? Y swara? If u fear raj….

Swara; sanky pls…. I wanna b alone.

Sanskar touch her shoulder getting closer: y sanky swara??, hw easy for u to say laksh or raj, but y my name is so hard to tell???

Swara keep cry in silent…….

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