Absolute darkness (ch 16)

Sanskar: we wont take that flight swara.

Swara looked bohat confuse: what that mean?

Sanskar didn’t know what to do or say, but who would worry with a bhai like laksh

Laksh: swara acctully…. Me and ragini….. we were loooooooggging for some car trip. But due to work we couldn’t so I decided to do tat from hyderabad to Chennai I hope u don’t mind.

Swara: laaaaaksh!!! U should have informed me.

Laksh: sorry swara! It was surprice, sorry. Please agree to come please.

Swara: If u both wanna go fine…. me and Sanskar ll go by plane.

Sanskar: I never leave them in a trip.

Swara knew she cant go to plane alone but also don’t wanna go with them. Her heart don’t feel ok.

Ragini: laksh, Sanskar, u two head to the car I wanna talk alone with swara.

Both look to each other and left in silent, ragini catch swara palm between hers: u r scared na swara (swara look worry to her) scared of living, scared of smile, scared of…….. Sanskar.

Swara: y would I fear Sanskar?

Ragini: So was I right in all I said?

Swara kept seilent and looked worry everywhr running from ragini gaze.

Ragini: Swara its not time to speak of past, but I know exactly hw u feel, being afraid to smile, afraid of letting ur sad go, I get that. Also I know this trip is for bussines and not any business, a dirty one.

But I ask u swara, please enjoy those hours. Whever u wanna laugh or play do it, just these days forget ur sarrows. Be someone else, make moments that ll give u power to face the bad things coming. Trust me swara. Please… let go everything.. in this dark world u must find moments of happy in darknest placess so u can hold tat darkness.. do u get me swara?!

Swara look at her sister who don’t know that she is alive and give her smile, life had changed her indeed, ragini always hide behind swara, but today swara needed ragini shade.

Swara smile to her: thank u ragini. She hugged her tightly and ragini hyg her back with all love.

Ragini: now come on or that impatient may eat Sanskar?. Hahah

Girls head to car, Sanskar drive the car and swara sit by him to leave raglak in the back, it was jeep car with no roof. Swara kept looking ahead thinking in ragini words, can she enjoy???

Sanskar took side looks to swara, she was closing eyes and have little smile on her lips, enjoying the air blowing her hair. It was long way and they ll reach Chennai next day noon. Swara after long time of sielence

Swara: I’m hungry aren’t u?

Ragini: aari I thought u and Sanskar playing statue game, who speaks first lose. Hahah

Swara: ragini. I’m really hungry, don’t push me to eat u.

Three were guggling of laugh, laksh and ragini looked together happy.

Sanskar: so hungry?

Swara: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Sanskar: Aari no need to shout, here is rest.

Sanskar parked car and four got down. they order food, swara orderd pizza and eat it with all pleasure and sanskar keep watching her amusing expression…. he never think that he ll b ever pleasure by watching someone. They chit chat and laugh… long time since swara laugh. Since they were in the streets.

They back again to care and this time raglak in front and swasan in back, dawn was coming and swara felt sleepy, without release she slept over Sanskar shoulder. He kept looking at that anglic girl, he wonder hw would shonny looked like if she is not dead? He have no idea but he would like her to b that swara.

Night fastly came and they wouldn’t drive at night so they stop car and decided camp

Most thing Sanskar hated that he had to wake swara, he felt nice with gazing her. He softly touch her cheek

Sanskar almost wisper: swara… swaraaaa

Unfournatly swara is not used to such sweet waking so she jerked Sanskar hand: don’t…. let me go ( almost shout and breath heavily)

Sanskar: sh sh hs I’m sorry I didn’t….mean too….

Swara: I’m the sorry. What happen??

Sanskar: Its night and laksh hate night drive. So we ll camp here.

Swara noded

Laksh and Sanskar set place and plastic camps, they eat and talk, then ragini has evil plan:

Ragini: y not play truth or dare??

Laksh: aari ragini no need we already know all about each other, for more fun lets make it investigation (remmber that RuhiK631 ???)
Ragini: same same

Swara: would u please make me understand?

Laksh: that mean I ll eat u first.?

Swara: matlap??

Laksh: u must answer allll my questions, with truth only or if u cant u must kiss me each time.??

Swara got toooo blush while ragini hit laksh: aaari uuuu??

Laksh: aari ragini easy yaar awww awww??. So swara ready??

Swara noded.

ur real name


ur fav color


fav dress

kurti or lehgenna

fav song

nothing special

where u originally from



sansakr: u lost hahahhahh??

swara: y??

ragini: main rule investigator should never stop asking?, so my turn?

Sanskar:? no I ll take that. For next 5 questins answer yes or no, then answer whtever question ok. if u cant u ll have to do anything I tell u

Ready? ( she noded)

Ur name swany

Hell no

From delhi


U love raj


U love pizza


U were sold to raj

Yes ( swara hold her mouth, she shouldn’t answer that specially in front of ragini and laksh)

Sanskar: Hw??

Swara kept silent

Ragini: whaaaaaaaaaat? Swara is tat true?

Laksh was no less shock

Sansakr: the question swara hw?

Swara didn’t want to answer but she cant know what Sanskar will ask her to do

Swara: I was sold 3 years ago, in black mafia market in delhi, raj were there and he paid highest price.

Sanskar: hw u reached mafia?

/**/*/*/*/*/*/*/ to be continiuo

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