Absolute darkness (ch 15)

Saskar POV.

I back to my seat and got ready for the flight. the plane started moving on railway, swara got more tension, y on earth she is so cute in all her states???.

Little faster and faster and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRR (plane sign of taking off land) and swara hand hold mine like she her life depend on it, she was closing her eyes of fear and probably telling her prays, I was just looking and smiling wide. Plane stayed inclined for more while then strigthed slowly swara open her eyes, and looked at me finding smile on my face, ….

Sanskar; feeling better?

Swara nodes in no

Sanskar: y?

Swara: my ears!!!

Sanskar: its pressure, wait. (he out a gum and hand to her) this ll relax u…. may u less it?

Swara: less what?

Sanskar: ur grip. Ur nails bit hurt.

Swara free her hand totally and talk trimpling: oh I’m so sorry….. does it hurt? I’m reall…..

Sanskar: shshshs shshshs swara, I’m not made of glass u know. I’m ok and I didn’t say to free my hand (I take her hand in mine, she try to pull off but I spread her fingers with mine and hold tightly)

Sanskar POV over

Swara POV

God!!! What is he doing?, I keep look at him, he just closed his eyes . great now my hand is stuck with him.
Did I really hated it? I could feel his pulse…. y my heart beats with joy?…. y not? I m holded by my sanskar… my sanskar, it keeps eco in my head…. i look at him… do i have right to call u mine sanskar???

I closed my eyes too. What is happening to me these days? Ever sice I danced in the club I wondering that? Where that bold come from? Am I affect by the power of the triangle. I feel that my sister can protect me along Sanskar and laksh. Can they? Should i………….? nahi nahi nahi … aur khabhi nahi hu saktai ( No no no… and this ll never happen)… I cant let that happen. They musnt know. Sanskar musnt know, but still I feel like I can be more brave, I can be free of this life I’m forced in.

Swara POV over

Sanskar POV

I hold her palm and her fingers, her sweet shivers don’t stop, I feel like her heart lay in her palm now. I close my eyes and act normally. Y act? Coz I was hell happy and don’t ask me y, thank u thank u thank u ragini.

Me !!!! hard stone heart Sanskar happy by holding girl’s palm??!. Was it even possible? I use women ever since 2 years. But swara differs. That shout in my office, I really felt as shonny scream my name.

But what is the end of that? Its not like I cant free her from raj. But would she accept me.

I killed before, my drug and my….needs, its all became dark!!!

Randeep…… killing him didn’t just bring me peace, it make me and laksh feel great, we took aur reveange in all ways, and give him up only when we want too. But that took a piece of us too.

First time u shoot some one to kill makes u feel like ur no longer human and don’t deserve to b one. If I feel that for myself hw swara ll feel for me.

I was in deep thoughts when………….

Sanskar POV over

Laksh POV

Me and and ragini whr lonely lonely, hmm
I reached for her neck
Laksh: darling….

Ragini stop me: aari u…. plane. Just when u stop ur …. These

Laksh: Aaaaari yaaar u always find excuse….. (I whisper to her) but I know that u love me tease u that way

She blushed. Four years married and still blush. God!!! the way she blushed melt me in all ways.

Laksh: ur my bless in this hell.

Ragini: and ur my bless of all times. Ur god gift to me.

Laksh: Hmmmmmm

Swara: U think swara will like our afternoon plan

Laksh: Lets hope so, I was against the idea, but….. Sanskar is getting worse and worse, and only this swara have ability to change him.

I took ragini hand and give small kisses on it

Ragini: Laksh!!!

Laksh: Hmmmm

Ragini: R we ever gonna quit??

I didnt get it exactly: What????

Ragini: The triangle, the bar, all these… is it ever gonna end?

I just stayed blanked. I never think of that. When u b n such world, u live day by day, second by second, coz u never know when ur life ll end.

Ragini: Laksh whr u gone

I got snatch from my thoughts: no where…. ( I lay my head to her, where else to go??? she is my only place)

She keep carssing my hair, and i keep kiss her sweet hand… i dnt know about angels …. but ragini is my angel

Laksh POV over

Back to swara and Sanskar

Sanskar was in deep thoughts when….

Sawar: awwww Sanskar,,,

Sanskar was snatched: what happen?

Swara: my hand. U press it tightly.

Sanskar: free her hand…. I’m sorry.

Swara: its ok. I’m not made of glass u know.

Both looked to each other and brust into laugh.

Flight landed safely in hyderabad

Swara: lets wait in restaurant after 2 hours our……

Sanskar: we wont take that flight swara.

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