Absolute darkness (ch 14)

Sanskar POV

Awwwww ……. hmmm ….. why do I feel like I was badly hammered, aaaaaa my head, is that wet towel??!

Why this pillow is so soft. Its no pillow its lap. Did Avenash brought b*t*h …….. what the,,,, swaraaaa

My eyes just widen, what she has been doing on my bed? Hell me i just called her……She had full cloth on?? Then…. Did swara was here all night… what a mint I’m not on floor, I’m n swara hug, i always find bed uncomfortable so i end on floor… i guess after all years i slept on floor, i find bed hard for me.

Swara eyes is disturbed by me so I kept no move….. hw sweet she is? Innocent and pure, I just cant stop looking, but she managed to open her eyes slowly, hw beatifull they are in this early morning ligh, so pure brown,… she just kept gazing me and I gaze her back… I moved up slowly,

She didn’t move but didnt stop me either, I got more closer, my hand reached her face and cup it softly, then I felt her close her eyes, I was happy like on 7th cloud, I could feel the breath out of her mouth on my lips, her lips were one hair away from mine, after that she was like snatched from a dream open her eyes wide and pushed me away.

Sanskar POV over

swara POV

when I wake up I just saw Sanskar there in my arms, I think I forget all from my world, he was just gazing me and my heart numbing. He reached for my lips and I was just shocked, the senses and the shiver, I fight the urge n my heart, I almost give up, but nahi, i pushed him away and got up to leave and her just kept watching me like dumb

flash back over

for god sake swara control urself, u made ur mind na! so stop any weak and cheek for this new set that sanky put u in.

I head to ragini office, wasn’t there, I directly head to laksh, I knock door I heard laksh say one mint, then com in, I enter office and take no time to guess

Swara: rago pls cheek tat hell sanky, he want me to accompany u to chennie, talk to him pls.

Ragini: Really swara, tat great! Come pls

Swara: Even u ragini.

Laksh: Y swara, if its raj, we ll force him if needed

Swara: But y laksh, y he want me

Laksh: I m sure he hav good business reason

Swara: Yea right

Ragini: Y u think else swara?

Swara: Nothing (I head to office but then stop) laksh

Laksh: Hmmm

Swara: Next time make sure the lipstick is off ur neck and lips before u let people in. and do it in ur house for god’s sake.

Laksh eyes widen and reach his lips to weep while ragini blush in hell but also couldn’t stop laugh. I left to my office.

Swara POV over

Same night, swara room

Raj: u ll accompany triangle to chennie

Swara: r u serious

Raj: Yes

Swara: But I don’t want to

Raj: I’m not asking u, I’m ordering u

Swara: Y should I go ah?

Raj: Coz DON khan himself asked ur present, so u ll go.

Swara shut her mouth, she felt she thought bad of Sanskar, it wasn’t his idea after all.

Raj snatch swara from behind: hmmmmmm, so, hw about goodbye war.

Swara: get ur hands off me raj

Raj: And if I don’t

Swara try push him but he tigh the grip more

Raj: Hmmmm so amuse ….. try harder swany

Swara: Hell u. aaaaa

He grap her hair tight but he was so calm

Raj: Y u don’t give up dear, it ll b less pain I promise.

Swara: What do u know about pain? The real pain ll b when I follow u and become another Shivrani, the real pain is ur touch to me raj, but we both know that I’m forced to b here coz now we both hav no option.

Raj: I see. Maybe u like the lead role if its for u I don’t mind my dear ( he sit on his knees like slave) I’m urs ma’am.

Swara turn away from him; ur disgusting indeed.

Next thing was him throwing himself on her on floor, exploring her body and she resist with all possible way, he tie her hands above her head, removing her night shirt and telling her nasty things she hates, but then………..

It was traveling time, Chennai is pretty far from Delhi, swara managed a flight to hayderabad then another two hours later another flight to Chennai. (Hey guys i dnt know much alot about travling in india and all so forgive me in this part if i tell mistake information pls)

Sanskar, laksh and ragini meet swara at air port, she wore black grown with red flower petals and black leggings, loosen hair. The reached plane, raglak were settled two benches behind swasan, swara sit next to window and she was really nervous.

Believe or not it was her first time to fly. Sanskar flight couple of times so he was ok.

Sanskar: Don’t get so nervious

Swara: I’m not

Sanskar: Really??!. Then y shaking ur legs so hard? Relax

Swara: Listen I don’t need that all from u. just wait and and see ragini.

Sanskar: What she did?

Swara: She left me with u

Sanskar: Do… u….. do u hate me that much???

Swara couldn’t bare the hurt in his eyes: no no I don’t, its just………. I am nervous, ……

Sansakr smile: from fly?

Swara node as no

Sanskar thinking ( I hope I’m the reason): don’t b ok. I’m with u.

Swara shivered more and more as its announced that flying is about to begin. She was struggling to do her seat belt…….

Swara POV

For god sake y he is with me, I don’t like that ufffff, whats wrong with that seat belt, y he gaze me like that.

Sanskar reached closer to me, I just looked to him open eyes, what he was about to do, y he is so closed. He done my seat belt, tight it around my waist,…….. he whispered me ( too tight???) goodness don’t whisper like that pls, I node as yes so he loosen it a bit and back to his seat. Was it hot or its just me???

Swara POV over

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