Absolute darkness (ch 13)

Sanskar POV

Swara left me with no feel or pulse, what did she just said, she was sold??????!! HOW ON EARTH DID THIS HAPPEN? I was so furious on life and destney and angry of all that. Maybe she wasnt so far of me.

I just head to my office, I’m full lost, thoughts of my shonny, my past, this life, my swara, I’m in over pain. I need rest. I draw out a bottle of alcohol and drink like water as ragini like to sa. taking this much of alcohol suddenly can coz brain damage and coma, what rubbish I was telling.

Y I’m still pain?. I out a box, all set, syringe, belt, and newest drug sales ( blue elephant) what silly name but its proved to b best.

I tight my arm with belt, set my syringe and next thing happen was hearing swara shout


Did I just heart u shonny

She kneel at me and pull the syringe away

Swara; r u mad? What is this? U drug? U call this survive what the hell with u? u….u…….

Then I felt her strong grip around me.

Sanskar: it pains.

Swara broke the hug: I’m sorry

Sanskar: here (pointing his heart) it hurt a lot, each second.

Swara: Sanskar.. drug wont….

Sanskar: say it again.

Swara looked confused to me, hw sweet bubble eyes.

Sanskar; my name. u always say sanky. Today ur second time u tell me name. it remind me of her. Say it please.

Swara: san… sansssskar

Sanskar; y u left me shonny? Do u know hw much I pained? Hw much life was cruel to me? …. Y u …. Gone ( he touch her face with his fingers) do I deserve to live shonny?. I’m scam……. I …… I ……….. Lo….. (he fall unconscious, with her falling tears)

Swara: I didn’t gone sanskar, y u think that?…… but in what right I suppose to come back. Sure u deserve to live sanskar…. u must live. I know I’m hurting, but I ll keep it. U must hate me sanskar….get it.

Sanskar POV over

Swara called laksh to hurry to Sanskar office, she wept her tears and look normal, laksh and ragini reached soon and sure ragini make hell fire about the drug.

Swara left Sanskar to them and back to hell villa of raj, but she was more worry of her Sanskar, yes he is hers but she have her reasons to leave the truth unknown.

Luckily for her raj is having new dolls to b busy with, so after midnight she dress and head to Sanskar cabin, she just couldnt sleep while worry about sanskar…

Avenash didn’t let her in so she called laksh on phone who order him to let her. She head to Sanskar room and just got stoned. Was a human sleeping or god? Hw someone can be that angelic in sleeping. Hw he can b so peaceful. She get close to him he was sweating a lot, she touched his head, seem to run fever. She brought cold water from bath and towel.

she lay by Sanskar side caressing his hairs and softly clear his forehead. She put first towel, and couldn’t stop gazing at that man laying infornt of her, he was bare chest, sculped and fit in away that make her glup hardly every two seconds.

Swara POV

Hw can human b so perfect, so breath taking, without telling a lot but I never saw such thing, Sanskar is the first man I see in my life. How I control my urge to touch him, I have no idea, but I did, I changed towel for several times. He start hallucinating ( swara, shonny, let her go, shonny, don’t gooo) he shiver a lot suddenly got up and lay my lap hugging my waist.

Swara: Mr. sanky… u…. pls…

Sanskar: shonny please leave nahi, they hurt me shonny, I’m sorry. Shonny…… shonny, swaaraa… ahh ahhh

So he was still hallucinating and sopping, i try to calm him down, carrsing his hair…
Shshsh shshsh im here sanskar, nothing ll happend… shshsh

I wanted to free myself but his hug was too tight, so I simply adjust myself and continiou the cold threapy, hearing his hallucinating calling my name and tears fade silently of me.

His back, my dear lord, hw he is like this, his back wonds were much worse than I ever have, it were so many all over, I keep touch his back.

Oh my Sanskar, what happen to u, hw life treated u my baby, I cover his back with bed sheet, and changed towels till I fall in deep sleep.

Swara POV over

Sanskar POV

What the hell is wrong with me? Am I sort of teenager. Since I came to bar I cant look at her eyes for 1 second. What on earth with me?. I close my eyes, wat a brief seconds, she shiverd like bird, it was…. It was like nothing I ever had……… damn Sanskar stop thinking of that. Swara enter my office

Swara: Mr. sanky, inspector Matour has confirmed date of ship week from now.

I just looked like dumb, finally I can see her entirely, blue jeans, white shirt and colorfull jacket, she let her hairs open, what risky girl she is, to b in such innocent outfit yet so s*xy….

Swara shouted: Mr. sanky. Staring is rude. Should I book flight to chennie for 3 persons?

She got me out of my fanatcys: no make it 4.

Swara; who is the forth person.

Sanskar; u

Swara glare me angerly: and why is tat exactly?

I smile: we need u, its raj business

Swara: Mr. Sanky… don’t… and in what exactly u need me

Sanskar wanted to find good excuse

Swara; no need. Fine I agree. But raj ll never…

Sanskar: I wouldn’t worry about raj anymore. U just set

Swara: fine.

Swara stepped out of office angrily, and I just close eyes again

Flash Back

Awwwww hmmm why do I feel like I was badly hammered, my head, is that wet towel???. Why this pillow is so soft. Its no pillow its lap. Did Avenash brought b*t*h …….. what the,,,, swaraaaa…..

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