Absolute darkness (ch 12)

A girl standing in middle of floor, in tight blue jeans shorts that show all her legs up to half of her thights and nick red shoes in her feet, tight red glittry top showing her arms and cleverage but non of her back, slowly with song playing she turn around showing herself and she was none but our sweet swara.

( i really hope u can get the imagine…. swara in this outfit dancing like katrina keif….. just try ok… i hope u get it)

she start dancing like a lighting wire, all club were sheering her s*xy dance and she kept look to raj with challenge. She was doing dangerous moves, running, jumping, and floating, sliding, give looks to any man she get eye contact with.

Sanskar was in no emotion zone. Or maybe all emotions come to him that he can know what he is feeling now.

He was angry of her damn action that show her body that way and let men watch her, or amazed to see swara so bold and wild, fear of raj reaction to that, hot due to swara s*xy body. In this moment he was blank.

He felt vibrate in his phone and cheek sms from ragini ( Shivrani spy on swara. She photo yesterday dance and show to raj so he was her to humiliate swara).

This moment Sanskar knew his feeling REVENGE. Again Shivrani, and he decided to move now. Swara finished the dance standing in front of raj with bold, ragini and laksh went to her, ragini cover her with a duptta

Swara: tamed my foot Mr. raj. Swara hu mein, Shivrani nahi.

Ragini took swara and laksh offer raj drinks, specially powerfull ones. Laksh looked for Sanskar with eyes but not find him, neither Shivrani and he knew Sanskar is revenging now.

Swara and ragini enter her office, swara back was bleeding badly due to her dance all her wounds reopen.

Ragini: r u mad swara. hw u bare the pain.

Swara; I feel none. Try mix cloves with water in a spray, it make me lose sense but still move.

Ragini curing swara: what u wanna prove ah, do u know what raj ll do to u now?.

Swara: He can do whatever he want. He cant break my soul.

Then swara went unconscious. Ragini kept healing her and put her on floor and lock the door then going down again.

On the other hand Sanskar called Shivrani with winks and signs, and when they r alone…..

Shivrani: so now u know what I can do na??

Sanskar: Yes

Shivrani: And what u ll do about that

Sanskar: I’m here na, …….

She get close to him, but he not react, she passed her palms to his arms then to shoulders, she drag herself closer and kissed him, he almost didnt kiss back, she though he is not hot yet, she opened top buttions of his shirt watching his neck and neck collar. Sanskar felt so disgust…. so irrate like sanke is bitting him all over.

Shivrani: ur indeed golden….

Sanskar: but aren’t u afraid of raj, if he knew ur cheating him?

Shivrani: Let me handle raj my boy, he cant give up on me, this moment I need u to handle me.

Sanskar: i mean u know raj… he strict he is and possissve too.

Shivrani forced herself more to him: right now only u possissve me ( she whisper his ear) golden toy.

Sanskar clunched his fist too tight: Sit on ur knee

Shivrani did slowly then Sanskar give her hard slap: ur such filthy dirty woman. Even in tat house i never saw more filthy as u, this is for what u did to swara, and don’t think that my revenge is done, and I dare u speak one word of my past.

Shivrani got scared and shocked she couldn’t get anything. Sanskar left her on floor so frozen and gone back to club, he found ragini and laksh with raj, who was much drunk by now.

Laksh look angry: u did it isn’t.

Sanskar: I told u I ll

Laksh: Sans……. (ragini hold his arm)

Sanskar: Where is swara

Ragini: Office, its locked, here is key.

Sanskar head there as mad, and when he enter he was shocked, swara back was full exposed. Wounds all over, he didn’t know what to act or feel, he turn his face away but then move toward her and sit by her side caressing her hair.

Swara POV

This is a dream right!!! Yea! I already been in this place! That girl, I know what she is shouting,

Girl: nooo noooo! Raaaaaginiiiiiiii. Sorry aunty ji pls pls I who broke plate sorry aunty ji

Ma’am: u two r worthless, challo out of here. Challo

Ragini; aunty ji pls don’t throw us out, where to go?

Aunty: I ll take u to right place,

That was me and ragini child, our mom from jepour and our dad from delhi, he against everyone and married mom, he worked hard and make small wealth, we lived happily till they make accident and die. That time only our uncle and aunty took our wealth and treat us like slaves. Till that day the throw us in the orphanage.

In orphanage u must b smart, and obey or u ll b badly punish, I always protected ragini, from others, I mean com on pick it. Being hit or humiliated or touched or raped, just choose, like I ll let u filthy people touch my sis. I took my sister and ran away, and in streets we meet another two boys. Rags and lost. It took no time we became friends then family.
Sanskar and laksh were their names

They cared us and we cared them, we roamerd streets of delhi day and night for food and little money. They didn’t say a lot about their past but like us they were expelled from their home but due to a bad step mother. They said they were from very wealthy family.

One day while roam in streets, police attacked to catch rags like us, we got separated, me and sanskar ran with all our power but still vain for two cjildren, i couldnt let sanskar to b caught…. i know u wonder hw i get so mature by age 10… belive me when i tell u ….. streets do this to children. I knew hw sanskar ll b treated at orphange, so it was me or him.

I took officer attention to me to let Sanskar run, orphanage is much worse, but I saw him, he was caught by bad man

Swara POV over

Sanskar POV.

Hw to act? I have no damn idea. What im feeling?? Great pain in my heart….. ????

Im afraid of u swara?….. what if u left me? ?I want u but i dnt want u beside me…. im so darkned… shattered… scam…. murder… yes murder…. i….

Swara started hallucinating while i still care her hairs

Swara: no… no… don’t hit no

I think she is dreaming of raj, that filithy buster?…, then she screamed

Swara: Sanskaaaaaaaar……

And i found her in my arms hugging me so tightly

Swara: san..sans….kar

Sanskar: shshshs swara I’m here, he won’t get u shshshs. ( hugged her but she moan in pain immediately)

Swara: ah…

Sanskar: I’m sorry

Seconds past before she see her situation, she was in my arms, only her bra on top of her body and i was looking at her. I reached for the duptta and cover her, then turn my face away

Sanskar: Swara.. vo… vo

Swara: Y did u do it? The dance yesterday… y?.. u think coz I’m doll u can get me, were u too playing?

I was soo shocked angry for her words… did she think im playing her as doll i catched her shoulders tightly: hell no, what do u know about that huh? What u know about being doll ah???? NOTHING?????!!. This is what I am. Darkness creature, I use women to fill full my desires only, this is hw I survive. But I don’t contaminate pure girls, believe it or not swara ur pure. ( as soon as i finished i got out and slam door)

Sanskar POV over

Swara sit there on floor with mo araction but blumbring( survive.)

That day over was all its events. And swara head back with Shivrani and raj, and thanks to laksh, raj was in no condition to punishment.

Days later at bar night, swara fans got huge after last night dance, Sanskar was hell fuming due to that

Swara POV

Plastic swara! U heard that before na, after my first dance with Sanskar. This is hw I call myself when I work as high type pr*stitute. I put my heart in desk drawer and put my fake well done smile and roam around either in raj company. Or now plus bar. Me and ragini decided to split works. I took Sanskar care, drinks noticing beside the raj drug part she took waiters stuff and dance floor. Off course like any bar it will have pr*stitutes and toy boys, these belong to laksh and Sanskar, even though they were very astrictive and selective, like no sadistic, no nights, no forcing, that’s all I know since they always keep secrets about that part, beside it wasn’t my part of work.

I framed myself in work only, so here I’m in s*xy attire, dealing on drugs stuff with raj men and corrupted police, and make notices.

Man: so swany ji.. r we deal.

Swara: sure inspector Matour. Money ll b n ur account tomorrow.

Matour: better b. would u like a dance?.

I though( I really disgust him); no thanks I have work.

(but he grip my waist): I don’t like no answer. I’m a client.

i glared him: yes I know. And Mr. Raj also like u so far. Don’t spoil that.

Sure Matour troubled and let me go. I walk far from him but suddenly got trapped in hidden corner and pinned hard to wall

Swara: what the h…. Mr. sanky????? I hope ur not playing again

Sanskar was fuming more now, so he caught my arms tightly: don’t do that.

Swara: do what?

Sanskar; don’t play around that way? men r eating u all over, I wanna kill them all, I wanna hide u from all world swara.

i breathed heavily, his closeness, his breath… no no i won’t fall for it: Mr. sanky ur hurting let me go. Its work and I gotta do it.

Sanskar shouted; Y? for that filithy that beats u and give u neigtmars

i didn’t answer

Sanskar became more darker: answer me swara

Swara: u…u..r hurting me

Sanskar saw fear in my eyes and less her grip: nahi swara. Don’t fear me pls. not u swara.

i control my damn emotion hard, i don’t want this, i want him to hate me: now pls let me.

Sanskar shouts: y u wanna back to that filth again. For raj???

i shouts with tears: No. coz that filthy ll b better than being sold again

Sanskar in unbelief voice: sold? U!!

Sawara POV over

Swara pushed him away and moved on leaving Sanskar in nowhere.

She put her plastic and calmed herself. And start her move till it was time to leave, she roamed for ragini to give her notices, but found her making out with her laksh in dark place, so she left with no noise with full red face. She has no option but giving to Sanskar. she went to his office which was closed, the memory of that girl came to her so she knocked, one, two, three, no response. So I walked in slowly hoping not to see anything, but what I saw was more………..

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