Absolute darkness (42)The End

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At the early hours of yesterday morning, the famous bar named PARAMODA has been blowed in a massive explosion… several bodies were found inside, including four bodies in weddings attire

The bar was owed by one best dark world gangs the triangle of death, and resource tells that the explosion consider to be Revenage operation to stop the gang from going stronger…

Also the attire of bridal shows that maybe the leader Sanky was getting married but now her is no more…

The bodies were very discorted that it couldn’t b identified by face due to highly burn, so police head to teeth confirmation and it was conformed that Sanskar and laksh Maheshwary bodies where the two brooms….

And that was the end of triangle gang

#Leap of 8 years

Place Punjab…. SaRa caring house….

Man in brown jeans white shirt and brown jacket roaming in the place… its children house care… kids of different ages where their playing … laughing … learning …. all

Man ask kid: hay boy have u seen the manager?

Boy: ji sir.. I just saw him enter his office.

Man: thanks…. Whats ur name boy?

Boy: Laksh sir

Man have sweet smile: nice name… go play ( he said playing kid hairs, then head to manager office)

Man entered manager office directly: hai va….. aaari yaar ( manager was making out a girl there)

Manager: knock before u enter yaaaaaaaar

Man smile getting memories back: y should I knock varun, its office not a bedroom.. sorry helly

Helly ( a girl in Punjabi attire): I know namish but what to do, god had given me uncontrollable husband

manager (varun in bit long beerd and long back kurti and blue jeans rising kurti hands to show his arms) smile also on that past moment and hugged his wife helly waist: when I have wife like u baby control surrender (wink to namish)

namish: get a room

varun: get lost

both vana laughed a lot….

Helly: kyaaaa ?!!!

Varun: nothing shonny….

Helly smiled softly: namish jiju, teja kaha hai?

Namish: she is at E building

Helly: ok I ll go to her and get ready, lets go home ok

VaNa ( Varun Namish) hummed and helly left…..

Varun: now I got it ..

Namish: Got what?

Varun: That day when u said to find girl for me… but she was destined for me… aur haan lucky did…

Namish: shshshshhs r u mad?? 8 years yaaar!! Cant u adjust with namish?

Varun: hahaha if I cant adjust with varun till now he I can do with u ah…

Namish: if helly heard she ll scold u….

Varun: accha, good, I ll do it then….

Namish: Crazy, challo, u know them, big drama awaits ( varun hummed)

VANA or SANLAK reached building E, Helly and Teja in room full of babies age months or year with nannies and the babies were crawling slowly or taking few steps only playing together, it was a heaven scene, different babies in white dippers. white, bronze, black babies.. cuddling and playing and most important helly and Teja were playing with the babies and caring them, VANA joined them also for some time but then one big boy came

Boy; sir hurry sir… fight .. fight

The four left the babies with nannies and head with the boy and gone out to the wide corridor and really big drama was waiting, not the expected drama but bigger one.

Two boys and two girls are standing and boys seem to fight

Boy 1: I warn u Araf, don’t u tease Sarswati again or I wont spare u….

Boy 2 (Araf): I sure will as she irrating Umrao I ll do that, u should defend Umrao, she is ur DI Arnaf

Arnaf: I wont interfere them yaaar, both r sisters let them deal between each other, but I wont tease them, I warn u Araaaaaf

Araf: Arnaaaf

Varun: bas u TWO

Arnaf: he started this papa

Araf: nahi he started varun bade papa

Namish: would u please all caaaaaalm… take deep breaths

Helly: drama is over….. everyone leave from here …. com on

The gathered kids left while helly and teja were smiling and holding their laughs watching the whole scene

Namish kneel to reach the boys level: now….. Sarswati beti come here na

Sweet innocent girl came from behind Arnaf: papa… (she ran to her papa)

Namish hug his 6 years old sweet girl named Sarswati : accha mera candy bolo kya hwa … easily ok

Sarswati: actually papa vo humara fault…

Namish: humara?

….: vo me and her Namish uncle (girl with bubbly round honey brown eyes came from behind the boy named Araf)

Teja reached the girl: what happened Umrao?

Araf: aari ma ya Arnaf….

Varun: Araf, ur ma asked Umrao na so shsh

Umrao: teja masi, me and Sarswati were playing mommys with the babies, but then one of her babies hit mine, so as mommys we start fight defending our babies, but it wasn’t serious masi, but then Araf saw us fighting …

Sarswati: and Araf start tesing me for irrating Umrao, then Arnaf came defending me and both start fighting and give us no chance to explane anything… I’m sorry helly masi

Now the four big heroes are overwhelmed with their children and let me clearfy the family

Teja and Namish (raglak) have two kids:
Boy named Araf age 8 years
Girl named Sarswati age 6 years

Helly and varun (swasan) have two kids:

Boy named Arnaf age 7 years
Girl named Umrao she 6 years

Araf support Umrao no matter what and same with Arnaf and Sarswati

Varun: so big boys u were fighting coz ur sisters where playing and didn’t give urselves chance to understand…

Both boys felt hw wrong they are

Arnaf: I didn’t mean so papa, Araf mera bhai and I ll protect him till my last breath, I love my bhai, but when it comes to Sarswati I just cant hold anyone to tease her and would do anything for her

Varun smiled to his boy then to helly and Namish giving winks, they all know where that thought came from, like son like papa

Araf: I also care u Arnaf, but watching Umrao angry, huh never…. But its my fault that I act with no thinking… sorry bhai ( again like son like papa)

Helly: aari yaar Namish, was u who feed that baby or kya

Namish shy from her hint since he did before

Araf: kya matalap helly masi??

Teja: kuch nahi beta…. Now if the tamasha is over may we go home…

Four kids in one voice: ZARORIIIII

Both boys hugged, araf: sorry bhai, mafkaro na

Arnaf: aari bagal, no bhai sorry from his bhai, challo

They both family moved from there was full speed happiness, they reach 8 seat family car and all ride in, varun start driving, and was road going his head flashed back


Raglak and swasan enter the bar and directly run to seceret enterence to basement. That was their plan from begning, to leave dark world forever, for themselves and for ragini baby too. They set the plan since they were in Chennai.

It was swara idea, great devil swara, when she want to b…. bar was set with basement already but it need modification. After raj plan, swara sit conditions of their death… to explode the bar and supply the basement to hold the explosion and make an exist to the outside world.

Ragini took care of fake ids they ll live with it

Sanskar became varun kapoor

Swara became helly varun kapoor

Laksh became Namish teneja

She became tejaswai namish teneja

They choosed were they live, in deep Punjab were no one ask many questions and sit there life lie.

Thanks to sanky he always kept 75% money as cash in big safe in basement and this is hw they get supplie to provide the basement and the exist and the money to start good life.

There was no traitor among them, they sent that spy to put the seed of killing them and exploding the bar among gangs masters…

At the wedding day it was all sanky men who arrived and add dead corpses inside and sit explodes in all bar leaving gangs think they are their men who killed sanky men inside.

All from beginning all was set and planned………..


They reached home and they choosed today to barbque some meat… and after all finished they bed the children in rooms, but they knew what ll happen later …

Swasan room

Sanskar was hugging swara forcly and she try to run from his strong grip

Swara softly complaining; aahhh saaaanssskar let me goo

Sanskar with same tone: aaahhh nahi swaaaraaa

Swara: Ufff Sanskar, plsss I must see kids

Sanskar: Don’t worry baby, Arnaf and Araf care girls well na, specially Araf and Umrao….

Swara: Hahah and Arnaf aur Sarswati… u notice that too na

Sanskar: Like son like papa… I cant afford u, and he is same as me

Swara: Hahah hmmmm ( swara turn to face him) no one like mera Sanskar not even his son…

Sanskar: And u blame me for craving u all time, come here u s*xy hmmm hmmm ( kissing all over her neck fastly)

Swara: Aaaahhh hahahah nahi Sanskar bas karo hahah ( swara run but he catch and make her fall to bed and he on top) Sanskar nooo nooo I must put pani for kids challo na

Sanskar kiss her cheek sensually ( I must see Umrao) said swara as he kiss other cheek ( Arnaf need pillow) again swara and Sanskar keep kiss her face inch by inch and swara start talk slowly and breath heavily ( I must cover them) Sanskar reach her lips and print small kiss and corner of her mouth and look at her giving killing smile watching her soft desire in her eyes ( i… i… m out of excuses) swara told hardly, ( that’s good) said Sanskar in husky tone, swara grip his collar and smashed his lips hardly taking full control… their kiss deepen more and more and Sanskar crushed his body to swara which moaned her softly and slightly he explore her mouth, same time watching her blushing cheeks and getting more madly….

He remembered their first time after wedding, he fill full his vow to god and marry her in all rituals and now she was his right when she became totally his, her shivers still the same, her shy and her blush, he remembered hw she pained that day, but both were happy with that sweet pain.. being touched and marked as Sanskar only….

Swara took more control and rolled Sanskar on bed opening his shirt and Sanskar roaming his palms to her back but never broke their kiss.

@ raglak

Ragini: ufffu nami, those kids all drive us mad na

Laksh: nami, wyaaak. U make me sound like teenager girl yaar. We r n room na ragini so I’m tumare laksh, pls

Ragini: no, nami suits u

Laksh: Aaari yaaar

Ragini: Hmmmmmm, haan after two days the kids we gather from delhi ll come

Laksh: Teek hai. It was good idea of u ragini… make house for homless children, better than streets and those na…

Ragini: Sure honey, kids like the house, even the teenager still there and who is above 21 working or married still come and pay visits, no one feel the pain except who lived it na..

Laksh: Hmmm

Ragini moved to laksh at bed and lay beside him: tooooh

Laksh looked liked chocked boy : tooooo too tooohhhh

Ragini get closer: tum teek hu na…..

Laksh: b bbbb bbbbilkol haan

Ragini: accha, we shall see ( look devily to him, grapping his shirt and smirking) challo

Laksh were running: aari ragini, bas bas, ragini hahahahaha no pls no tickle hahah ragini ( finally he rolled her and became top on her since she make him aroused now) u crazy fooly girl!! Y awake my flames ah

Ragini smiled shyly: music??!

Laksh bend slowly reaching her lips: not anymore since we left baby

Laksh smash her lips softly giving her bites while ragini removing the layers that apart them, finally their flames burns together

Both raglak and swasan spend their night making passionate love since the flames to each other never sit down….

@ araf aur Arnaf room

Door open softly and girls going in softly, boys were sleeping on beds

Umrao: Arnaf, Arnaaaf, we cant sleep Arnaaaf

Arnaf: I know Umrao, ur both always like that get fear of dark night and come to us, y not sleep here everyday yaar, hai araf, araaaaf wake up

Araf: I’m awake yaar waiting them, I knew they would come com

And as usual boys put may bed sheets on floor in child way and all pillows they have, and all slept on floor with Arnaf and Araf on borders and each hug his sister in the middle, and each girl hugging her doll……

Araf: good night Umrao

Umrao: g n

Arnaf: G N saraswati

Saraswati: GN

Many other years past and big day arrive, raglak and swasan under their covered names used to marry a lot of orphaned and homeless guys and girls together in one wedding… but not those two weddings, its very special

Ragini and swara look old now about middle fourties, bringing two covered red brides and four handsome men waiting at the mandeep, two of them at last fourties which are laksh aur Sanskar, other two were young

Its Araf and Arnaf ki shadi, with Umrao and Sarswati

(sorry guys … i dont know if this sound fully right but i heard some places in india allow cousins marry)

Both parents watching their children fill fulling the rituals of their weddings and thinking….

Who would think that four shattered souls didn’t leave a mistake undone would live that happy and peaceful, who would believe such sinners would live great lifes with great gifts, but answer is one its khuda ki plan aur khuda ki bless, and they cant interfere it..

The four saved their souls and many other souls from



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