Absolute darkness (41)

Helllooooo alllll

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Pervious: triangke caught raj and swara start her revenges

Raj: ur slaps became too good my girl, or may be he is like me na…

Swara got angry: don’t compare him to u buster, he is more manly than u think

Raj: from his confuse look I don’t think so

Sanskar got enough: swara, what is he talk about? What u didn’t tell me?

Raj: ohh ohh hhahahaha that so amuse…

Swara didn’t answer, so Sanskar ask again: bolo na swara!! What is it, what that buster talk about??

Raj: u should thank me sanky….. I have kept her for u

Sanskar keep look to swara and tat situation she was shy, and tat confused him more.

Sanskar to raj: I m enough u… speak or I finish u, more better to finish u slowly I don’t care what she hide ( sanskar was about stap his heart)

Raj speak fast: I now regret that I didn’t take u to my bed miss virgin……. (Sanskar stopped and as bomb has fallen on him, he couldn’t get it????) she is untouched since the day I bought her. If she hide that from u imagine what else she had hidden.

Sanskar: swara!!

Swara sopped with bowd head and say nothing….

Sanskar was overrrrrrrrrrrrwhilmed coz there is nothing a man could wish more than to b the first in his wife’s life

Sanskar closed to swara: thank god I made that vow or my happens wouldn’t b complete as now

Swara still not look at him and head to raj: now time to finish the drama…… its not like u didn’t want it raj, u was never man enough, ur sadistic destroyed u among the years that u became disable and now I’m very happy with it….. and for each tear and pain u gave me I wont merci u, but I wont kill u either, coz as my hubby just said…. kills stains us and ur much less worth to stain ourselves for u…. Sanskar give me knife….

Sanskar: swara let me….

Swara with determine: no Sanskar…. Give it to me

Sanskar forcly handed her the knife, swara: any last words raj

Raj: f**k off

Swara got angry and stap raj thigh and make big cut away from blood artery till his knee, raj shouted his throat out that u can feel he ll lose his voice, then she did the same to his other thigh, it was hell painfull…

Swara drop knife: lets go Sanskar

Sanskar: that is it swara!!

Swara: haan. As u said he is too filth to waste ourselves, lets go

Raj in hell pain voive: that ll b ur great mistake b*t*h, if u left me alife I promise u, me and the other gangs ll hunt u down, u ll see.

Swara smile: do u pray raj? Coz if I were u I would pray ( both Sanskar and raj were confused) ur fate now depend on god raj, so pray maybe god ll save u…. look around u raj this place is perfect na

Raj: what u mean?

Swara: I ll send sms to ur men with address here, but if u work ur small brain ll know that this place is perfect for wild rats to live in, u know rats na raj

Sanskar head work fastly and he never thought swara would do that, raj took longer time to understand

Swara: now the blood scent ll attract the rats to u, lets see who is faster, rats or ur men ……..

Sanskar: I hope the rats win, u deserive it buster

Swara open door and gone out with Sanskar hand in hand not caring raj shouts to kill him right away…….

Our four heroes left the place and reached paramoda bar safly, and swara didn’t need to hide anymore, they freshed up from all that and Sanskar waited swara in office, swara came in

Sanskar: it all over swara….

Swara ran to him and hugged him: its all over Sanskar!! All… I know u think I’m heartless person but….

Sanskar: shshshsh, ur done fits ur pain, I have no right to judge that, haan u surprised me by that act, but I have done worse in my life… and my look didn’t change about u a bit… ur my shonny… my pure shonnyyy….. and I have nothing to regret

Swara looked him lovlngly and cry and he was in same state, he kissed her tears and hugged her softly,

Sanskar: swara…. r u sure about our marry??! (Swara broke hug and looked confused to him) raj was right… u dnt desrve to b married to … toy
Swara: shshshshhs dnt u evn dare sanskar….. dnt u dare ruin this moment….. being toy doesnt mean only bed…. i was sold and train and tourched … tat is toy too…. u said it before baby.. we suffer alot so better end it….. i fit only sanskar and sanskar is only mine…..

Swara hugged sanskar again and he felt her body limps in his arms so he lead her to the bed coach, they laid in each other embrace looking to each other till their eyes fall.

The news about raj spreads like fire in the woods , all gangs knew that the triangle did it, and that he was found half eaten by rats, and he surly suffered a lot.

Ganges opinion splits between leaving the triangle alone coz they r merciless and may kill all leaders, other decided to unite their power to kill the triangle and start putting plan….

Days later Sanskar decided to make wedding for her sweet shonny as he promised and they ll live in bar for more few days till they take a plane and leave india forever….

Raglak started preparations and the mandeep was set outside the bar in the fresh air of the morning…. On the other hand there was a traitor spy between the guards and where telling all details to the other gangs and ganges had set the date of wedding to finish all of them and make them examples for others………..

Sanskar was happy and y not, after mints he ll b wedding to his swara in front of god, and finally he ll fill full his vow. We wore golden sherwani and looked stunning. He waited swara at the mandeep, there was no guests, only swasan and raglak and the pandit…. no one else, but it was blessfull…

Ganges men arrived with heavy bags and spread around the bar

Ragini came with covered red bride swara and sit her beside her Sanskar. Sanskar moved the veil from her face and saw the most beautiful bride, the bubbly kajal eyes, the rosy lips, the nose pin.. all was perfect and happy not knowing its their last happy moments…

Men get inside the bar and killed sanky men in silent….

Pandit start telling the prays, ragini tie swara veil with Sanskar scarf and Sanskar took rounds lead, then swara turn… when they sit to mandeep again Sanskar whisper ( first step done shonny) swara smiled shyly, Sanskar took the manglsotra and tie it to swara, ( here I tie u with me forever my dear love), finally he took sendoor and apply to her hairline and pamdit announced that all rituals are complete….

The four sweet family goodbye the pandit and head inside the bar.



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