Abhiya FF: Eternal Love Chapter 4

Guys I am adding Edward and Bella too so do tell me if you like it if I will add Edward and Bella.

Misha:Piya let’s come to dance floor.

Piya:No I am not feeling to dance.

Misha:Oh come on Piya you have to dance.

Misha takes her to dance floor.They both start dancing.Piya sees Abhay.

Abhay comes to her and catches her hand and pushes her towards him.They start dancing romantically on wajah tum ho.

They both have a eye contact.

Misha calls Piya.She comes in sense and understands it was a dream.

Misha:Where were you lost?

Piya:No where

Party gets over.All leave to there house.But Abhay goes to forest.

Abhay:Come fast.

A person with lighting speed comes to him.

Boy:I hope that this time we will win from werewolves.

Abhay:Don’t worry Edward this time we will win.

Yes he is Edward.

Edward:50 years ago we defeated from werewolves but not this time.

A girl is seen travelling in car.She is Bella.

Bella:India is really beautiful.

Precap:Edward and Bella meeting.Abhay to save Piya.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    when abhay pulled piya 2wards him n dance i found it very passionate.but it was only a dream.so sad.edward n abhay r friends n r going 2 fight against werewolves.wow..lets c who will win.bella too coming.wow.
    plz message me when u update this.since it has no particular forum 2 b updated i dont know when its get updated n so i may miss it

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks jasmine for reading and will surely tell you when updated

      1. Jasminerahul

        u said u’ll update other ffs after ur exam.but u r not updating them.plz update them.waiting 4 a long time

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