Abhiya FF: Eternal Love Chapter 3


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The episode starts with Picasso coming in sense.

Misha:Where you were lost?


Tracker comes there running

Misha:Hey Tracker why are you running and coming?

Tracker:Because there was notice on notice board.

Misha:Tracker seriously?

Piya:What notice?

Tracker:Today at night there is a freshers party.


Both start dancing and Piya laughs seeing them dancing.

T comes there

T:Oh so you also came to know about freshers party.But in freshers party I will only look beautiful dumbos.

T goes from there.

At night freshers party starts Abhay was standing at a corner and Piya comes to him.

Piya:Why are you standing here come and dance with us.

Abhay:I don’t like to dance and I like to live alone.

Piya:But why?

Abhay:I like that’s why now mind your own business.

Abhay goes at other side and Piya thinks

Piya:How rude he is.Let it be wherever he is.

Piya goes on the dance floor.She is dancing when she sees Abhay looking at her.She feels weird when Abhay goes from there out of the party.

Piya follows him.Abhay goes in forest.Piya also goes.She is following him when fog comes and Abhay gets dissappear.

Piya:Where did he go?

She turns to go and sees Abhay.

Abhay:Why you were following me?

Piya:I was just…..

Abhay:You were looking what I was doing.Listen now stop following me.

Abhay goes to party and Piya to goes.Misha comes to her.

Misha:Where you went?

Piya:I was here only.


Precap:Abhay to save Piya

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  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that abhay isnt dancing n piya is dancing alone.wish abhiya had danced 2gether.gud that piya followed abhay.it shows she cares 4 him.now since they went back 2 party hope they will dance 2gether

    1. Siddhi

      They will obviously dance

  2. Piyali

    Amazing chappy darling , Piya is really cute , wants to know about Abhay and abhay , As usual arrogant , I am waiting to see what will she do when she realizes that he is a vampire…………..waiting for the next episode……..Love you…….be happy……

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks a lot and thanks again

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