Abhiya FF: Eternal Love Chapter 2

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The episode starts with Abhay and Hasina reaches their house and sees Chand sitting on sofa.

Chand:So you came after going to maithilli grave.

Abhay gets angry but Hasina catches his hand.

Hasina whispers into Abhay’s ears

Hasina:Calm down.

Abhay calms.

Abhay:Dad you told that there is some work tell me

Chand:Abhay currently we are living in this city you know that

Abhay:Yes dad I know and I want to get out of this city and live with vampires not with humans.

Chand:Relax Abhay.You have to start going in college so that no one gets dought oh us.

Abhay:No dad in college there would be many humans then how will I control myself?

Chand:You have to control yourself Abhay

Abhay agrees and goes to his room.

Abhay thinks

Abhay:I hate to live with humans and dad is sending me in college.

Here Piya keeps her mom’s photo aside and thinks

Piya:I have got scholarship in Mount college and I should work hard for my mom.

She rubs her tears and goes to sleep.

At morning she hurries to leave for college.She looks at watch and says

Piya:Oh my God today at first day of college I am late.

She leaves from hostel and starts walking to find taxi.

Abhay is driving car to reach college when he stops when he sees Piya.


He takes the car to Piya.



Abhay:If you are getting late so I can give you lift.


She sits inside the car.

Piya:I want to go to mount college.

Abhay takes starts the car.While driving he sees Piya and remembers Maithilli.

Abhay:What is your name?

Piya:My name is Piya.

They reach college.Piya comes out of car and Abhay too comes out of car.

Piya:You are too studying in this college?


Abhay goes from there.Piya starts walking when a boy comes to her.



Boy:I am Kabir and you?

Piya:Hi Kabir I am Piya

Kabir:Nice name.Come with me I will show you my friends.

Kabir takes Piya to his friends.

Kabir:Guys she is our new friend Piya

A girl comes to Piya

Girl:Hi Piya nice to meet you and by the way my name is Misha.

Piya:Hi Misha

Kabir:Be carefull Piya as she is a jungly billi

All laughs and Misha stares Kabir angrily.

Kabir:Sorry sorry.

Misha:You have met me but meet our Tracker or you can say her Ruhi

Tracker comes to Piya

Tracker:Hi Piya

Piya:Hi Tracker.But why all call you Tracker?

Kabir:Because she always tracks boys.

Girl:Hey guys

All turns to the girl

Girl:What nonsense you all are doing here.

Misha:T you are only nonsense we all know

T:Shut up Misha.You guys are really foolish.

T goes from there.

Kabir:She is T a gossip queen and a nonsense girl.

Piya:I see it

After sometimes class starts and all goes to class.Piya was sitting alone in her seat.She sees Abhay.

Piya:He is the same guy who gave me lift.

Abhay sits beside Piya.She doesn’t says anything.Mam comes inside class and all wishes her good morning.

Mam:Sit down students.So today two new have join us they are Abhay and Piya.Hope that you all have become good friend.

Piya smiles but Abhay was sitting expressionless.

T was just staring at Abhay.

Mam started teaching.Misha was getting bored so she tore a page and wrote something on paper and passed the chit to Piya.

Piya opened it and it was written that

“Don’t you think the class is pretty boring?”

Piya smiles and Misha makes the expression of boring.

Abhay was knowing what is happening but he still was expressionless.
Piya thinks

Piya:When I saw him from that time he doesn’t have any type of expression.

After the class ended Misha took Piya aside

Misha:Piya don’t you get bored in this classes.

Piya:This classes are good for us only know

Misha:Oh how can I forget that you got scholarship that is why you came in this college.

Piya smiles.She sees Abhay standing and staring her.She gets lost in his blue eyes.Abhay thinks

Abhay:How Piya’s face is like Maithilli’s face?

Abhay goes from there and Piya comes in sense.

Precap:Announcement of freshers party.
Hope guys you will like this episode

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  1. Jasminerahul

    abhiya meeting by abhay offering piya a life seeing her face was nice.abhay did’nt want to join college.but now he will go to college to see piya.like Abhay doubts y does piya resemble Maithili?Why was Abhay expressionless?

    1. Siddhi

      Abhay was expressionless because he is a vampire and did you liked the episode.

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes.i liked it,plz update ur other ffs.missing them.

    2. Siddhi

      Will update directly on 30 September because of exams

  2. Piyali

    I loved this episode sweety , seriously , AbhIya meet was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good , Abhay the handsome blue eyed vampire and Piya the pretty simple girl who resembles his love , I am waiting to read more , thanks a lot for this ff………….Love you……..be happy………..

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks kritika dear!

    2. Siddhi

      Thanks kritika dear!!

    3. Siddhi

      Thanks kritika dear!!?

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