Abhiya FF: Eternal Love Chapter 1


Hi guys I am Siddhi.

The episode starts with a girl seen catching a photo.She is Piya.

Piya:Mom why you left me?

She cries and hugs the photo.

A girl is seen listening song.She is Misha.

Misha:This song is really awesome

Panchi comes there.

Panchi:Misha it’s inof.You listen much songs now do some work.

Misha:You are not Panchi but you are a angry bird.

Panchi:What you called me angry bird now I will not leave you

Misha runs and Panchi starts following her.

Abhay is seen in a dark forest.He walks and goes to a grave.He kneels down.

Abhay:Maithilli please come back please.

He have blood tears in his eyes when he feels a hand on his shoulder.She is Hasina

Hasina:Abhay even giving you warning you came here.

Abhay:Mom I will do what my heart says

Hasina:We don’t have heart as we are vampires

Abhay:I know but I will come here it’s my wish.

Hasina:Come with me before Chand comes here.

Abhay and Hasina goes from there.

Precap:Abhay and Piya to join mount college

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  1. Swaraginilover

    Someone remembers this ,ma thank you for this ff seriously miss this show

    1. Siddhi

      Me too a die hard fan of this show

  2. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see u writing an abhiya ff.tho i’vent seen d show i luv them.piya lost her mom n is sad.abhay lost his luv maithili n is sad.is there any connection btw piya n maithili?
    since there is no forum 4 pyar ki ek kahani plz message me whenever u update this ff

    1. Siddhi

      Okay dear will say you

  3. Dear siddhi…a big thanksss 2 u dear …thanks is also less man… U r amazing…u don’t in dear I WS a big fan or a die hrt fan of this show ..I just so….miss this show… Can’t it start again..I hope sm day..I reallllyyy lv Vivian dsena..and his eyes r so lovable …lv u a tons..actually more than that…plzzzz post soon …and can u pllllllzzzzzzz give long episodes… Mmuuahhhh bye..

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks ana will surely give long episodes

  4. Piyali

    The first episode is interesting sweetheart , Loved abhay and Piya’s scenes , you made me longing to read more , will read the next episodes soon……..Love you sweetheart…………….be happy………….

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and please update junoon

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