Hello evry1…am Ananya…dis is da 1st time am writing a ff related 2 yhm…pls do temme ur views,corrections & suggestions…

All problems r solved…Shagun is alive and its jus a drama played by Ishitha, Shagun & Abhishek 2 find out the actual muderer of Rinki…..Sarika is proven innocent and the real murderer is Rinki’s boyfriend…all r happy and after 6 months the story continues lik dis. Shagun is surrogate mum of Ishitha and Raman. She is amrried to Manoj and is happy.

Scene 1:
Bhalla’s residence. Vishwa nd family comes 2 meet the Bhallas.
Mr.Bhalla: Come in Vishwa ji Gd mrng.
Vishwa: gd mrng..evry1 cm here once i want 2 tell u all one gd news
(Meanwhile Romi cms wid Abhishek)
Romi: den tell us fast uncle..whats da gd news
Vishwa: Mihika’s marriage is fixed and the groom is a software engineer in America..he is well settled. This is the perfect match.
Abhishek angrily goes frm der…Mihika is also looking upset. Meanwhile Ishitha goes to speak 2 Abhishek.

Scene 2:
At a coffee shop.
Ishitha: Abishek dnt feel sad i kno dat u luv Mihika vry much still u r hvng time go nd confess ur luv 2 her. She is a vry nice girl dnt lose her. Evn she luvs u vry much.
Abhishek: wat 2 do Ishithaji..im nt undrstndng wat 2 do..u only temme kno. Wat will she think if i express my feelings 2 her aftr her marriage is fixed
Ishitha: Dnt think much abt des things. The only thing u shld hav in mind is gettng Mihika.
Abhishek: Tq soooo muchhhh Ishithaji am feeling much confident aftr speaking 2 u.
Ishitha: no formalities Abhishek..bye i shld go 2 my clinic
Abhishek: Ok Byeee

Scene 3:
Then Abhishek calls Mihika immediately
Abhihek: hi Mihika..Congratulations. Ur marriage is fixed.
Mihika is crying silently..and says
Mihika: Tq Abhishek….Howzz ur gf Shalini
Abhishek: Actually she is nt my gf Mihika..v were on a mission actually. i dnt hav any gf
Mihika is happy…bt still crying
Mihika: Oh ok bye
Abhishek: Mihika cn u meet me 2day at 9oclock
Mihika: Yes Abhishek bt wer
Abhishek: At 9oclock cm nd stand outside ur house ill pick u
Mihika: Ok Bye
Abhishek: Bye

Precap: Abishek confesses his luv 2 Mihika nd she accepts(CANDLELIGHT DINNER).

Credit to: Ananya


  1. Ritz

    A nice story but too happy story . Too much sweet story is also not good. Add some spice to it. The story will be perfect ?

  2. Yes, this is very well written. Great start. Please continue!! And even I am a great fan of Abhika, so please don’t make it mihir-mihika, as abhika is much cuter❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.