HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII afterrrrrrr aaaaaaaa looooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sryyyyyyyyyyy i ws hvng xmssssssssss so cld nt update………….DId u guys frgt me????:( hope no and guys if dnt lik my ff’s na pls temme ill change my style seriouslyy hope u guys didnt frgt meeeee 🙁 i am confident dat u guys will nt frgt me bcoz mein aapki pyaari si ananya hu na isliye
here u go hope u njoy dis

at da hsptl and doc tells dat mihika cn b discharged den ishitha gts relieved. abhishek and ishitha bring mihika home
den at home ishitha tries to talk 2 madhu bt she ignores her ishitha gts worried abhishek also does da same and he also faces da same situation evn appa will nt talk 2 dem no 1 is talking 2 raman,ishitha,bala,vandu,abhishek as dey hid abt mihika’s accident so evry1 will b worried as bhallas and iyers will b angry towards dem and will b ignoring dem..
mihika feels guilty and says to abhishek dat dis is hppng bcoz of her he consoles her by saying no ntg is hppng bcoz of u instead its our mistake 2 hide abt u frm evry1 and he wipes her tears and hugs her appa sees dis and he gts thinking smthng…..
at bhalla’s house:
ishitha talks to raman and she says dat she is worried bcoz she saw appa being worried abt smthng raman calms her down and says ntg lik dat appa is angry on us and he is worried abt mihika
ishitha also thinks abt smthng deeply den she gts shagun’s phone
ishitha talks 2 shagun
ishitha: hi shagun how r u howzz da baby hope manoj is taking care of u
shagun: yes ishitha i and ur baby r fine and manoj will tc of me anyways
ishitha: ha ha dat is true
shagun: accha ishitha listen na yaar the day after tmrw der is a small party in our house here u shld definetely cm na
ishtiha: ok vll b der
(she is dull and thinks abt smthng)
Shagun: ishitha ru fine ur voice is a bi different 2day is evrythng fine der
ishitha: actually shagun mihika ws shot and she ws admitted in da hsptl now onl he ws discharged so v didnt inform da elders here so evry1 is angry wid us
shagun: ha ishithau shld tell dem na its a vry big incident and u shld nt hid frm dem na bt still dnt wry they will b fine and moreovr am cmg der in da evng 2 c her
ishitha: ha shagun bt b careful ha cm fr dinner along wid manoj otherwise
hagun: ok dats fine bye
ishitha: ok byee tc

in toshiji’s room
toshiji says 2 mr.bhalla dat bhalla ji matarani ka laakh laakh sukriyan our mihika is fine bt ishitha did a mistake by hiding such a thng frm us i didnt expect dis frm her bhalla ji says haa toshiji evn im angry on dem dey shld nt hv done such a thng
ishitha is listening 2 their converation frm outside den she goe inside the room crying toshiji says ishitha now i dnt want 2 speak anythng 2 u so pls leave me alone ishitha pleads her to listen once she agrees ishitha says mummyji am soo ryyy v shld nt hv done such a thing am sry i dnt want to wrry u soo…
toshiji says ishitha pls stp its nt a thng 2 hide and pls go frm here ishitha says mummyji i kno dat v r wrong and am repenting fr my mistake and until u dnt frgv me ill nt leave frm here and she sits on da floor toshiji says ok tk cm here and hugs her ishitha puttar dnt do such a thng again na plss
ishitha says ok mumiji and goes

in madhu’s room
madhu says vishwa v r so lucky dat our mihika is fine otherwise omg cnt evn imagine and abhishek he is such a jice guy our mihika is soo lucky
vishwa’ mind is smwer else and madhu interrupts his thoughts
madhu asks vishwa ru fine wat hppnd u dnt wry na our mihika is vry gd vishwa replies ha madhu ur right i ws soo wrrd fr her bt by gods grace she is fine he murugan aapko laakh laakh shukriya
madhu says now without any delay v shld do abhishek’s and mihika’s marriage vishwa ays no idnt think di is crct
madhu gts shocked

Precap: madhu asks vishwa wat is he saying and outside mihika is listening 2 their conversation

Credit to: ananya

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