Hi guys here u go ur suspense is revealed……

Scene 1
abhishek tightly hugs bala
bala: evrythng will b fine abhishek dnt wry
Abhishek cries
bala consoles him..jus den doc cms
vandu: hello doc howzz mihika cn v meet her
doc: hello am sry bt mihika’s health is nt stable smtime its gd bt aftr smtime its again spoiling
ishitha: wat now cn v meet her
doc: yes bt one by 1
bala: ok doc tq
he leaves
bala: abhishek u go 1st nd meet her
abhishek goes in
inside mihika is seen wid ozygen mask and she is unconcious
abhishek: mihika plss wake up na yaar u cnt leave me lik dis and go plss yaar pllsss c evry1 is here ur ishu akka nd vandu akka evry1 is waiting fr u outside plsss wake up na plsssss
and den mihika slightly moves her legs
ishitha sees dat nd cms in
abhishek: doctorrrrrr
doc cms in
doc checks her and says
doc: wow mr.abhishek her health is bcmng stable
abhishek and ishitha hug and der outside bala and vandu also hug
ishitha(WHILE WIPING HER TEARS): tq sooo much doctor tq tq
doc smiles
doc: its ok bt let her rest ill shift her to a normal room and den u cn meet her
he goes out and den ishtiha and abhishek also go out
den outside ishitha hugs vandu and bala hugs abhishek
bala: the devil is bac
ishitha calls raman
Raman: hello ishitha howzz she’
ishitha: raman raman she is bettr she is still unconcious and doc shifted her to a normal room u cm fastly na
raman: wat really wow dats great i told u bfore only dat she will b fine and yes am cmg right now bye
ishitha(WIPING HER TEARS): ha ha cm fastly bye
she rings up the phone

scene 2:
its night and bala,vandu,raman, abhishek and ishitha r der in da room mihika is still unconcious
all of dem r hvng a chat
ishitha: u guys kno 1 thng da way abhishek spoke to mihika na it ws soo amazing nd emotional
bala: ha ha voh baat toh hain
raman; really abhishek mihika is sooo lucky 2 hv u
vandu: ha ha u both r meant fr each otr
abhishek smiles
ishitha: now u guys go home i will stay here wid mihika its already so late
abhishek: ill also stay wid u ishitha ji
raman: ok ishitha u guys stay here v will go home and vandu u sleep in our house today its late na dats y
bala: ok raman bye ishu bye abhishek tc ha
vandu: call us if anythng is needed
ishitha: ok bye and u also slowly inform amma nd appa
vandu: ok ishu we will tc

scene 3
abhishek and ishitha r sleeping
2 beds r provided 2 dem mihika is still unconcious
he gts a dream in which doc informs him dat mihika is dead and he rushes into da room 2 c her
he suddenly wakes up and says mihikaa
he goes and hugs her tightly and says
Abhishek: omg its jus a dream thankgod its nt true i thought omggg(WIPING HIS SWEAT) its jus a night mare
he turns bac nd is abt 2 go out fr hvng water den mihika holds his hand and stps him
he turns bac and sees mihika awake
abhishek hugs he and says: thankgod at last u woke up jus think wat will i do without u
mihika(TEARS ROLL DOWN FRM HER EYES): wen am hvng a luv like u in my life nd such a nice family who r always wid me in my obstacles how cn i leave u all nd go away..god doesnt hv dos many guts to take me away frm acp abhishek singh
both share a lighter moment and he sits near her and both chat all night den both fall asleep
here ishitha hears their conversation and she wipes her tears

Scene 4
the next mrng
ishitha wakes up and sees mihika already awake bt abhishek is still asleep
ishitha: gm mihika how r u feeling now
mihika: am fine akka
abhishek also wakes up
ishitha: bt mihika u kno v were vry tensed yestarday bt luckily u r fine anyways god dnt hv da guts to take u away frm acp.abhishek singh na(SARCASTIC MANNER)}
mihika rmbrs dis dialog and both blush
ishitha: sry guys i heard ur conversation yestarday
their cheeks turn red
ishitha: abhishek u go nd freshup ill go nd gt coffee fr u guys

precap: abhishek hits rocky

Credit to: Ananya


  1. Varsha

    Its great ananya.. Doing a very good job… Abhika cute couple… Nice moments… Thank u for your nice update…

  2. Sanjana

    Hi Ananya
    U’re doing a great job here.
    Just one suggestion..
    In chapter 6 precap u wrote that d docs said mihika is dead..
    N nthng like that was mentioned in this update..
    It’ll be better if u keep the link.
    Bt overall really nice thoughts n updates.. keep going 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.