Scene 1
in da hsptl
Doc cms out
abhishek: doc howzz mihika
doc: am sorry sir bt she is nt responding at all to our treatment if da situation is lik dis den chances r less dat she will b alright
abhishek: shutup ur a doc and how cn u say lik dis ishithaji tell dem no(COMPLETELY BREAKS DOWN)
ishitha: abhishek try 2 undrstnd doc am so sorry fr his words u u pls pls go inside and treat her
he goes in den here ishitha consoles him
ishitha calls raman and says
Raman: hello ishitha howz mihika wat did doc say
ishitha strts crying
raman: stp crying and temme wat hppnd
Ishitha: raman actually doc said said dat mihika is not at all responding to the treatment
raman: wat dnt worry she will b fine
he cuts da call

scene 2:
iyer’s house
vandu is abt 2 inform madhu abt mihika bt jus den she gts raman’s call
vandu: raman hello howz mihika wat did docs say
raman: actually vandu ishitha called me js now she said dat doc told dem dat mihika is nt responding 2 da treatment
vandu: wat(STRTS CRYING)
raman: vandu dnt wry our mihika will b fine and u dnt inform amma i dnt think dis nt is da rite time n she will b worried
vandu: ya ur rite bye and keep updating me na pls
raman: ya ya sure
vandu: by the way cn i go 2 da hsptl
raman: ok and talk 2 ishitha once pls speak 2 her she is vry upset
vandu: ok u dnt wry ill talk 2 her
she cuts da phone
bala: wat hppnd howz mihika
vandu: actually bala docs said dat she is nt responding 2 da treatment
Vandu: lets go 2 da hsptl
bala: ok chalo chalo
they strt gng 2 da hsptl

scene 3
Bala and vandu r gng 2 da hsptl dey r on da way
vandu calls ishitha
ishitha: hello akka(SHE STRTS CRYING)
vandu: dnt wry ishu our mihika will b fine howzz abhishek
ishitha: he is cmpltly broken akka nt able 2 control himself
vandu: hmm ishu u slhd b strong and make abhishek strong if u loose ur strength den think wat will hppn 2 him ur da only 1 der and so u shld tc of him na so b strong
ishu: ha akka(WIPING HER TEARS) ur right i shld b strong and positive..i hav faith in god he will do good fr us
vandu: ya and dnt wry v r on da way 2 hpstl
ishu: ok akka bye cm fast no
vandu: ya ok bye dnt wry

in da hsptl
abhishek is crying rmbrng his moments wid mihika
ishitha cms and places her hand on his shoulder he den wipes his tears
Abhishek: wat hppnd ishithaji i thought erythng will b fine bt now….
ishitha: abhishek i cn undrstnd ur pain bt c rite now u shld b strong only den u cn make mihika fine..akka told me des words rite now..u shld hav hope..think positive and evrythng will b positive
abhishek: ur right i shld b positve
ishitha wipes his tears and says
ishitha: go abhishek go nd hv coffee den ull b fine
abhishek: tq so much ishitha ji now am feeling bettr
ishitha smiles and he goes
meanwhile bala and vandu cm
ishitha cms and tightly hugs vandu
bala: wer is abhishek ishu
ishitha: he went to hv coffee jiju
he cms jus den abhishek cms wid 2 coffees in his hand he sees dem and keeps da coffee der and tightly hugs bala
bala: abhishek evrythng will b fine dnt wry…

Precap: doc tells dem dat mihika is dead as she is nt responding to da treatment and 24hrs r ovr…all r shocked and abhishek goes inside 2 meet her…

Credit to: Ananya


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