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Scene 1
Ishitha beats up da goons nd dey move ahead
here raman nd abhishek r fighting otr goons..dey beat all of dem
while mihika cms 2 meet abhishek sm1 frm behind shoot her…3 bullets(on her leg,chest nd somach)
All 3 of dem at once shout mihika
meanwhile police cm frm behind nd catch the kidnapper..
he is none otr dan rocky
meanwhile mihika is rushed 2 hospital

Scene 2
doc takes he inside da op theatre..he operates her
Doc cms out
Abhishek: doc howzz mihika
Doc: am sry bt her condition is critical..will hav 2 wait bfore v conclude nythng
tears roll down frm abhishek’s eyes
ishitha cms nd hugs him..raman pats on his shoulders
ishitha: abhishek control urself..mihika is a strong girl ntg will hppn 2 her
Raman: ha abhishek ishitha is right she is a strong girl nd moreovr all our blessings r wid her so ntg will hppn 2 her
Abhishek: hope so
Raman: ishitha ill go home nd inform evry1…actually i shld inform amma 1st..u b here wid abhishek
Ishitha: ok raman u 1st inform akka and jiju..dey will tc of amma and appa..u also inform mummiji nd papaji nd tc of dem..also kids pls tell dem nd tell neelu 2 b wid da kids until v go back home
Raman: ha madarasan am nt ny lkg kid i kn wat 2 do
Ishitha: ha ha tk tk go 1st

Scene 3
raman i gng home in car he calls vandu
Vandu: hello ha raman
Raman: vandu actually actually
Vandu: wat hppnd is evrythng fine
Raman: vandu actually mihika ws shot
Vandu:(SHOUTS): kya wat mihika hozz she wer r u guys..did u inform abhishek
Raman: vandu calm down calm down she ws admitted in hptl nd she in a critical condition doctors r nt able 2 conclude anythng..u dnt worry she will b fine
Vandu: ok bt wer r u
Raman: am cmg home u shld tc of amma nd inform her..ill inform bala also he will cm home..u rush na yaar
Vandu: ok ok ill leave right now..bye
Raman: byee
Den he calls bala
Raman: hello bala wer ru
Bala: hi raman am in tution
Raman: actually mihika ws shot
Bala(SHOCKED): wat how wer wen
raman: arre yaar stp questioning nd listen to wat i say ok i informed vandu nd she strd gng home already u also rush u shld tc of appa ok am also cmg
Bala: ok ok am lvng rite now

Scene 4
In iyer’s house
madhu: vandu u here now cm in sit
vandu: ha amma actually i felt bored so
madhu: ok no prob sit ill gt coffee
vandu: no amma i dnt want coffee wer is appa by da way
madhu: he went out on sm work
vandu: ok
Bala cms
Vandu: hi bala cm sit
Madhu: cm bala sit ill gt coffee
vandu: ok amma
She goes in
Vandu: how 2 tell her
bala: v hav no otr option vandu v shld tell her

Precap: mihika’s condition is critical..abhishek completely breaks down

Credit to: Ananya

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  1. Heart touching episode. Love it. Keep writing ananya

  2. Vey well written ananaya! Add some more abhika scenes please!

  3. Yes it was emotional today and please avoid writing more short forms…..
    If felt bad then sorry…..

    1. Am writing more short forms bcoz its easy to undrstnd and typing fr me is also easy so..anyways never mind

  4. And also avoid Hindi words…bcozzz..I donno Hindi… Can you plzz avoid using Hindi words in d middle

  5. Ok meenu definetely..actually hindi is nt my mother tongue..i learnt hindi nd am fluent in speaking…in a flow am gettin lik dat

  6. Guys is ny1 hvng probif i use short forms???? R u able2 undrstnd

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