previously v saw dat mihika ws nt 2 b found anywer

scene 1
Abhishek suddenly finds mihika missing nd searches fr her evrywer..he gts worried thinking abt her
Suddenly he gts a call frm a private num…
Person: hello abhishek singh ji..how r u this gf of urs is looking so hot
Abhishek: hey shut up cm in front of me if u hav the guts
Person: dnt speak lik dis sir ur weakness is in my hands now..do u wanna speak 2 her
Mihika(crying): hello abhishek cm fast am scared plss
Abhishek: mihika dnt worry ill definetely find u
dat unknown person snatches da phone nd says
Person: acp sir am gvng u 2 hrs find ur lady if u cn if u fail den ullc nevr b able 2 c her again..phone charging is low find her bfore it gts cmpletd.
abhishek: hello mihika wat cn u c around u
mihika: i dnt know abhishek its lik a godown
abhishek: wat else cn u c around u
Mhika: here there is a small light nd dis phone
Meanwhile she gts hurt while trying 2 move she shouts in pain
Abhishek: wat hppnd ru fine
Mihika(crying): ya am ok bt plss sm fast
He connects a conference cal 2 ishitha
Ishitha: hello abhishek wer r u guys y is mihika nt lifting her phone
Abhishek: mihika is kidnapped talk wid her
Mihika: hello akka pls save me
Ishitha: mihika wer r u ru fine
She rushes 2 raman nd she ONS the speaker
raman asks wat hppnd
Abhishek: hello raman actually mihika is kidnapped
raman: wat wat r u saying
Mihika: jiju and akka pls dnt tell amma,appa nd otrs they will b tensed am sure abhishek will save me
Ishitha: ok ok dnt worry..abhishek wat shall v do right now
Raman: wat evr v do v must think twice bfore dng anythng..it is a matter of mihika’s life v shld nt take risks
Abhishek: yes ur right ntg will hppn 2 mihika ill nevr let anythng hppn 2 her
Raman: mihika wat cn u c around cn u hear anythng
mihika: no jiju ntg much significant cn b found here only 1 light
raman: mihika take a closer nd deeper look
Mihika: waitt i cn here the prayers of a temple..the bhajan songs
Abhishek: dis means she is closer 2 a temple..let me check if der r any temples nearer 2 me bcoz i dnt think dey might hav taken her so far frm here
He calls his sub ordinates nd tells abt the matter
Dey all plan smthng
again he connects a con call wid mihika nd ishitha
He tells his plan 2 dem
Abhishek: mihika u said dat u saw a light der right so is in on or off
Mihika: its on
Abhishek: now ill go 2 da electric supply board nd c abt the connections
Raman: hey ill also cm der
He cuts da call nd ishitha also accmpanies him

Scene 2
Abhishek reaches da control room nd den raman nd ishitha also reach
Raman: lets go fast v shld nt waste evn a single second
Ishitha: ha ha lets go
abhishek connects the call to mihika nd der she bcms vry weak blood is cmg frm her hands
Abhishek: mihika ru ok u seem vry weak
Mihika(vry weak): ha abhishek am fine dnt worry
Abhishek: ok now ill on and off the power supplies u shld temme whether the bulb is glowing or nt
Mihika: ok
Abhishek: hello am acp abhishek singh
Controller: hello sir ru ready
Abhishek: yes
He offs 1st one abhishek asks mihika whether the bulb is glowing or nt she says no next he offs otr connection mihika says no again den the 3rd one mihika says nooo den the 4th one she says yes abhishek the bulb is nt glowing den he agains ons it..the bulb strts glowing
Abhishek: cn u pls temme which area is dis
controller: it is ghaziabad
Raman: lets go its nearer 2 dis place
While gng in da car
Ishitha: now v hv 2 search how many temples r der in ghaziabad nd which r nearer 2 godowns so v cn find her
abhishek: yep ishithaji ur right

dey search a lot nd finally find da place
Abhishek sees frm a window he spots mihika she also sees him he sees dat der r 4 members der guarding her
Raman: chalo abhishek lets handle dis ishitha u go frm back nd free her
Abhishek: ishithaji b vry vry careful
Ishitha: ok abhishek dnt worry ill b careful
dey go in front of dem nd strt fighting wid the goons
Meanwhile ishitha goes frm behind and saves her
while gng a goon strt attacking dem ishitha takes a rod and beats him up….

Precap: mihika is shot nd she falls straight into abhishek’s arms nd bcms unconcious

Credit to: Ananya

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