Hi guys dis is ananya hope u rmbr me sry fr da delay in updating da ff and dis is fr u all hope u all lik dis
guys 1 more thng am gonna end dis once it bcms 20……. and mine will hv a happy ending and routine also ntg different will b done bcz all sorts of dangers and hurdles hv been cleared earlier lik mihika’s kidnapping, ruhi missing, mihika almost on da death bed and shagun gvng birth 2 ishra’s baby etc etc all sorts of nonsence;) has been done in da previous episodes so now i thought of ending dis in a plain and simple manner….. without any hurdles and obstacles…. here u go hope u guyz lik dis

now mihika’s sangeeth is successfully cmpltd and all da couples hv danced… now ashok is also a changed man bt ishitha is still hvng doubts on his intentions bt stays quiet and keeps an eye on him she takes prateek’s help
ishitha: prateek am still hvng sm doubts on ashok khanna im nt able to digest da fact dat he is a changed person now
prateek: ishitha its nt crrct 2 hv doubts lik dis u shld clear dem lets keep an eye on him in this way mayb ur doubts will b clear
dey plan smthng…..

next day
ashok cms 2 meet a lady
ashok: hi baby
lady: hello kaisi ho tum
ashok: am fine n sry yaar cld nt cm 2 meet u i went 2 raman’s house
lady: raman????
ashok: ha vahi raman bhalla jisko mein maarna chahthi thi
ishitha hears only dat raman bhalla word and marna word
she jumps 2 a conclusion dat he is here to harm her family
in da afternoon ashok cms to bhalla’s house along wid da same woman and ishitha sees dem
ashok: u stay here ill go n c raman den u cn cm in
lady: ok baby
ashok goes in
meanwhile ishitha cms 2 dat woman and says
ishitha: i kno ur wid dat ashok khanna dat idiot cn nevr change chii its our mistake 2 believe him n nt anymore cm in wid me roght now n accept ur mistake tell evry1 ab ur plans
lady: hello excuuuuseeee mee who r u 1st of all and whats dis planning and all 1st mind ur tongue aako kuch galath faime hui hain
ishitha: ntg lik dat u 1st cm in wid me
der at da same time
ashok 2 raman
ashok: raman i luv a girl and nw i want 2 introduce her to u all
toshiji: arre bhai kya late hain karo karo introduce
ashok: and evry1 meet my hone waali patni swetha and goes 2 gt her bt js den ishitha along wid her cms in and says raman dis ashok is nt changed he is acting lik dat he is here 2 harm us again n c now he is using dis girl omg raman its our mistake…. she keeps on continuing her drame dailogues
raman cms to her n keeps a finger on her mouth n says
raman: fold ur hands and finger on ur lips
she says raman ur nt undtstndng he is bc to trouble us
den swetha goes 2 ashok n says
swetha: baby whoz dis dnt kno were dis mad woman cm frm continuously sayng ashok is bc he cnt change watevr watevr blah blah blah….what da hell
ishitha: hell wid ur drama shut up
raman: u shut up 1st u kno who she is she is ashok’s gf and u wt hppnd 2 u ishitha y r u making a scene out of evrythng
ishitha realises her mistake n her wrong listening and says
ishitha: sry ashok sry frankly speaking i didnt hv dat faith in u so and explains da whole scene 2 him
raman: ishitha tum pehle hi kai missions pe jaa chuki ho ab bandh karde yaar tumhari ye police waali missions ko aur tum prateek wt hppnd 2 u she ws sayng smthgng and accepted
simmi: bhai app isko chod de main sambhalthi hu chalo andar dekthi hu
prateek: nahin nahin i didnt support ishitha i js said ntg wrong in clearing ur doubts
toshiji: watevr watevr watevr sab kuch chod aur ishithi she is swetha ashok’s hone waali patni
ashok: ishitha now r ur doubts clear
she smiles and nods
bhallaji: arre toh kya ab mihika aur abhishek ke shaadhi ke baad aur ek shaddhi hain abba again shopping wid des ladies
toshiji: ha ha bhallaji ready ho jaao sab
both ashok and swetha blush

precap: abhika’s marriage

Credit to: ananya

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  1. superb yaar. I missed ur fan fiction.

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