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Ishitha feels guilty fr hurting saarika unnecessarily
Abhishek goes frm der angrily den mihika goes after him
Ishitha: raman raman what did i do omg chii how cn u b soooo stupid ishu
Raman: yes ishitha urwrong dis time u shld nt hv shouted on her lik dat
Ishitha: ha raman ill go and speak to her

Scene 2
She goes to saarika
Ishitha: saar…
Saarika: plss bhabhi mujhe akhela chod dena thodi der ke liye
Ishitha: ha tk bt pls listen to me once
Saarika: plss bhabhi till date i thought u r jus angry on me bt now the way u shouted at me showed dat u hate me maine nahin socha tha ki aap mujhse itni nafrat karti hain
Ishitha: no saarika plss apne bhabhi ko maaf kardena plss yes its true dat am angry on u bt nafrath.. no saarika ur wrong i ws angry bt dat doesnt mean i hate u and 2day am soo proud of u dat u gav dat ashok khanna left and right plss mujhe maaf kardena and joins her hands
Saarika gts teary eyed and holds her hands and says
Saarika: bhabhi wat r u dng no bhabhi i did a mistake and so i gt dat punishment i cn undrstnd u bhabhi bt da way u shouted on me dat too without any reason i cld nt bear dat aap mere sabse favourite ho aur maine aapse istarah ka behaviour expect nahin kiya issliye i lost my cool and shouted on u sry bhabhi
Ishitha: arre i shld say sry to u nt u plss yaar mijhe maaf karde
Both hug and gt emotional
Shagun cms der and gts happy seeing dem
Shagun: am sooo happy seeing u both lik dis cm lets go out and njoy
All 3 go out

Scene 3
Wen dey go out ddy c security stpng ashok frm gng in
Ishitha: security leave him
He cms in
Raman goes 2 beat him bt ishiths stps him
Ashok: plss app sab meri baat ek baar suniye
Ishitha: wat
Ashok den does a shocking thng
He falls on ishitha’s feet
And ishitha holds him
Ishitha: arre wat r u dng
Ashok: plss watevr i did till now dnt evn deserve forgiveness bt plss plss forgive me ishithaji i did vry bad wid u plss forgive me
Den he moves to raman who is dumbstruck
Ashok: raman pls u also forgive me bcz of me u and ishitha lost ur baby and i evn tried of killkng using saarika am sry raman
And falls on his feet
Raman also holds him
He looks at his parents who nod in acceptance
He hugs him
Den he moves to saarika
She is still angry on him
Ashok: saarika sry fr using u bcz of me u lost ur strength ur family am sry
She lks at raman and ishitha
Dey nod happily bt she is angry
Ashok: plss apni bhai ko masf kardena
Wid dis dialog she gts emotional and hugs him
All of dem gt happy
Ashok: if u all forgive me ddn i want to say smthng i want to strt a new company wid raman and suraj mihir and romi
Ishitha: werz suraj didnt c him frm long
Ashok: actually he ws angry on me and went away bt returned yesterday
Here u go der he is suraj khanna
Suraj cmd der
Dey all njoy da party
Precap: ishitha and raman fight

Guys temme 1 thng do u want ashok to b positive or negative??


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