Guyzz ill stp it once it bcms 20 chapters bcoz u guyz will gt bored if i drag dis much
Sry its a bit short as am busy
All go and hv dinner den all of dem evry1 gt seated 2 play games
Jus den ishitha cms 2 raman
Ishitha: raman did u c ruhi anywer
Raman: no ishitha wat hppnd
Ishitha” no dnt wry she must b wid amma or mummyji
Raman: hmm ok
She leaves
Den madhu cms 2 ishitha
Madhu: ishu did u c ruhi anywer
She gts shocked bt lies 2 her so dat she doesnt gt wried
Ishitha: ha amma i saw her wid mummyji
Madhu: ok ill go
Ishitha: no no amma ill go to her actually her teacher called me regarding sm project work and all u dnt wry na ill go
Madhu: tk
She also leaves
Den meanwhile toshiji also cms
Toshiji: oi ishitha puttar werz ruhi
Ishitha gts double shocked at da same time raman also
Ishitha lies 2 her so dat she doesnt wry
Ishitha: ha mumyji she is wid amma i ws gng 2 her only y anythng imp
Toshiji: ha ishitha dis is her bracelet once giv dis 2 her na
Ishitha: ok mummyji
She leaves
Both ishitha and raman strt worrying
Der abhishek gts a wrng call
Abhishek: hello
Person: hello acp saab how r u
Abhishek: who r u
Person: looks lik u frgt me
Abhishek: hey stp ur drama and temme who u r
Person: find me if u cn bt c der ur ishithaji and raman r worried abt smthng
Abhishek: wat how do u know
Person: ha go and c in wat situation dey r
Saying dis he cuts da call
Abhishek: hello hello damn it
Meamwhile raman and ishitha cm der
Ishitha: abhishek abhishek did u c ruhi anywer shez no wer 2 b seen
Abhishek: no ishithaji i didnt c her wait 1 sec wer u searching fr her bfor
Raman: ha y
Abhishek tells dem abt da call
Raman: abhishek i think she is in sm danger
Ishitha: wat bt
She bursts into tears
Raman consoles her
Abhishek: raman 1st wait ill search fr dis no in true caller
Saying dis he gts down into work
He searches fr dis no in true caller and is shocked
Abhishek: wat omg
Ishitha: wat hppnd abhishek
He shows dem da phone
Raman: wat
Sim is on Ashok Khanna’s name
Ishitha: wat ashok khanna?? Howzz he bac

she gts worried

raman: dnt wry ishitha ill bring ruhi back and as u guyz r wid me ill b successful
Precap: all da 3 gt wried fr ruhi

Credit: ananya

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