Hi evry1
Shagun and Ishitha hav a chat wid abhishek aand mihika tries to take phone bt dey dnt giv her a chance

Scene 2
At da sangeet hall
Raman cms and doesnt find any1 der(bala, romi, prateek, manoj)
He smiles and goes upstairs

Scene 3
evry1 is relaxing in da hall
Toshiji: oi neelu bring water and chai fr all of us
Neelu: ji mummiji abhi aai
Meanwhile vishwa and bhallaji gt ready to go out
Toshiji: wer r u both gng??
Dey blabber and bluff
Vishwa: bhabhiji v r gng 2 gt sm sweets as der is dey qa shortage vll b bc
Ishitha senses smtng wrong
Evn shagun also
Both of dem call raman and manoj respectivley
Dey dnt lift da phone
Dey sense smthng wrong
Scene 3
Bhallaji and vishwa reach da venue and go to a room
Dey c abhishek and co drinking and dey join dem

Here ishitha and shagun follow dem
Dey disguise demselves as waitresses and take food to serve dem and r shocked to c dem drinking and celebrating
Dey click pics of dem secrectly and share dem in their family’s group in whatsapp.
All men dnt observe as dey hv no connection to internet (wifi is nt der and data connection is also nt der)
All of dem gt angry
Dis time dey finish their bachelor’s party fastly nt like bfore (romika’s marriage)
Dey all cm home
Meanwhile ladies disscuss their plans and punishments
All da ladies gt ready wid sauce pans, pans, tawas etc
Wen dey cm home automatically wifi gts connected na so dey receive sm msgs in whatsapp and dey r shocked 2 c their pics drinking and partying
There abhishek also sees des msgs and thinks omg am saved thank god
Bt as a part of their plan neelu goes their 2 punish him (mihika cant go and meet him na dats y)
Here in bhalla’s house
All des gt ready 2 beat dem and evry1 gts 1 beating
Their at da same time neelu foes der
Abhishek: arre neelu u here??(confused)
Neelu: saab pls forgive me mummyji told me 2 go to ur house and give u also a punishment
And takes out a pan to beat him
Abhishek: wattttt wait dnt take such drastic steps ill call auntyji and ask once omg
He calls and ishitha pics up
Ishitha: hello
Abhishek: hhhhheeee ee ll lll oo ishithaji
Ishitha: hi abhishek did u recieve ur punishment
Abhishek: hello hello hello ishithaji no signals here will call u later bye
Den ishitha calls neelu and asks her to put phone on speaker
Ishitha: hello acp how a u now i think my voice us audible right once u help neelu 2 on skhpe na pl
He does da same
He is shocked to c da situation der
All da men are taking rounds in da hall
Abhishek: omg ishithaji whats dis look at raman poor guy nt evn sparing ur husband
Ishitha: no partiality in punishing u men and now u also shld do da same and ill c dis here
Abhishek: wat no no pls ishithaji spare me
Ishitha: na na na na na naa neelu u 1st beat him one
She does da same in hesitation
Neelu: pls saab mujhe maaf kardena
He stares at her
Den he strts taking rounds in his hall
After smtime dey gt permission 2 stp
Dey di da same
All of dem share a lighter moment
Evryones is hppy

Its evng and evry1 r present at da venue
Sangeet strts
1st kids give a performance on indiawaale
(Ruhi adi shravan and co dancers)
Next ishra give a performance on manwalaage
Den romika on tu tu tu meri frm bang bang
Den all da women giv a performance on radha song
Den all men on lungi dance
Next bala and vandu on soooraj doobah
Now simmi and prateek on badtameez dil
And den toshiji and bhallaji madhu and vishwa gv a group performance on tujhe dekha frm DILWAALE DULHANIYA LEJAAYENGE (Actually its funny and slow)
Den again ishitha and shagun gv a performance on pinga ga pori
One as deepika and one as priyanka
Den manoj and shagun on 1234 gt on da dance floor
Den atlast abhika on tum:)hi:)ho:)
Its a slow salsa performance with intensity
Gd chemistry is added point. It lasts fr 2mins bt dey civer up da entire song wid editings in da middle
Finally sangeet performances cm 2 an end and all of dem go 2 hv food
Meanwhile abhishek finds time 2 talk wid mihika
Abhishek: u kno wat hppnd 2day
Mihika: no i dnt kno
Abhishek: ok listen ill tell u
Mihika: ok temme im listening
Abhishek: 2day v celebrated bachelors party ur ishu akka and shagun saw us and gv us a punishment:(
Meanwhile ishitha cms
Mihika: akka y did u gv such a small punishment 2 dem u shld hv given dem a big one na akka
Ishitha: hmm i ws also thinking da same bt leave it cm lets go and hv dinner
Mihika: ha akka u go vll cm
She leaves
Abhishek: wat u didnt expect such a reaction frm u mihika
Mihika: hmm b habituated fr such kinda shocks ok now lets go and hv dinner
Abhishek: ok bt pls giv me a kiss na
Mihika:oh no abhishek r u in ur senses omg evry1 r present here and ur asking fr a kiss no nt now cm lets go and she strts leaving
He grabs her hand and goes close 2 her
Mihika: no mr acp nt now
Abhika: yes miss mihika iyer right now
He goes close 2 her
Jus den vandu cms and says
Vandu: bhai control
Abhishek cms bac and sees around he spots vandu
Mihika: ha akka lets go am hungry
Vandu smiles both of dem go
Abhishek regrets fr missing a golden chance

Precap: abhishek gts sm warng calls

Credit: ananya

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    1. Tq ruhanika actually am a scl gng student so hv 2 concentrate on studies na dats y

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    So irregular
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