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mihika’s wedding preperations begin
iyer’s house
ishitha is taking care of da flower decoration
raman cms
raman: ishitha wer r da sweet boxes
madhu: i dnt kno raman once ask amma she kept dem smwer
Meanwhile amma cms
He asks her da same and she replies dat dey r in da storeroom
He goes
meanwhile toshiji cms der
Toshiji: ishitha after da decoration cmplts here jus send dem der also
ishitha: ok mummyji bt y
toshiji: oi mihika is my daughter also and moreovr dis rime we r frm da groom’s side
madhu: ok santoshi ur wish
meanwhile all da decorations and arrangements r taken care
ishitha: amma v hv 2 change da flowers evryday fr 3 days ami right
Madhu: ha ishu today is sangeet den tmrw and day after tmrw sm small rituals and marriage repectively

Ishitha: ok amma
she den sends da decorator 2 da bhalla house
Jus den shagun cms and says she also wants 2 do smthng
ishitha: shagun u 1st rest dats gd fr u or jus superwise da thngs
By da way wer is manoj
shagun: he bala romi and prateek went to da sangeet hall to check da arrangements ovr der
ishitha: oh ok and wer is our hero
shagun: he is on da way mummyji said dat he will b frm their side so she told him 2 cm der
ishitha: wer r da kids????
Shagun: sarika is der wid dem
ishitha: i js dnt hv dis much confidence also on dat lady 1st she killed our rinki jus 2 hide her secret now dnt kno wat she will do
shagun: ur thnkng wrong abt her ishitha she didnt kill her its her boyfriend
Ishitha: watevr it is bt according to me its sarika so she lost dat trust it takes smtime to regain dat
shagun nods in acceptence
raman cms and says dat he will go to da sangeet venue and goes

Shagun: lets go and c wat our heroine is dng
both laugh and go
der mihika is seen talking wid abhishek
shagun pulls da phone frm her and says nana u shld nt talk or c da groom till da marriage is ovr abhishek listens dis and smile all 3 of dem hv a chat

precap: sangeet strts and abhishek and mihika giv a stunning fantabulous performance of tum hi ho

Credit to: ananya

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