hello evry1 i dnt think ur liking my ff’s so i stpd updating regularly so frm now on ill jus update it once or twice in a blue moon ok
fr u all hope u njoy dis 1 atleast dnt take my wrds in a wrong way i dnt mean 2 hurt u

previously v saw dat mihika marriage gts fixed and shagun delivers a baby girl
in hsptl ishitha goes in 2 meet shagun
ishitha gts teary eyed
ishitha: shagun tq sooooo muchhhhhh fr gvng me such a cute baby
shagun: wats der to thank in dis ishitha its urs and raman’s baby
she also gts teary eyed
both hv a cute hug emotionally
jus den raman cms in
he gts teary eyed lkng at dem
raman goes nd hugs shagun
raman: arre yaar tq soom muchhh
shagun: its ok raman i did many wrong things in da past and dis favour in return is ntg in front of dos so pls dnt embarass me by saying tq cn i c da baby once plss
ishitha: arre shagun u need nt ask lik dat
she takes da baby frm da swing and gives it 2 her
shagun: awww baby how cute congrats ishitha and raman
both smile
ishitha: shagun im hvng a surprise fr u

shagun: wat
raman: wait till its revealed surprise shld b a surprise and it shld b given at da crct time
shagun says ok
ishtiha: now u go and take rest doc said dat u will b discharged tmrw
dey go out and shagun says no shagun no its nt ur baby its raman’s and ishitha’s so pls b away frm her she will nevr b urs
she gts teary eyed lkng at her
outside ishitha is lstng to her

scene 2
manoj cms in to shagun
shagun: wow u rmbr me i thought u frgt me now ur cmg 2 me omgg u frgt me cmpltly
manoj kisses her on her forehead and says oh meri maa am sry i ws checking ur reports only ws jus seeing whether u cn b discharged or nt
shagun: oh ok den nvr mind
she is lying down on da bed and wide opens her hands he goes and falls on her hugging
she kisses him on his forehead
after smtime dey cm apart
shagun: manoj i dnt want 2 leave da baby bt wat to do its nt mine
manoj: shagun pls dnt b sad kno c u hv a chance of bcmng mom so u cn anytime so dnt wry
shagun undrstnds his intentions and blushes

scene 3
da next mrng

shagun gts ready to go home
manoj cms in and asks her whether she is ready or nt
shagun: ha ha baba am ready i want to c da baby i rmbr her so much
manoj: tk leave al dos thngs i hv a surprise fr u
shagun: ishitha also said da same wer is she
manoj: dey all went home taking da baby u jus frgt dos and sit 1st
she sits
manoj den ties a black cloth around her eyes and says u shld nt c wer v r gng
she is still thinking abt da baby
manoj takes her towards da car and makes her sit in
after smtime both cm to their home manoj makes shagun wals towards da door he opens it and den goes to a flat
he opens da door and shagun’s cloth
shagun is shocked ishitha cms frm behind and say howzz da surprise
shagun: ishitha wats dis surprise i didnt undrstnd anythng
simi says arre yaaar shagun u 1st cm in wid da baby den ull gt 2 kno abt evrythng
shagun holds da baby in her hands and is still confused
after she cms in all sit and hv chai
shagun after sm time ays: manoj lets go
simi: going bt wer???

shagun: wer means home v shld go home
sarika: ur der only no
shagun: wat
sarika: ha shagun u heard it right u will b staying here only along wid us frm 2day
ishitha: sarika is right shagun i oknow u want da baby so dats y 2day onwards u stay here only
raman: ha shagun da flat in da 1st floor is vacated jus smtime bfor so u both cn stay here and u cn meet da baby wenevr u want its urs too
shagun gtsssss soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hpppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
shagun: woooooooowwwwww tq soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and hugs ishitha and raman

ishitha: it ok shagun actually dat house ws vacated jus a few days bfore so its empty frm den it takes a lil time to clean it so till den u stay here only along wid us mayb fr 10 to 15 days
manoj: shagun howzz da surprise??? did u like it
shagun kisses him
shagun: ha i loved it literallyy tq soo much
ishitha: now pls lets go and sleep

precap: mihika’s wedding preparations begin

guys i frgt 2 tell u here prateek marries simmi

Credit to: ananya


  1. Aarti

    Hi I’m a silent reader
    I see that there are many YHM fan fictions but I only read this ff
    Please keep updating

  2. Vaish kumar

    Hi Ananya…. I really loved your ff page… I am a silent reader and had never commented before… Your’s is too good, please update us more…. πŸ™‚

  3. ok guys im sry fr nt updating regularly frm now on reallyits my promise ill difinetely update
    anyways tq soom much I didn’t expect dat ur reaction will b like dis fr my post am so hppy dat my ff is hvng many silent readers

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