Dey all go on a long drive and return home
vishwa tells all of dem to b present tmrw also as der is a surprise awaiting fr all of dem
so dey cm home and shagun, manoj & abhishek leave
evry1 go 2 their respective rooms
in all da couples’ rooms evry1 think what is dat surprise evn madhu asks vishwa wat is it he says madhu jus hv patience ull only gt 2 kno tmrw

its midnight and ishitha wakes up bt dsnt find raman beside her she goes in search of him she finds hi m sitting outside da house and is thinking smthng seriously she goes and sits bside him and asks him kf he is hvng any prob he says ntg madarasan i ws jus thnkng of da past incidents dat took place in our house strtng frm rinki’s murder den shagun’s fake death den ur master plan along wid shagun and abhishek 2 sv me frm dst brat ashok den shagun being akive and our baby also woo den immediately manoj and shagun’s marriage den niw abhishek and mihika’s problem wow sooo manyyy thngs hppnd in an yr omg ishitha says ha raman ur right sooo many thngs hppnd in our house and its time fr sm happiness and the only happiness is mihika’s marriage and our baby cmg into dis wrld raman says ha ishitha ur rightam eagerly waiting fr des thngs 2 take place ishtiha says raman y did u gt all des thoughts in ur mind suddenly?? He replies ntg madarasan actually iws nt getting sleep so i cm outside and suddenyl all des thngs stuck my mind am soo lucky 2 hv a partner lik u tq soo much ishitha fr being in my life i dnt kno wat will hpobd 2 me if u were nt der dat ashok would hv finished me by now ishitha says raman evn am lucky 2 hv u in mh life and its my duty being ur wife 2 protect u and no need to say such tqs etc etc
both of dem smile and share a lighter moment
ishitha sats am feeling sleepy lets go inside na
both if dem go in and sleep

its mrng and ishitha wakes up a bit late she goes out and sees dst evry1 is sleeping no 1 woke up so she again goes and sleeps she thinks dat evry1 myst b strained a bit so she sleeps again
after 2 grs she again wakes up and sees dat tine is 10 o clock she suddenly rmbrs abt appa’s surprise so she gts resdy fast in a jiffy and gies out to make preperations fr lunch meanwhile neelu cms and both strt preparing and after sm time evr1 wake up nd cm out she greets all of dem and neelu gives dem coffee
Meanwhile shagun manoj abhishek and the iyer’s arrive
vishwa brings a pandit ji along wid him he makes him sit and asks abhishek whether he wants 2 marry mihika or nt he readily agrees den he asks mihika da same she also agrees and blushes so he asks panditji to check a suitable date fr da marriage si he strts checking and says dat after 15 dats frm now der iput is a vry auspicious day so it cn b gd so all of dem think and happily fix dis date
pandiji leaves suddenly shagun feels sm uneasiness and bfore she realizes dat her labour pains begin dey al rush her 2 da hsptl and manoj continously holds her and dey rush her
manoj takes her inside da op theatre and all are eagerly waiting outside fr da gd news so after sm time manoj cms out and says its a baby girl evry1 hug eachotr and raman hugs ishtitha and manoj ishtiha hugs manoj and thanks him den abhishek and mihika hug each otr tightly

Precap: mihika’s wedding preperations begin and da baby is brought home

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