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Scene 1
In madhu’s room
Madhu asks vishwa wat is he saying evry1 knows dat dey like each otr even u know and u were very happy fr dem den wat hppnd to u suddenly vishwa says yes madhu ur right bt ..madhu interrupts him and says stp it vishwa enough is enough dis alliance will definetely hppn..
Outside mihika is listening to their conversation and gts teary eyed
She runs and goes to ishu

Scene 2
In ishitha’s room
Ishitha sees mihika worried
Ishitha asks mihika wat hpnd she narrates da entire incident to her she consoles her and says dnt wry I’ll talk to appa and sort out eveythng OK u go and tk rest
After she goes ishitha keeps thinking smthng den Raman comes and asks her wat da matter is she says evrythng wat mihika told her Raman says ishitha I think sm reason is surely der u don’t wry I’ll talk to him OK ishitha gets hppy and says OK tq by the way shagun and manoj r cmg fr dinner tonight Raman says OK and goes to talk to

Scene 3
Appa and Raman r seen talking
Raman asks appa y is he worried abt abhishek and mihika
Appa says no Raman actually I was da hppiest 1 abt dem BT c he is a police officer he Is very prominent among the criminals and so many criminals r hvng grudge on him now bfore marriage only mihika bcame like dis now jus think wat will hppn after marriage omg raman says appa u r wry is CRT only b c abhishek is a vry nice guy he is very intelligent and he will nt let anything happen to mihika vishwa sats yes Raman ur right may b I’m bcmng more over protective
Raman says wow appa very hppy tonight cm home fr dinner manoj and shagun r also cmg I’ll invite abhishek also if u want once talk to him and clarify all ur wries ok naa appa gts hppy

Scene 4
Raman cms to ishitha and says dat evrythng is clear appa is happy and all his worries r gone and 1 more thng pls invite also fr dinner OK ishitha gets happy and hugs him kisses him on his cheeks and says tq and runs from der
Den she calls abhishek and invites him fr dinner he tells dat he will b der

Scene 4
At night
Bhalla’s house door bell rings its shagun and manoj ishitha invites dem in evry1 greet dem dey cm and sit meanwhile iyer’s also cm along wid mihika shagun goes and hugs her she asks her howzz she she says fine much better dey sit and strt talking meanwhile our hero abhishek also cms evry1 greet him bala raman and romi manoj hug him
He sits den our heroin and hero hv an eyelock den manoj coughs intentionally to interrupt dem romi also jokes on dem
Dey all go to hv dinner and shagun feels uncomfortable bt manages
They all go out on a long drive den vishwa makes a request to all of dem. He asks all of dem to cm to their house fr lunch tmrw afternoon fr lunch as their is a surprise awaiting fr dem

Precap: vishwa tells dem smthng and dey all gt happy suddenly shagun’s labour pains strt

Credit to: ananya

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