abhigya’s love intro

Hi guys I’m hani I’m gonna write a fan fiction I hope u like it


Abhi – main role, college rockstar
Dadi – abhi and aliya’s dadi
Aliyah – sister of abhi
Purab – abhi’s best friend
Pragya – main role, beautiful girl
Tanu – pragya’s best friend
Bulbul – pragya’s sister
Purvi – best friend of bulbul and aliyah
Sarala – mom of bulbul and pragya

The episode starts with a beautiful girl doing pooja and bulbul calls di it is getting late for college and it is my first day of college I don’t want to be late. Pragya is shown and she says OK we can leave and they hug sarla and went to their college.they went to their respective classes bulbul ask aliyah and purview can I sit with u they said off course and they started talking in pragya’s class pragya sits with tanu and they started talking

Precap- abhi’s entry

I know guys this episode is very short but next episode will be little long can I continue this fan fiction

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