abhigya’s love episode 5

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Recap-everybody discussing bulbul’s bday gift


Everbody came except purab bulbul ask aliyah did he come aliyah ask who bulbul says purab aliyah says no and y r asking r u missing him and she teases her bulbul says it is not like that its cake cutting time bulbul waits for purab purvi ask for whom u r waiting for bulbul says no one pragya ask her to cut the cake bulbul cuts the cake suddenly the lights got off when its on nobody is there except bulbul bulbul shouts di aliyah tanu purvi pls don’t play with me pls come out bulbul ask pls come out suddenly purab comes and holds her hand and say I’m here

Bulbul pretends to be angry and says I’m very angry on u purab ask why bulbul says because u did not come to my bday party purab says but now I’m here….oh..wait do u miss me bulbul says me..miss..u oh its impossible purab ask really bulbul says yes purab kneels and shows a ring and ask will u marry me bulbul was surprised and says of course and hug eachother

Everybody came with clapping their hands and says congratulations to them bulbul says ok now give me my gift everybody says ok pragya gives a teddy bear bulbul says di its so beautiful and says thank u di abhi gives a bag full of cd bulbul says wow….thank u for the cd im gonna hear these songs whenever im going to sleep (bulbul is big fan of abhi as he is a rockstar in the college)abhi says i know u will like my gift tanu and nikhil gives her a beautiful neclace bulbul wow tanu its amazing aliyah and purvi gives her a dress bulbul says thank u to everybody and ask purab where is my gift he said i gave u na bulbul ask when? What is the gift? Purab says when i propose u and i gave a ring bulbul says thats not fair u have to give me another gift purab says now i dont have any gift bulbul says i need it tanu says bulbul leave it bulbul says no i need it everybody convince her and she said ok i am leaving but next time i need 3 gift purab says what? 3 gift bulbul says i need because u didnt give me gift my bday and next year u have to give me for our love anniversary and for my bday everybody laugh

next day everybody came to collage in pragya’s class abhi sits pragya and tanu sits with nikhil and in bulbul’s class bulbul sits with purab and purvi sits with aliyah


everybody are talking abhi says hey friends tomorrow is sunday so can we go to amusement park tomorrow nikhil says im not coming as i have work tanu ask y we can spend time na nikhil says no I have to go somewhere with my parents tanu says then I’m not coming pragya says I’m also not coming abhi ask why pragya says I have to study abhi ask her why r u always studying pls come purab,bulbul,aliyah and purvi ask her di pls come pragya says OK but I have to convince ma bulbul says I will convince her purab says OK u have to come to my home at morning everybody says ok


Pragya and bulbul came home and finish their dinner and went to bed bulbul ask pragya to ask pragya says areyy.. U said that u will convince her go call her bulbul says but. Pragya calls maa sarla comes and ask what happened why r u shouting bulbul says ma tomorrow we are going to amusement park sarla ask why no dont go bulbul and pragya in chorus ask y maa bulbul ask r u my real ma and emotionally blackmails sarla sarla says oh god ok u go wherever u want bulbul say thats my ma and they hug pragya ask r u my mom ? Sarla is shocked and ask y pragya says because u r not hugging me sarla smiles and hugs her

Precap- abhi and pragya shouts and hug eachother

Hope u guys like this episode and in precap why abhigya shouting stay tuned and i have a question on real kkb is abhi knows tanu is after miney or not? And thank u for reading and commenting on my fan fiction 🙂

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