abhigya’s love episode 4

I’m really very sorry for guys for uploading my ff late and I loved the fan fiction of all and hope u like this episode
Recap-abhi calls tanu and abhi to come to park

Pragya and tanu reached the park and they are waiting for them nikhil comes there and tanu and nikhil looks at each other suddenly someone holds pragya’s hand its non other than abhi she ask him to leave her hand and ask why did u brought me here he says let them talk together and don’t disturb pragya says OK and ask why did u call us here abhi says hey idiot can’t u understand nikhil gonna propose tanu pragya says ohhh……..wait did u call me idiot abhi says so what I’m right name? Pragya can u call me like that abhi ask like what pragya idiot abhi says what now u called me idiot how dare u to call the rockstar idiot pragya was something to say but abhi didn’t let her talk

Nikhil proposes tanu tanu accepted him and they ask to each other where is abhi and pragya takhil call them abhigya Stoped their fight and came abhi says so bro u have to buy me something for this pragya says me too tanu abhi says i asked first so i should get first pragya says its not fair always ladies should get first abhi says but not this time and tanu says ohh stop u r fight u r fighting like tom and jerry
Nikhil says to stop their fighting they have to be friends abhi says how can i be friend with this girl pragya says i dont wanna become friend with this boy nikhil says u have to and ask them shake their hands they shake their hands and smriked with each other

Tanu says to nikhil im so hungry come lets go to a restaurant all of them says ok they went to a restaurant waiter came says there is only 2 place abhi says tanu and nikhil u both go and sit they say but pragya says its ok go enjoy u r dinner after sometimes the waiter came and says now there are two places abhigya have dinner together takhil comes there and says we are going to spend some time so abhi leave pragya in her house abhi says OK and both says bye to them after eating they went to the car

Pragya ask is it late for u means i will go in taxi abhi says its ok we can go in my car as we are friends and not stranger
In the car abhi ask what is u r hobbies she says reading books u abhi says singing and books are always boring if i see them means i will start sleeping i think for that only u r putting chashma pragya laughs abhi ask why are u laughing pragya says nothing abhi says u r not that much irritating pragya says u too abhi think this girl is nice pragya also think abhi is very good at heart

As the days goes by abhi and pragya become best friend

Purab ask abhi first u hate her but now u r best friends abhi says first i thought she is so irritating but she is really good purab teases him the bell rangs and both went to their respected classes

In purab class

Aliyah and purvi ask what gift can we buy for her purvi says can we buy nail polishes for her aliyah says no we cant buy a make up set purab ask them what they are talking about purvi says we are talking about bulbul purab ask them what happened to her aliyah says we are planing for bulbul’s bday gift purab ask when purvi says tomorrow purab says to himself oh my god how can i forget her i have to buy her something

Pragya says to abhi,tanu and nikhil to come to bulbul’s bday party all says ok and they discuss about their gifts

Precap-rabul (purab and bulbul) hug eachother

Guys i want to know that u r liking my fan ficton or not if not i will stop writting it and guys i will post the episode on saturday,sunday,monday as im going out to a marraige and dont forget to answer my questions and thanks for supporting

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