abhigya’s love episode 3

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Recap-everybody is at canteen

Everybody finished eating and said bye to each other went to their respective class


tanu and nikhil is thinking about each other continuously and professor is teaching abhi ask nikhil hey bro what are u thinking about but nikhil didnt answer because he was lost in his thoughts abhi shooks him and ask waht are are thinking so seriously nikhil say nothing an professor caught them ask a question they didnt answer proffesor ask the question to the class nobody answer but pragya answer the question and professor makes them stand outside the class


proffesor was taking class aliyah its boring yaar lets do something get escape from this class purvi says i have one idea says the idea to bulbul aliyah and purab . aliyah and bulbul says wow its an awesome plan but purab says o girls im not coming to u r game and the girls throw paper ball on first bench (as they sits in last bench) first bench student told them to proffesor and they stand outside they have hifi

The college gets over

Pragya tanu meets bulbul,aliyah,purvi and purab pragya ask them about class they told we are outstanding students pragya says wow purab laughs and said di they are standing outside the class they are saying themselves as outstanding students pragya holds bulbul’s ears and said why are u lying bulbul says di its paining and I am not lying everybody laughs and bulbul and pragya says bye to everyone goes from thr aliyah ask where is bhai
While going pragya searches something bulbul ask what are you searching di pragya says my phone and u go and wait for taxi and bulbul says ok and leaves from there

Someone holds pragya’s hand and its no other than abhi he ask why did u said the answer pragya says I know the answer so I told the answer so what abhi ask then why professor makes me stand outside pragya says because u and nikhil were talking abhi says no its because of u pragya says what did I do have u gone mad abhi says what did u say I’m mad pragya says s u r mad and they fight someone pushes pragya and pragya have eyelock and they try to go leave but their chains stuck together and they leaves

All went to their home and pragya thinks about the fights with abhi and the eye lock abhi also thinks the same and pragya says why I’m thinking about him no I should think about him and I hate him abhi also says the same suddenly tanu calls pragya and ask her to come to her house pragya says OK

in abhi’s house nikhil came and says bro I have to u an important thing about my life abhi ask what he said I think I’m in love with tanu but don’t know how to propose her tell me some idea abhi says ask her to come somewhere and give her a rose and propose her that’s all nikhil ask him how to call her i dont have tanu’s number but i have pragya’s number and ask abhi to call him abhi says i will not call that irritating stupid girl nikhil says pls call her for me abhi says ok and its only for u r love

Pragya went to tanu’s home ask tanu why did u call me she says im gonna say u a important thing about my life pragya ask what is the matter tanu says pragya i think i love nikhil pragya say congrats and ask did he proposed u tanu says no and i want to know that he loves me or not suddenly pragyas phone rings she attends the call and pragya says hello abhi ask can u give phone to pragya pragya says areyy I’m pragya may I know who r u abhi says I’m the abhi the rock star pragya say u abhi says s me

Pragya ask why did u call me abhi meet me today 7pm at the park near the college and don’t forget to come pragya says why should I come abhi says I didn’t ask u to come alone pragya says then what abhi says come with tanu and u have to come that’s it and bye he cuts the call tanu ask what pragya says everything tanu ask y pragya says I don’t know and she thinks why abhi ask her and tanu to meet

Precap-Abi and pragya have dinner together

Guys hope u all like this episode

Credit to: hani


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