abhigya’s love episode 2

Recap-purab,aliyah,purvi and bulbul talking about their dream

At library time,
At pragya’s class, Tanu was searching something Pragya ask tanu to come to library tanu says u go and I will come aterwards pragya went to library there she hit someone and it is abhi pragya ask sorry abhi says can’t see me with this chashmish I’m coming pragya says hey I said sorry abhi said just sorry?do u know whom u hit and said u r such an irritating girl an they fight and abhi says I hate u pragya too said and they go in opposite direction

Tanu find the thing and she think oh my god pragya called me to library I have to go. She runs to library and she falls down but nikhil hold her and they have eye lock and they both fell awkward. Tanu says thank u and excuse me and she came to library and sees pragya angry
She what happen sis u look so angry pragya says everything and tanu laugh pragya im serious but u r laughing tanu says sorry

At canteen
Rabul(purab and bulbul),aliyah,purvi,tanu and pragya came to canteen and bulbul introduce everyone and ask do who is she? Pragya says she is my best friend tanu tanu says hi and they all sat on table there abhi and nikhil came aliyah says to purab that bhai came and ask them to sit with them abhi and pragya looks angry to each other tanu and nikhil looks at each other and remembers the eyelock waiter came and ask can I have the order pls everybody says the food except tanu and nikhil pragya and abhi ask them to tell but they lost in their thoughts pragya shakes tanu and ask r u OK tanu says yeah I’m fine

Precap-tanu says pragya I think I’m love with nikhil, nikhil also says same to abhi

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