abhigya’s love episode 2


Hey guyx this is me Naira, sorry for late update! But for some reasons it got late!

No no no! Mam please don’t appoint me as Abhi’s assistant for one day… Said Pragya!
Oh Pragya! You are a responsible girl, And everyone here in staff is fan of abhi, so they would just ask abhi for autograph and i guess you will take care of him! Right? No arguments, Said Principal…
Okay mam! Said pragya with sad face…
How i m gonna handle him, he is so worst singer, i mean like i hav never heard his songs, neither i have met him, i don’t know but i hate him, Oh God! What to do, i hope today’s concert ends Soon! Said pragya….

bulbul had an interview so she gave it and left the place! She would know result soon next day! …..

Okay Purab, so Concert is today Right! Said Abhi..
Yes Abhi! Said Purab
So who would be my assistant ? Asked abhi
Well i have asked principal she said she would arrange assistant who wouldn’t be your fan! Said purab
What? She won’t be my fan! That’s not possible man! Bcoz every girl has crush on me! Said Abhi
That’s why you never had girlfriend! Said purab tauntingly …
Hey purab! It isn’t like that! I have no girlfriend bcoz they are after my money, and fame, and that’s what i hate! Said Abhi
Okay I guess right? Said Purab

I have a plan, said Abhi
Plan? Asked purab
Yes you know na everytime, if any assistant is appointed to me she comes closer to me so that i could like her and then she can easily take advantage of situation…. Said Abhi
Oh i know! And that’s everytime u get these types of assistant but bhai you never had took their advantage so what’s the plan?
Asked purab
Hey listen this time…….. Everything is muted..
No no no Abhi ,you are not gonna do that! Said purab
Take a chill pill, i will take care it’s already 8 00 pm i need to leave for concert man! Byee said Abhi…
Oh no this Abhi na…. Said Purab

Hey Nikhil how are you? Where were you it’s been a month u didn’t talked to me said pragya..
Oh well busy in some work…. said Nikhil..
Personal work or related to office asked pragya…
Actu…. I mean related to…. Said nikhil
Ok i guessed it, So who is the lucky girl? Asked pragya…
U always guess right, i mean how? Said nikhil

Well 6th sense! You are my bestfriend yaar! Said pragya…
Mmmm! Said Nikhil
Okay okay will meet you tomorrow! It’s getting late, rok star must have reached byeee…. Said pragya
Okay byee. Said Nikhil!

Pre Recap: Pragya slaps Abhi and said don’t dare to touch me!

Okay so you have read this story before Am i right? Well actually Somiya! Okay guyz to be honest for this late post it that i read those 3 one shot’s written up by somiya, A promise…. Confused…. Jealousy… Then i was thinking she writes so well, i need to go through her ff as she mentioned in her ff guess me, she gave a description that she had already wrote a ff so i thought which one? Then from comments i got to know About Abgigya’s destiny! So i went through all episodes ,and they were so nice i m now her jabra fan, if somiya you are reading this, I need to praise you for such an amazing writing a ff and then those one shot’s ,after reading your all epi’s i decided to write a ff using your idea, before 26 or 25 epi’s i guess! So i thought what if i write same story but using my own words….

If you permit me then i will continue this ff, guyz if you want me to write that same ff but addition of some more scenes so you guyz can see my creativity then i will continue it, i will use idea’s, tracks, Twist’s that somiya had already written, so guyz can i continue it, i hope you guyz would enjoy it and Somiya can i use your ideas? I don’t want to steal them but use them just! So Can I? Guys? Please Answer mee!

Credit to: Naira

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  1. Superb story yar don’t wry we loved it continue and pls update nxt one too fast JM waiting pls dear

  2. pls contiune….its vry nice

  3. its dr….write ur won ideas dr….we r waiting for ur ff….

  4. Nice yaar plzzzz continue yaar v vl support u nt with a same I mean ditto just add some more twist I thk it vl grab more attention than tat I don’t convey tat if u write the same story na v won’t njoy lk tat v vl njoy bt if some more twist na it’s vl doublt treat 4 me…

  5. Hey naira I’m sure that Somiya would say yes so pls continue it its so amazing

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