abhigya’s love episode 1

thanks sharmi, Naveena, reji, cutiepie Achu, nandhini soundhar, hayathi, durga, surbhi, aishwarya, madhu, inshi, shriti, reshma pradeep and ishni thanks for supporting me friends and I forgot introduce nikhil he is best friend of abhi
Recap-pragya was talking to tanu

The episode starts with all are chatting in the class and suddenly abhi comes and everybody says wow he is so handsome good looking…etc
And he sits with nikhil. Nikhil say hi bro how are u abhi say good and the proffesor came to class and ask everybody to tell their name and ambitions nikhil says I wanna become a big producer abhi says that he wanna become a rock star tanu says I wanna become a super model pragya says I wanna become a teacher
Everybody in class laugh and says I’m so sad for the children and tease her proffesor say shut up and said we will start study and proffesor ask them to study for tomorrow oral test
at bulbul class purab come and sits with aliyah bulbul and purvi as he knows aliyah before he ask aliyah who are they and she introduce them and bulbul asked them what is their dream aliyah and purvi says I don’t know bulbul says me too and they have hifi purab says he want to have a own company

Precap-tanu fell down and nikhil holds her

Guys first im gonna unite takhil(tanu and nikhil) hope u like my 1st episode

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  1. Good start…

  2. Haha .. Unitibg them first is a gud thot .. Els she may apoil abhigyas relation 😉

  3. Nice start..

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  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice beginning………

  10. Awesome episode

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  13. nice start yaar…

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