abhigya’s destiny episode 9


Sorry guyz i know sometimes my episodes get short, just bcoz i have fracture in my arm so sorry

Episode starts with tanu and nikhil running towards restaurant ,they see eachother and tightly hug eachother, tanu confesses her love, abhi and pragya get happy and pragya says we did it! And they hud eachother Allah wariyan Plays.. Soon they break hug, tanu and nikhil come to abhigya, nikhil hugged abhi and tanu hugged pragya,tanu said thanku to pragya for making me realize about my love. Pragya says i did it bcoz i can’t see my bestfriend in pain, nikhil thanks pragya and says i have no words to say thankyou pragya, pragya says nikhil be happy, abhi says so when u people are getting married, tanu says soon! Nikhil says we’ll invit u, pragya says oh so my bestfriend would give me invitation , i don’t need invitation as without me how would u marry? All laugh and nikhil says fine i won’t invite u, pragya says thats great, nikhil asks tanu for long drive tanu agrees and they both leave, abhi says so pragya are u happy,

pragya says very much, and sees stall of ice cream, and asks abhi can we go there , abhi says surely. They both eat ice cream, abhi asks pragya can we take selfies! Pragya says oh selfie lover okay, abhigya make funny faces and takes selfies, suddenly abhi gets call and gets tensed, pragya says is everything fine? Abhi tells her that today it is my concert, and i forgot it now how would i comprise a song in 3 hours, pragya says 3 hours is much time, you can do it abhi says its impossible pragya says nothing is impossible, just feel ur heart beat and think of the person whom u are attracted to u would get song, abhi gets happy hearing it and says thankyou pragya i wilp ho to studio and would comprise a song, pragya says that’s good. Abhi asks pragya will she come at Concert, pragya says yeah! Abhi gets happy

At studio abhi can’t comprise a song soon he thinks of pragya’s words and comprises a song Jeena Jeena which is actually written by atif aslam but as in show this song is comprised by abhi.. While comprising this song abhi continuously was thinking about pragya..

Its 8 pm bulbul gets ready for party. Purab is stunned to see bulbul as bulbul is looking damn awesome, bulbul asks purab sir can we go, purab says yes afcoarse but plz don’t call me sir bulbul says okay purab… Sir and laughs purab says ughhhhhh

Its concert time and abhi is waiting for pragya, concert starts and at same time pragya arrives and waves hand for abhi, abhi lookst her and gets happy ,abhi starts to sing song jeena jeena
Hmm hmm …
Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rake hain tunay kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di meray hum dum
Haan seekha main nay jeena jeena kaisay jeena
Haan seekha main nay jeena mere humdam…
Jo tu mila to saji hain
Duniya meri hhumdum
O asmaan mila zameen ko mmeri
Aadhay aadhay puray hain hum..
Hmm hmmm (guyz this is half of the song)

Pragya similes and says how creative is he, soon concert ends abhi goes to his vanity and asks pragya to come there. But pragya refuses as what will every bidy think, abhi understands and with pragya he walks to garden, pragya says wow !how creative u are u made this beautiful song in just 3 hours,.abhi says its only bcoz of u as ur words were being repeated in my mind, pragya says wow! But can i ask u something, abhi says surely , pragya asks if u r in love with some one , abhi says no! Pragya says actually this song, jeena jeena when i heard it i thought u wrote this song thinking about the person whom u love, whom u were thinking of when writing this song? Abhi says u , pragya says What, abhi changes his scentence and says u were looking fabulous in saree, pragya says oh thankyou, pragya says its late so i must go!

Abhi says i will drop u , pragya says no needi will go by myself .abhi says fine , pragya leaves she was searching for auto but there was no auto, some boys were on bike and started chasing pragya, pragya got afraid but she managed to run soon the boys made circle around pragya and said hey beautifull, come we will drop u home, pragya says leave me , a goon holded pragya’s hand ,and some one holded the neck of the goon, it was non other than abhi, abhi beated all the goons, all goons ran away , abhi aksed prargya if she is fine ,pragya says yes i m fine and sees abhi’s hand bleeding, she said abhi what was the need of fighting with goons see ur hand is bleeding abhi said but they were chasing u, pragya said aren’t u feeling pain, ur hand is bleeding so much, abhi says its okay, but pragya tore down her dupata and folded it on abhis hand, abhi smiled, abhi said pragya , com’on let’s go Home ,pragya said she will go herself abhi said no, i will drop u ,come and sit in car or else ur lovers would again chase u pragya laughs and says okay..

Purab and bulbul are at party, couple dance is announced , purab asks bulbul for dance but anusha(purabs friend) holds purabs hand and take him to stage for dance , bulbul gets angry and leaves party, after dance purab comes out and sees bulbul crying, he goes to her and says if everything is fine , bulbul says how much u hurted me and u are asking me am i fine, Purab says what and when did i hurted u? Bulbul thinks to herslef what has happenend to me why am i crying? Purab says bulbul will u tell me, bulbul says she was joking and see ur face hahaha purab says bulbul this wasn’t the thing to be made fun of , bulbul says sorry, purab says to do hell with ur sorry, bulbul says sorry purab, purab gets happy hearing his name and says it’s okay .

At sarlas home: pragya says to her self why i m getting so much attached towards abhi, she says if i love abhi, but says no i dont love abhi, abhi is my friend just as nikhil is , i shouldn’t spent much time with him..

Pre recap: alia shouts theif theif theif. Theif
Collides with pragya..

Credit to: somiya

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  1. nice episode soumiya keep it up write in both lang

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    cute episode

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    1. It would be more intresting if u guyz would support me

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    It’s Awesome yaar…..plzz continue it….&Take care for ur arms also…..Get well soonnnnnnnnn….

  6. Gud gud ..

  7. WOW Nice and get well soon

  8. It’s superb n cute episode n abhigya relation s sooooo cute thn 1st take care ur arms n gell well soon somiya… Ur ff s quiet interesting n nice

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