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Episode starts with pragya waking up and saying oh god its 11 am, how. Can she sleep that much! And says thank god today college is off as its Saturday.surla calls pragya, pragya jumps of the bed and gets ready, surla says she is missing bulbul, pragya tells her not to worry and calls bulbul, bulbul picks up the phone and says di i m missing u very much pragya jokes and says but i m not missing u, surla takes phone from pragya and says to bulbul i m missing u very much, bulbul says maa i will come next day, surla says fine. And call ends.

Purab says bulbul that they will go on a party which is at 8pm, bulbul says but sir i don’t have any party wear, purab says they will go and buy it, bulbul says okay!

Its Saturday every saturday pragya goes to mandir, she wears a pink saree and she is looking very much beautiful, she leaves for mandir, she reaches at mandir and prays to God she truns back and sees a begger shivring in cold, she wraps coat around the begger , abhi’s dadi gets hapoy seeing this and says may she get bahu like this girl.

Its 2 pm, abhi is waiting for pragya at the restaurant, and is really desperate to meet with pragya, pragya enters the restaurant and she is looking dazling in pink saaree, abhi can’t move his eyes out of pragya, pragya sits and says hi to abhi, abhi says beautiful, pragya asks what? Abhi says its beautiful day. Pragya says yes! Abhi says is today ur birthday? Pragya says no but why are u asking? Abhi says i never have seen u in saree so, Pragya says oh and jokes that she is going to marry and the family of groom is coming to her house abhi gets shocked and says what? Pragya laughs and says calm down today it’s saturday and very saturday i go to mandir and wear saree, abhi gets relief and says oh! Pragya explains plan to abhi that nikhil must be coming at any time she will act of getting closer to him and tanu would feel jealous and would confess her love, abhi says nice plan and says i have said tanu to come at 2 30 she must be coming, pragya says good! Abhi goes and sits on another table, soon nikhil arrives and pragya welcomes him, they both sit and says pragya if u have called me to talk about tanu then i m sorry as we have broke up, pragya says no!

I called u here so that we can spent time, nikhil says okay at same time tanu entrs sits with abhi, soon nikhil and tanu motice eachother, they both get emotional but control eachother! Pragya acts of coming closer to nikhil, tanu gets sad and jealous, abhi too gets jealous but controls himself, tanu asks abhi that she has to go as she has some work abhi says wait, its been 5 mins u have came and ur leaving, tanu sits down, nikhil truns his face to pragya and says pragya i have to leave but pragya hugs him, nikhil asks what happened? Abhi and tanu get jealous seeing this, tanu leaves the place, pragya breaks hug and says oh no! Our plan failed, nikhil shouts at her and says pragya plz stay away from my life, i don’t want tanu in my life and leaves the place, pragya gets teary eyed, abhi comes to pragya and says i have another plan! Pragya says what? Abhi explains his plan and pragya says cool! They both leave restaurant!

Purab and bulbul came at a shoping mall, they went to a shop, shopkeeper was showing bulbul dresses but bulbul wasn’t liking them, she liked one dress and said purab she would buy this one purab says fine but when bulbul see’s the price, and thinks to herslef this is really expensive, purab says to shopkeeper pack this, bulbul stops him saying that I don’t like this dress com’on lets go at another shop, bulbul leaves shop, purab stands confusingly he checks price tag and says oh! So this is the thing and asks shop keeper to pack it.

Abhi tells tanu that nikhil died in road accident, tanu says what when how where? Abhi answrs him that nikhil was walking on road and car hit him and he was bleeding so much that he died near the restaurant. Same thing pragya tells to nikhil, nikhil and tanu run towards restaurant.

Purab gifts bulbul, bulbul opens gift and finds thesame dress, she asks purab that why did he bought it? Purab said he bought it for his friend, bulbul says thankyou sir! Purab tells bulbul not to say me sir as we both are friends, bulbul says but.. Purab says call me by my name, bulbul says okay purab and says purab sir, purab says oh god!

Pre recap:tanu and nikhil thanks abhigya. Abhigya hugs Allah Wariyan plays

Credit to: somiya

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  1. Oh so cute and nice

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  5. awsome yaar its funny i cant control my laugh

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  8. Reshma Pradeep

    I really like ur updates….It’s Awesome…. plz continue IT…..

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