abhigya’s destiny episode 7


Bulbul follows pragya and asks if you forgave abhi, pragya says yes he is such a nice person but how u came to know that about it ,bulbul says my boss is abhi’s bestfriend and he said that abhi was really feeling bad pragya says oh! Purab asks abhi whether pragya forgave him? Abhi says yes she is a nice girl and she forgave e me !purab says bulbul was right! Bulbul and purab leaves for delhi..

Surla was massaging pragya’s hair and dadi was massaging abhi’s hair, surla was saying to pragya thar i met old lady she was very kind, she was chosing bridal wear for her bahu but still she doesn’t know who is her bahu, pragya says oh! Same thing dadi tells to abhi that i met a women she was chosing bridal wear for her daughter, but still she doesn’t know who is her daughter’s grooms. Abhi says oh! Pragya says may she find best bahu in the world, abhi says may that women find best groom for her daughter, Allah wariyan plays.. Pragya gets a call from nikhil and is shocked, she moves to her room and says how can nikhil and tanu breakup , nikhol loves tanu so much, tanu left nikhil only for money, pragya says i promise i will make tanu say I love u to nikhil..

Bulbul gives her best in meeting, evryone praises her purab gets impressed by her. Purab and bulbul were walking on road purab says so u won challenge, bulbul says yes! Purab says so we can’t be friends , bulbul says we can be and shakes hand with purab! Purab smiles and music of kabhi jo badal barsay plays..

Pragya searches for ways about how to make a girl say I love u on internet, she finds a way that’s jealousy! She says i would make tanu jealous! And would make her say I love u, pragya starts singing I love u I love u I love u and at same time abhi calls her she picksup phone and says I love u Abhi says what? Pragya gets back to her sense and says she was finding way about how to make a girl say i love u, abhi asks her why? Pragya explains everything to abhi, abhi says so tanu and nikhil love eachother and tanu never told me about it, pragya asks him ,if you will help me in my plan, abhi says surely pragya says so we’ll meet at 2pm tomorrow at same restaurant, abhi says fine. Pragya says bye and cuts call , abhi says why i felt hapoy when pragya said me I love you, pragya says why i felt happy when i said i love u to abhi, they both flashback eachother, about how abhi holded pragya, how he asked for sorry, how pragya holded his hand, they both think abiut eachother and Allah wariyan plays

Pre recap: pragya is looking dazzling in pink saree, abhi can not move his eyes from pragya

Guyz i wasn’t knowing that many of u don’t know hindi sorry. Plz do comment .and yes words limit is 800 so i can’t write more than it,

Credit to: somiya

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  1. divya chandru

    Superb episode , but its too short , waiting for next episode

  2. Ohhhh awesome

  3. Wow this ff is fantastic n interesting

  4. hi its cute and i am eagerly waiting for ur next episode.update it soon

  5. Really nice
    Pls upadte the next episode soon coz this epi was short
    As the word limit is 800words pls update the next episodes soon….
    Pls,I’m very eager to watch….
    Pls pls

  6. Thanks for accepting my request of showing pragya beautiful

    1. Thankyou i will try to post next episodes lengthy

  7. thanks, and really nice.

  8. Superb yaar plzzzz extend the episode somewhat longer n ur ff s really awesome

  9. Reshma Pradeep


  10. Yeah ! Good one…. Thanks for fully english written update…

    1. I m happy that u had no difficulty in reading my ffs plz do coment on each episode if u find difficulty in reading it

  11. somiya do one thing right in paper with big episode and attached it.

  12. Super

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