Abhigya’s destiny… Episode 64 (Second last episode)


Episode starts with bulbul and Pragya getting concious, they slowly get up, abhi helps pragya to sit calmly so does purab! Pragya says what happened? Bulbul says di as far as i remember we were at terrace then how we came here! Pragya says right bulbul, And why were we sleeping? Abhi says Oh madam u were in unconscious state! Bulbul says what di are u alright? How you became unconscious, Pragya was about to speak, just then purab intrupted and said Bulbul not only di but you too were in unconscious state, pragya says what? Why? How? Abhi says calm down pragya, in this situation u shouldn’t behave like this, Bulbul and pragya got confused! Bulbul said situation? Purab sayd yes so from today u need to be carefull, Abhi says yes pragya you also should be careful, Pragya says but why? Purab says di a guest is coming after 9 months, Abhi says not 1 guest but 2 guests are coming after 9 month! Bulbul and pragya looked eachother confusingly, Pragya says if guests are coming after 9 month why are u telling us now? Abhi and purab laughed! Bulbul says don’t confuse us tell na! Abhi says arey okay i will give you hints just guess who is coming? Pragya says fine! Abhi says he is coming, who comes after the marriage! Bulbul sayd what? I didn’t understood, purab says arey he is coming who gives another beautiful relation to a woman and man who have married! Pragya says what are you saying? Abhi says He is coming who’s first cry makes Women and man happy! Bulbul says ufff jiju don’t complicate it tell us directly , purab says okay! So listen, i will whisper to your ear! Abhi whispers something to pragya, purab does same, Pragya has tears and wide smile over her face, Bulbul too has wide smile, they place their hand over their abdomen, abhi hugs pragya, purab hugs bulbul… they break hug, dadi comes to pragya and kisses her over forehead and does same with bulbul, dadi says today i m very much happy! So abhi and purab these 9 months you both have to take care of pragya and bulbul! Abhi sayd don’t worry dadi, in these 9 months i won’t go to office ,purab sayd mee too, Dadi says very funny, no need ! Pragya and bulbul giggle!

With outermost care, 3 months went….

Abhi cared for pragya, Pragya as usuall was with books, she looked around room and everything she found was boring just then bulbul came inn, bulbul says diii! Pragya says bulbul! Bulbul sayd dii i want to eat something spicy! Pragya says mee too! They passed a smile and got up and went to kitchen!

Annnn bad luck mitali bhabhi was there! Mitali had knife in her hand as she was cutting vegies, she saw pragya and bulbul entering kitchen, she went towards door of kitchen and blocked their way! Bulbul and pragya looked at eachother and said shit (gayee bhens paani mein) pragya smiled, so did Bulbul, mitali smiled and sighs them why are you here? (through eyebrows) bulbul smiled and said mitali bhabhi you are so sweet na! Pragya says yes day by day you are getting younger! Bulbul says dii see how much her skin is glowing, mitali says thanks! But your these ideas won’t work here! Pragya and bulbul made a sad pout face, mitali says this would also not work here, pragya says bhabhi we want to eat something spicy, Mitali says i was making bitter gourd for you, if you wanna eat something spicy then fine i will add lil amoumt to spice over it! Pragya and bulbul acted as to vomit! Pragya made a weird face and said bitter gourd? Bulbul says yewww! Make something else! Mitali says no way dadi has instructed me! Pragya says no bhabhi i won’t eat! Dadi comes from behind and twisted ears of both girls! Dadi asked who won’t eat bitter guord! Pragya sayd dadi it tastes sour! Bitter! Bulbul says make something else na plzzzz! Dadi says no, it is decided per menu of sunday! Sunday is bitter gourd day! Pragya says dadiiii…. Dadi says go and take rest! Bulbul went to her room! Pragya to hers…

Pragya took abhi’s guitar, and was upset! Abhi entered room and says boring day it was, pragya says you are back, i missed you! Abhi says seriously? I mean i went to meet sponsors and its been 2 hours and you were missing me! Pragya gives angry look and said okay i wasn’t! Abhi said i was joking yaar don’t get angry or else my baby will also be become a baloon like you! Pragya says so u mean i look like balloon! Abhi says afcoarse fuggy! Pragya says then you look like a bitter gourd! Abhi said now i understand it is bitter gourd day today! Pragya nods! Abhi says i can’t do anything! Pragya says i know! Abhi keeps his places his head over pragya’s tummy, abhi said congratz pragya she is a girl! Pragya says how you knew? Abhi says 6th sense! Pragya says very funny what if it’s a boy? Abhi says I m 100% sure she is a girl! Pragya says okay okay we will see! Abhi says Yes!…

And Two months passed, it was 5th month!…

Pragya slowly was coming down, abhi saw her and rushed to help her! Bulbul was sitting over sofa in tv hall! Pragya went to sit with her, gossips of ladies continued, abhi was busy with purab, dadi with dasi! Bunty with bubbly just then suresh came, Abhi saw him and hugged him! Suresh greeted everybody! Suresh said congratz abhi purab! Abhi says thanks dude! Suresh says pragya what you want a boy or girl? Pragya says it depands whom had God chosen for me! Suresh says right! Just then suresh, abhi and purab were talking about officiall work, mitali joined bulbul and pragya! Again some one enterd, oh nooooo she is tanu! Pragya saw her, she got up and was about to go to her room, tanu stopped her and said pragya sorry for what i had done! Please i have came here to ask for apology i know i don’t deserve but please forgive me! Abhi, dadi, dasi, suresh please all of you forgive mee! Please i m doing this for my child believe me pragya! Pragya saw tanu guilty and wiped her tears, pragya said it’s okay tanu! Abhi said pragya is right! If you are doing this for your child then i also forgive you! Suresh said abhi i m leaving, tanu went and hugged suresh, she said suresh please i m sorry, don’t leave me and my child alone! I know i was selfish, greedy, but i have realized the feeling of love and I love you please suresh! I don’t want my child to hate me, i could not become a perfect girlfriend, and i don’t deserve your love, but this child deserves! A perfect mother and a love from father! Suresh hugged tanu back and said I love you tooo! Pragya smiled and holded abhi’s hand tightly…. Screen freezed…

Pre recap : Doctor says Sorry Mr abhi we couldn’t save your child!

Okay guyz so that’s my second last episode, may be not intresting but tomorrow you will read a situation from which i went through when i was born!

Thanks guyz for the support but some of you need abhigya’s destiny second season! Some of you want me to continue this ff for some episodes, some of you want me to start writing a new ff! So guyz first i was confused ,whether to start new ff or not but as i saw your comments they motivated me, i have decided to write another ff, but i will start writing it in 1st or 2nd week, and as you know study comes first if i will start new ff now then i won’t be able to upload it regularly but in may i would be able so that’s why i would start it in 1st or 2nd week of may!


Credit to: Somiya

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  1. Interesting
    Hope for a happy ending……

    1. Thanks aiswarya! surely

  2. Write season 2 plz. Write it with the kids plzz

    1. I have another idea kristy…….. Thanks

  3. somiya..so u r going to end the ff……i will really miss ur ff…if possible plz come up with another one…as ur ff is really amazing…All the best and congrats for the successful completn…of a wonderful ff…

    1. Thank you so much Aarthi and yes i will be back with another ff

  4. Superb somiya
    But hope u give a happy ending…

    1. of coarse Ammu! Thanks

  5. Superb yàar bt don’t give any sad news yaar olzzzzz end with happy happy happy ending plzzzz yaar bcoz precap…

    1. haha durga 😀 u better wait for next episode … It has happy ending!

  6. super sowmi.but precap is little confused

    1. 😀 oh Thanks darshmi ….wait for next one

  7. Somiya all the best for your studies and it was on whole a wonderful experience reading ur ff so far and hope to read the nxt one soon…I will badly miss ur ff but it’s ok i am waiting for ur nxt one. Come back with a bang and i read ur reply to my comment in my ff. I replied u there but not sure whether u had seen it there so i just tell here. World is so small right? Who knows in future we shall meet in person! By the way I do visit India at times and why not meet up when i visit the nxt time? Haha just felt like telling….

    1. Just felt like telling to someone like u who consider me as ur sis!??

      1. Maya i do read your replies! That’s not possible bcoz I m not from india 😉 Well thanks ,

      2. Oh really then where u from? I thought u were frm India.

      3. Ok but anyways wherever u are I just wish happines and prosperity to u as u deserve it by giving all of us an awesome ff!!?

      4. So sweet of you….I wish same for you dear! And yes I m from pakistan! ?? ..

      5. Thank u for the wishes too and btw i like pakistani dramas a lot… like humsafar and zindagi gulzar hai. I used to watch them in youtube. Don’t know how i end up watching them i think i was watching some hindi dramas during my long holiday of 6 months! And then i clicked the suggested videos that had one of the serials and from the name i thought it was some hindi show. But i really liked the way of screenplay and ended up watching all the episodes in one go. I did got scolding from my mum to be hooked up to my laptop but i just ignored her scolding…. Thank god the shows had subtitles if not it would have been difficult for me to understand. Ok sorry for the unnecesary talk as I have no mood to study alrdy. I guess i study too much alrdy and just want to relax now so thats y i am blabbering here?

      6. Haha that’s perfectly fine! Well i hav never watched any pakistani drama, its so becoz i was never interested in watching tv, Kkb is first show i m watching and As for zindagy gulzaar h, i have watched it and it’s a great show! I m too blabbering ??? hehehe

      7. Same here i also dont have any hindi channels here. So once my indian classmate suggested me to watch iss pyar ko… and thats when i started to watch hindi shows like iss pyaar ko kya naam doon and from there only i started to watch…. and some how crossed the borders… its nice to watch light hearted feel good or meaningful dramas but they shouldnt be dragging the plot…… ok bye for now. Although my heart is saying relax and be chill but mind ask me to keep on go and study. Gonna be killer paper tmrw and all my classmates have alrdy said the statement many times….. I think i will either kill the paper tmrw or the paper will kill me!!! Either one of it will happen for sure Haha ?

    2. then for sure you will kill the paper….. Best of luck 😉

      1. Sadly no Somiya it killed me miserably. Not only me but almost everyone from my course…. But anyways i am not caring abt it now. I am fed up of thinking too much for the past few days. It only made me sleepless….

  8. Superbbbbbbbb…….??????????????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺???????????????????????????????????

    1. 😀 thankssssssssss no thanksssssssssss 😛 lol

  9. di are you leaving…please don’t go…start a new one..please…for me ..

    1. Of coarse aditi! i will be back with new one but after 1 or 2 weeks… Thanks

  10. awesome somiya somiya jana nhi jana nhi humeine chod ke humeine chod ke somiya jiya wada nibhana aana tum naye ff ke saath
    wapas toh aajanana naye ff ke saath
    phir toh gaye saath saath. I try my best tu write this song I hope like it. & today episode was superb duperb hit outstanding mind blowing. & percap I think that happened with u when your mother giving birth to u I think plz dont mind I just say coz u only u say that what situation u was born anyways today episode was superbb funny

    1. yes shiriti you are right! it happened to me that’s why i m adding it in ff 😀 my mom actually told me! And thanks for the song i liked it and surely m nibhaoongy wada 😀

  11. Areeyy anzu late comment ke liye mujhe maaf karo…. somiya do ur studies…mein tumhaare nayi ff ke liye intezaar kar rahe hoon….aur haan tumhaare ff I will miss so badly…agar tum meri comment ke baare mai koi gussa hai…mujhe ek tang thappad de na…and pls come back with ur new ff…luv u somu my friend miss u anzu…

    1. And I have a question…agar tum pakistani ho. ..mujhe lagta hai ki tum Muslim hoon…am i right…kyunki mein be Muslim hoon…meri mumma..tamil hoon…aur meri papa hindi hoon…so i am both tamil and hindi..

      1. Yes reji, i m muslim! And i m glad you too! ?? that’s great! And yes i was waiting for your comment! And wow hindi and tamil both… That’s cool!

      2. So I got someone from Pakistan here..somiya I am also from Pakistan…

      3. Wow abhigya! I didn’t knew! From which part of pakistan are you! That’s so great!

  12. 2day episode was super.. hope 4 the happy ending…waiting for ur new ff

    1. Thanks vigan! 😀

  13. This episode I loved it amazing one request can u start a new ff after this.

    1. Of Coarse sharaya 😀 Thanks

  14. somiya haah tera second last episode pata nahi mai khud ko kaise control karoongi yr jab tu ise end karegi kyuki ek yehi ff maine shuru se aur poori shiddat se padha hai ar jab koi favrioute cheez khatam hoti hai to paya hai na kaisa lagta hai pata nahi mai kaise kya karne wali hoon aj waisey hi man bhari sa ho raha hai aur upar se ye khyal ki tu is ff ko end kar rahi hai waisey aj ki tareef me lafz kam hai mere paas kyuki tujhme humour badhiya hai kisi bhi situation me daal deti hai mai dilougue imagine karke itna hasti hoon ar pata hai jab aai saheb ko batati hun na tab wo bhi has jati hai kabhi kabhi fir kehti hai ho gaya tumhara ya aur baki hai seriously aj mai kucch nahi bol paa rahi hoon yr pata nahi kyu so aj itna hi kaam chala le

    1. hahahaha surbhi 😛 theek h isee say kaam chala liya

  15. Somi dr what else I want to say u always rockzzz love you dr but this gonna end na feel bad but u will back na that makes me happy and all the best for next ff….eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. so sweet of nive 😀 No thanks 😛 or else you will kill me for sure

      1. Ahaan yes definitely I will..??

  16. s ur right surbhi di sach kahu na mein khud hi imagine karte thi matlab ki woh likhti aur last ko percap deti toh mein uss hisaab se story banati khud hi abhi pragya banati aur dialogue bolti kkb yeh meri first romantic serial hai first mein ek hi channel dekti sab tv par ka tarak mehta ka oltha chashma but real aur reel kkb ne mujhe sach me pagal aur crazy banaya hai I wish yeh pagalpanti meri dur ho zaaye

    1. zaroor shriti tumharee pagalpanti actually m mein bhi aisy hee hun 😛 hahaha And yes tarak mehta ka ooltah chashma mera fav show h 😀

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