Abhigya’s destiny episode 63


Guyz it’s 7 30 here i don’t know when is telly updates gonna post it, so we shall ger back to story…..

Pragya came into room with a bright smilShe widewidely opened her arms, and began to run here and there, she said yes i m freee today from all sorrows, tears! Grief that had bounded me! I m freee, she jumped over bed, she was continuously jumping in happiness, the edge of bed came she was about to fall, abhi holded her, she kissed abhi’s cheeks, oh God this time abhi was blushing, haha, abhi said fuggy i think u have got mad! Pragya again kissed him over cheeks and said thank youuuuu! Abhi said okay okay, now act like normal persons or people will get you into mantle Asylum thinking that you are abnormal! Pragya says let them think, i love being abnormal! Abhi says and i love you! Pragya says is it so! Abhi said pragya this 1 month, what i did! Pragya cuts him off and says Uff forget it, abhi said sorr…. Pragya cuts him ,she joins her hands, and says please forget it… Abhi said okay baba!

Abhi said pragya i have got something for you! Pragya says really? Abhi said yes, close your eyes! Pragya says okay ! After 2 min abhi came and asked her to open! Pragya opened her eyes and was happy to see 2 packs of kit kat! Pragya says my favourite……. Abhi says i know, pragya says give them to me! Abhi said at one condition! Pragya says which! Abhi said you took my name when u said I love you to me, so again! Pragya says u mean i should say I love you again! Okay I love youu, now give me my kit Kat! Abhi said i want to hear my name, call me again with my name! Pragya hesitates and says see at that time i was happy that’s why, abhi says so currently you are sad? Pragya says no but… Abhi gives angry look and turns, pragya whispers to abhi….. Mujhe chocolate dieejyea abhi…. Abhi got happy,she took chocolate and translated it in english, pragya said i didn’t took your name I said Give me chocolates now, abhi said what this is cheating, pragya laughs and leaves…. Abhi smiles…..

It was next day:

Bulbul said pragya di, today laxmi didn’t came and now we have to wash clothes, pragya says what’s big deal in it? Com’on, bulbul said See it’s so much hot outside i can’t, pragya says okay i will go and wash! Bulbul says ufff di, okay i will also help you! Pragya smiles, they were going and on the way, pragya bumped into abhi, she said ouch! Abhi said pragya how many times i have asked you to walk by your eyes opened! Pragya says it would be better if you will follow that too bcoz we can’t clap with one hand (taali ek haath say bhi bajtii) bulbul says enough, don’t start your nok jhok, di come let’s go! Abhi said where are you going? Pragya says laxmi hasn’t came so we are going to wash clothes, abhi said it’s so much hot today, you are not going anywhere,pragya said i didn’t asked you but telling you that i m going, bulbul said abhi jiju nothing will happen to your beloved wife, i will protect her like shield! Pragya says dramebaaz, abhi giggles and says okay!

Time passed it was evening, still pragya and bulbul didn’t came to their room so purab and abhi came out of room, they were coming from opposite directions, they didn’t saw eachother and they bumped, purab fell over abhi, guyz they fell over eachother but it doesn’t mean that they will share eyelock, hehe…. Abhi said mottay(fatty) get up, purab got up and said sorry bhai, abhi stood and said u broke my bones, that’s how much u have got fat, purab says very funny, i m not fat, abhi said after all truth is truth dude! Purab says abhi leave it tell me, is bulbyl with pragya di, abhi said yes! But they went at terrace to wash clothes, still they havn’t came back! Purab says so let’s go at terrace, they left…

They reached terrace, purab said bulbul, where are you….. Abhi said in low voice Fuggy O fuggy, where are you! The didn’t got response, they turned back and saw both of them laying on floor unconsciously, they got panicked….

Doctor asked all family members to wait outside, abhi and purab were waiting outside and were tensed, abhi said i told pragya not to go, it’s hot outside but she….. Purab said this girl na have troubled me, she never listens to me, bulbul…… Doctor came out abhi and purab asked doctor what happened how are they, tell…. Doctor said don’t worry, it’s a good news…. Abhi and purab stood confusingly, Doctor said both are pregnant, abhi’s eyes filled up with tears so of purab’s, they unknowingly hugged doctor, They rushingly went in, but both pragya and bulbul were in unconscious state, Doctor came in and said after 5 min they will gain concious, these are some tests, you have to visit hospital tomorrow, abhi said thank you doctor, dadi said Thank God today my wish got completed….. Abhi and purab smiled and hugged eachother… Screen freezed….

Pre recap: Purab said bulbul new guest is coming after 9 months, bulbul was confused, pragya said if guest is coming after 9 months then why are you telling us now… Abhi laughed…. Bulbul and pragya got more confused…

Sana : don’t say sorry dear, i wasn’t sad over your comment please i hate sorry’s ???? be happy dude! See now i have called you dude so in that case u have to follow Law pf Friendship….

Shriti dear u can call me Miss sorry i won’t mind, hehe bcoz i have 100 of irritating names, lol so you can!

Okay now guyz i wanna share with you all something, in this case i have got full support from Nivethetha and surbhi! It was hard convincing them, but they agreed now guyz… Listen,

Everything has end, like childhood, adulthood, everything has an end, and sometimes its better if things end at right time! Okay without getting much deeper i wanna say you all one thing….


Please guyz before getting sad or angry, listen to me, My ff’s motive was destiny of abhigya where they fully accept eachother, with all mistakes, so they did accept eachother, now dragging this more to 100 episodes or 1000 would be useless, sometimes its better for some stories to end at right time or else they lose the charm, this day i m not blackmailing you to comment or else i will not upload, i have no complain regarding those beautiful comments guyz seriously ..this time i should focus more on my studies,It was December winter vacation, when i came to know about this website, i started writing ff thinking that i would end it by 10 epi’s but this got to extanded to 63 episodes, i m much happy that i wrote so much! I got so much lovely, impressive, comments! In school days i was bad at making any fiction stories ,but this fiction…. Oh i don’t know how i did it, guyz This ff was just a break ,now i should focus on my studies! If any of you here is silent reader! Please do comment today on this episode, tell me what were my mistakes! What was best part etc…. Guyz please do support me! Don’t ask me to continue this ff, if i will then this Story would lose it’s charm….

Please do comment and tell me how u find my ff, gud boring or what? Just do comment today if you are following my episode…. If i will find many people supporting me, i will surely start writing new FF but in may, bcoz i don’t want to disturb my studies and that’s it, Sorry… Thanks…. Call me Miss Sorry or Miss thanks, but please comment and do tell me, whar you think about my ff! I hope you guyz understood that i m gonna end this by 65th episode and this time I m strongly determined about it… So guyz Do support, if you won’t i will have guilt that i didn’t continued my ff, its just bcoz of studies and nothing else… And that’s the main reason for which I m ending my ff, second main reason is if i will drag it further it will lose its charm, third main reason is I m fed up of name abhigya, in our ff we show their love, care for eachother but in real Kkb, they even don’t trust eachother, well leave it i don’t wanna spoil someone’s mood! That’s it guyz…. Hope you guyz i would support me and I promise if u guyz would then i surely would start a new ff as nasima asked me if u have story for my next ff or not! I do have ! But i will start if you guyz want! So thanks…. Sorry…

And thanks multiplied by 10000000000000000000,sorry multiplied by 10000000000…. Okay guys bye…. Bye….

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. today’s epi was awesome.thanks for reunite them.i hope u will come with a new story same or even better then this one.good luck with ur study.

  2. Please di…don’t stop writing…I am a big fan of you…id your writings…atleast start a new one.and plse don’t say you are going to say bye to all…please start a new one which will go on up to 100… or more. .

  3. Somiya…plz continue this ff…at least for some episodes…..we really wonna miss u..and ur ff…hope u will be back with new ff..

  4. Arey…pls don’t stop now itself…pls continue…plan..pls…pls…frnd

  5. Oh no not again even tisha di tells im gonna end with 100 epi end now u r also tje same pls pls write we’ll miss ur ff

  6. Anzu tumhaari ff amazing yaar…. iss ff mujhe bahuth pasanth hai lekin mein upset hoon kyunki u r going to this ff…aur haan mein bhooli gayi thi ff writer tu hei na. …u r awesome. ..superb..I am waiting for the next episode. ..pls jaldhi se upload karo…but Anzu can u start Abhigya’s destiny season 2?? It’s my request …pls accept karo…

  7. I think Ur Decision is 100% Wright……Everything Needs an End…….& Padaayi bhi zarrori hei………Mein Simply Aisi keh rehi hoon ki matlab ye nahi hei ki Mein isse Miss nahi karungaa………..Of course………I will Miss this ff a lot……….Jab tum ye shuru ki dhi naa,Tabse mein har ek episode mein bhi comment kiya hei…..Par achanak ek din se tum ff ke saath gaayab hogayi ……Tab Meine socha dha shayad tum busy hogi…….Par thune tho nahi aaya…….Tume contact bhi nahi kar sakti dhi mein………..Aise din gayi hei,Surbhi ne apni ff se bataya ki thune apni ff chod diya Bcoz of less comments…………Mein tho uss ff ki dauraan bhi tumse continue karne keliye kaha dha……….But after sometimes, When u got back……I am sooooooo Happy…………..Pata nahi yaar kyun ye sab ab mein thumse keh rahi hoon……….OK …..Let’s leave that all……….Best of luck for Ur Studies……& After that all,Come with a new ff……………Don’t stop writing…….. U r a good writer………….I will wait for U & Ur new ff……………………???

  8. not to end this ff pls give a some romance scence abhi pragya they now start life pls,,,,

    always fighting. don’t end plssssssss

  9. Somiya I really love ur ff a lot I am really sad that u r going to end it but as we know everything needs an end n study is also important..I will miss ur ff a lot..nd about today’s episode it was superb…I hope u will come with another ff….??

  10. Abe tu pagal hai kya somu mai pani pee rahi thi ar jab padha abey mote uth u know water burst out aai saheb se daant ar pad gayi keh rahi thi aj tumhare me chhoti ka bhoot ghus gaya kya kyuki wahi aisa karti hai abey wakai yr ??????????????? abey mote uth seriously kya dilogue tha ar wo mujhe choclate dijiye abhi hahaha ??????? achha popat banaya abhi ka waisey mai soch rahi thi agar wakai purab ar abhi eyelock share karte to kya hota waisey gurua to ban hi chuke hain ????????????????????? MAI KYA SOCHTI HOON HUM YE FF BAND KARKE EK COMEDY VERSION START KARTE HAI COMEDY WITH ABHIGYA WHAT SAY REJI RESHMA SHIRITI KYA KHAYAAL HAI SOMU abeh wakai hasa k maar diya ???????????
    Chalo ab mudde par aate hai waisey pata hai miss to bohot karoongi mai is story ko par kya karen padhai b zaroori hai abhi tu ja rahi hai may me mai chali jaungi kyuki kambakhth exams aa jayenge june me so anyways mai tje chhorne wali to hoon nahi agar tu bhagi to hum sab mil kar yani mai reshma reji ar shriti ar sharaya ko b sath le kar taron ke neeche se tere ghar pahoch kar waha se uthwa lenge tje samjhi ???????????????? so dont u dare to stop writing

  11. wow super really happy..

  12. Amazing episode but I’m sad that your ending this ff if u end this ff means you have to start a new ff pls don’t stop writing

  13. hai sowmiya ur ff was realy great dr…its really awesome…..

  14. Hey plz don’t end!!

  15. u r absolutely right surbhi di. & I agreed with surbhi di

  16. Really superb yaar thn I won’t ask u 2 continue don’t feel guilty coz 4 every1’s thr 1st priority to studies only so all the best 4 Ur studies if u find any brk in Ur study life Na then without a delay give a new ff to us bt if u r free only… Anway I definitely gng to miss coz Ur ff s 1of my fav ff yaar… Anway everythg hv an end Na… Thn 2day’s episode s really awesome n especially pragya cute childish way of behaving …it’s really superb n cute…

  17. and plz if u want to end u can end but after that u have start new ff ok are u agreed. with my decision. & today only u give promo of your another new ff ok

  18. its was really awesome n cute.. ya true s u said some time dragging to much oso wont b nice.. as ur wish u can end the ff wit the happy ending wit one promise tat u should start writing ur new ff… and all the very best 4 ur studies..

  19. awesome….Please start your new ff as soon as possible

  20. I loved d way u started dis ff…d intro was an imaginary dream……which hppnd true….not only todys episode but all ur episodes were rocking…….

  21. Superb episode somuuuu?????
    Lovely???loved it?
    Yup I vl suport u.. Studies comes first?
    So carryon dear..?
    And all the very Best???
    Hope u vl write new ff☺
    Vl wait for that???

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