Abhigya’s destiny episode 61


Episode starts :

Pragya’s phone beeps ,she takes it and sees message from Aliya, she then opens laptop and goes through skype, Aliya attended call and says Hiii pragya, pragya says hi Aliya how are you? Aliya says i m fine, how is everyone? Pragya says they are fine! Oh so Aliya mehra won’t ask me how am I? Aliya says haha Pragya so tell me how are you? Pragya says i was fine but after talking to you i m super duper fine, Aliya says Is it so? Pragya says yes! Well where are kids? Aliya says Bhabhi they are watching Tv wait i will call them, Aliya calls, Varun, shweta, Naina, Roy, Reshab, Twinkle, Neerja, come fast all of you, the kids come rushingly and saw pragya talking with Aliya over skype so thry shouted pragyaaa diiii, Pragya smiles and says So my dear bears how are you? Roy says we are perfectly fine di, Pragya sayd so u guyz are enjoying In London? Varun says afcoarse dii, it is so beautiful, Pragya says beautiful than India? All kids shout Nooooo! Roy says di, our india is best, u know we are missing you and india sooo much, Pragya laughs and says acha, Aliya says pragya where is dadi, bulbul, purab, dasi, ? And bhai, Pragya says they all are in their rooms wait i will call them, Pragya with louder voice says Dadiii, purabbb, aakash, mitali bhabhi, bulbul, dasi, bunty, All of you come here, Everyone came and saw Aliya ,they got happy, and they continued their video chat for hours, in mean time pragya got up, her hands were burning as she touched laptop, she just blew some air on it and went to do household works, But laxmi said her not to work as her hands are burnt,

Pragya agreed she now didn’t knew how will she face Abhi, but she went to room, Abhi wasn’t there so she sat on couch thinking Is he angry? Is he sad? Is he upset? But why? I know what i did was some how wrong but why is he reacting like this? Time passed it was night! Pragya was waiting for abhi to come as he didn’t came so pragya went to garden, she found abhi sitting on bench, she went, abhi felt her presence and wiped his tears, Pragya says Suniya(listen) Abhi says plz leave me alone, pragya says i can’t, i can’t leave you alone, i love ….. Abhi cuts her off and says plz pragya i don’t want to talk, i don’t want to listen, i m not in mood, Pragya says are you still angry? Abhi says why should i be angry, i don’t know but i don’t want to share my feelings with anyone, i don’t want to talk to you, i don’t want to see you, i don’t want to feel you, that’s it ! Pragya was shocked listening to abhi’s words, she then said Is it so? Then fine, if you don’t want to talk to me, i won’t talk to you, if u don’t want to see me, i won’t come infront of you ,if you don’t want to feel me, i won’t let you feel me, I promise…….
1 month passed! Yes 1 month passed, abhi and pragya aren’t talking to eachother, its like in one month ,they just saw eachother for 1 or 2 days ! They lived under same roof but pragya tried her best to not come infront of abhi, she used to wake up before abhi, she used to sleep before abhi, she now rarely used to come in her room, only for sleeping may be! Or all day long she used to live in empty room! She became emotionless,It is said No smile a day is day wasted, that’s how she wasted her Month, she became emotionless! No laughter, No happiness, No sorrow, No grief, No smile, No sadness, she behaved like a lifeless body with nothing in herself, she even didn’t used to pass a smile, she even didn’t used to laugh over stupid jokes of her sister and bunty! She just forgot how to live a life, now only she was surviving a life and that’s it! This change was observed by all family memebers, but dadi asked them not to interfair in personal matters of wife and husband, Bulbul was the one who was most concerned to this thing! Pragya had went in a dellima, a dellima where no emotions can be felt! Let’s see how bulbul is concerned to pragya’s this change…

No dadi try to understand, we should make jiju understand that what pragya di did was not so much painful! Said bulbul to dadi…. Dadi says Bulbul beta i know abhi is over reacting but let them solve this matter by themselves, Bulbul leaves without saying a further word…. On way she bumped into purab ,she wss about to fall but purab holded her! No guyz no song in background this time it is a serious situation not romantic one! ????

Purab says are you mad bulbul u were about to fall, bulbul didn’t gives any response and leaves for her room, purab follows her and says stop bulbul, what is this, why are you sad tell me ! Bulbul says purab, u have observed na how di is behaving, almost like a lifeless body, purab says yes but dadi said na leave this matter to their hands! Bulbul says problem is this that you all aren’t understanding ,purab listen you it is not first time that pragya di had gone into this dellima, Purab says what do you mean? Bulbul says purab when papa left us , i mean when he died, pragya di got more shock, as dad died infront of her eyes, she loved dad most, more than maa and me, she loved him, when maa blamed pragya di for papa’s death pragya di became emotionless and that’s bcoz she thought maa is right! And what just happened was bcoz of her! Purab sayd what! Bulbul sayd purab, u know this dellima is dangerous for di, u know once when she was in dellima she didn’t knew and she was gonna jump from cliff, Purab sayd what! Bulbul sayd that’s why i m saying not to leave this matter into abhigya’s hands, i can’t see my dii in that dellima again, purab says we will talk to abhi, Rabul just turned their face and Saw that abhi already heard the convo, rabul went to him, Abhi says plzz i don’t want to talk about the matter, bulbul couldn’t hold her anger and said problem is that you don’t want to solve, jiju even u heard that this dellima is dangerous for di but no! U will act to be stubborn, Abhi jiju think for it, plzzz, and if anything will happen to my dii, i won’t forgive you! U know it wss so hard for us that time to get pragya di out of dellima, Jaanki maa just tried her best and pragya dii got out from dellima, and you know that what pragya di did wasn’t easy for her she did it to ease your life but noo! Saying this bulbul left…. Abhi tooo left.. Purab says oh no! Now bulbul would be crying, he also left…
Abhi was driving a car on the way he saw pragya jumping off from cliff… He got feared, he stoped car and rushingly went to her but it was late bcoz pragya jumped, Abhi shouted Pragyaaaaaa! Abhi anxiously got up from bad he was sweating , And was taking deep breath, again and again! He looked around and he was in room, sitting over his bed! Abhi says dream …bad dream… Thank God! He looked at couch and saw pragya isn’t there and flashbacked bulbul’s words, Abhi said bulbul is right, i over reacted, 1 month and what i did! Abhi says pragya wait for tomorrow ! Screen freezed over pragya’s emotionless face, Abhi’s happy face, Bulbul’s sad face, purab’s tensed face….

Pre recap: Birthday surprise for pragya….

Guyz thanks… Thank you so much for those lovely comments over my last episode…. Lola, Vaishali, di, kristi, tharu, Aarthi, sheerapthinsid, smile, devi, durga, sharaya, syya, aditi, darashmi, kutty, Abhigya, kaif.. Sana, Maya… Thankyou alll, i replied to all your comments but sana and maya i didn’t replied to yours so here is the reply….

Sana: Thank you sooo much sana, i was waiting for your comment as always in series your comment over my each episode used to be 2nd 1st or 3rd, but previous there was no comment from your side so i was badly waiting but thanks you commented,

Maya: I knew after your revision you surely would read my ff and that’s so sweer of youuu…. Thanks……

And guyz like pavi, udaya, shriti, hani, suhriti, etc i was waiting for your comments but you guyz didn’t, i don’t know why may be coz you were busy!

And finally Reji, Reshma and surbhi…. I won’t thank you, seriously bcoz you guyz have already named me Miss Sorry, and i don’t want another name amd that’s Miss thank you…. I loved your comments and reji i m waiting for your next ff….. Ur promo was fantastic…. So guyzzz thankssss..

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. Superb episode somiya…just now I got my tablet from my mom after studying nd I was very happy to see ur ff…waiting for the next part….

  2. Ooooh wat a bad dream

  3. Really superb yaar…but pls update daily… I like ur sooooo much…daily iam waiting for ur ff….but u not updating daily,hence iam not getting that much interest in ur ff…becoz daily iam waiting eagerly…but no use….pls update daily…

    1. Awww sorry sana, seriously, i do update it daily but telly updates take time, Sorry

  4. Kuchh pal to theher jaao na ya fir laut kar aao na yun kehte nahi alwida mud jaao idhar aao na tumhe dhoondhe meri aankhe tumhe khoje meri baanhe yes ofcourse i wanna give u a bone crushing hug what an episode u have written yr pragya being emotionless i loved it alot although it was an emotional part but u described very well and why well you described it in the best way even i also felt that i cant describe such scenes in this manner seriously somu i lost in this episode today i remember the song in that situation pyar ke afsane sune the logon se pyar kya hota hai ye tune samjhaya dil me aisa dard utha dil ho gaya deewana dil ho gaya deewana dil ne yaar ki pooja ki hai pyar ka naam khuda rakha hai i was exactly imagining this song when Abhi was crying seriously yr aj man nahi kar raha chup hone ka bas dil karta hai bolti hi jaaun par kya karun ye. Nalayak phone hang maar raha hai ??? seriously. U dezerve this ?????????

  5. Superb episode dr asusual u rocked it I loved the episode but feeling bad for pragya but I think definitely they will be united eagerly waiting for next episode dr

  6. Nice yaar…. Bt soooooooooooo sad 4 pragya…

  7. arreyy kya episode hai yaar ….superb hain …….and precap was awesome ….. aur haan mujhe lagta hai ki agala episode will be super ….. and mein next episode ke liye intezaar nahi kar sakta…..kyunki mein iske liye very eager hoon……and u gave a nice idea to me by saying miss .thank u …….agar tum agali baar thank u kehti hai…then that time mein iss naam use karega …..tk??. mein iss episode ke liye thousands of stars de raha hoon *****************************************************************************************************************……….awesome hai

    1. Arey Reji dear sakta nahi sakti raha nahi rahi bolte hain ar haan karega nahi karegi hota hai ??? going with good speed in learning Hindi dear

  8. congrats for 60 epi.so sad but full of emotion.hope they reunite soon

  9. today epi really nice..suprb …intrstng..

  10. no somiya di how can I forget too comments. after all i am not bust too i am free nowdays I have know holiday I comments na I think its not published. my comments. but hearafter I will see my comments published or not anyways todays episode was fantastic awesome superbbb & surbhi di reji reshama miss sorry its very funny name I like it if somiya di said sorry or thank u I will use that name only miss sorry di or miss thank u di

  11. Splendid epi ?. Very keen to read the nxt one!!!!!?

  12. Awesome dii it was amazing this abhi na always being angry change him dii but love u and ur ff a lit dii…

  13. very nice! waitng for next epi

  14. Amazing!! I loved it???

  15. Somuu dear….???
    Its fabulous????????
    Haha serious situation me joke b..??????
    Loved it dear?

    1. Lol i thought no one would notice it but u did…. Hehe

  16. Hey Somu,Its Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome………………… Isse bhi syaada mein Kya kahoon…………….I loved it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much………………….???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺☺?????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Reshma issey jyada nahi bolna warna iska thank u song shuru ho jayega ya fir kahi jyada khushi se sugar na badh jaye ?????????????

      1. See surbhi…. Reshan dekho na ab m kisi say baaf nhi karoongy, katti! Baar baar chidra rhy h bas jao i won’t talk….

      2. Surbhi …bas ya…….Somiya is getting angry……Somiya cool down….. Somiya mein tumhaari side nahi hein lekin tum math socho i will tease you ok

      3. hahaha reji 😛 m naraz nhi hoty wo bhi khaas kar k tum logon say 😛 surbhi ka toh kaam hee mujhe chidna hota h lagta h duniya m aayee hee isee reason ki waja say thy ya phir isay vardaan diya gaya h k Somiya ko tease kiya karo 😛 hehehehe

  17. its nice dr….

  18. hey surbhi di somu di ko pareshan mat karo na usne tujhse katti kar li ab karo kuch toh somu di ko cheer karne ke liye aur usne ab thank u nhi kaha aur sorry bhi nhi kaha. aur tum bhi usse sorry mat kaho but kuch hatke song likho

    1. hahaha shiriti yaar, koi toh h jo mera dukh smajhta h hahahahhahahah 😛 Are you on instagram 😀 ek team bana kar surbhi ko pareshaan karengay 😛

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