abhigya’s destiny episode 6

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Episode starts with abhi saying to pragya but he can’t come as he has important work. Pragya says no excuses.nikhil says pragya i m going to get car come with abhi she says okay. Abhi says to pragya he can’t come, pragya says he has to come and holds his hand kaisa yeh ishq h plays and abhi gets happy. Pragya holds abhi’s hand and takes him to the car, pragya and nikhil sit at front seat and abhi at back seat. He feels bad as he wanted to sit with pragya.

Purab calls bulbul and bulbul comes, purab says that they have to go to delhi for important meeting, bulbul says what ? Purab asks her why is she shocked? Bulbul says no sir i meant only u and me. Purab says yes is there any problem bulbul says no sir it’s perfectly fine, purab says they would leave for delhi after two hours so she can go home and pack her stuff. Bulbul asks for how many days are they going purab says for two days .bulbul says fine and leaves for her home..

Abhi’s mood is still off ,soon they reached at a restaurant, 3 of them got out of car, abhi thinks to himself why is he feeling attractive towards pragya. They go inside and sit at a table. Nikhil says pragya is best girl i have evr seen she has always helped me in my difficult time. I always wanted to be a producer but my dad always wanted me to be a doctor, when pragya came to know this she locked me in the room at the exam day. I missed that exam and today i m producer. Abhi says oh wow pragya.. U r so clever.. Pragya says it’s nothing like that.. Pragya asks abhi ifhe too has bestfriend .abhi says yes her name is tanu and we are together from 12 years. Pragya says oh tanu, nikhil says u mean that model tanu, pragya realizes that nikhil is in love with her. Abhi says yes tanu the model. Nikhil was goint to say further but pragya pinched him saying she is hungry let’s order food. Waiter comes nikhil orders a burger, abhi and pragya at same time said pizza. Abhi asked pragya if she loves pizza. Nikhil says yes she is lover of pizza, she can eat 10 slices of in 1 min. Abhi laughs and says she is same as me. Pragya laughs.nikhil gets a call and says pragya he has to leave as there is important work , pragya says okay.after some time abhi pays bill, pragya and abhi came out of the restaurant. Abhi again said sorry pragya said its okay. Abhi says he is still feeling bad for what he did , pragya says its completely fine with me.. Abhi says to pragya he would call his driver and drop her, pragya says no its completely fine i would go my self and thankyou. Abhisays thankyou for whwhat? Pragya says for prooving me wrong. Actually i just thought u r a rockstar and u won’t apologize, and i was so much hurt and u gave me relief by showing me that how much u were felling bad. Abhi says it’s fine.abhi thinks to him self how to get pragya’s number , he acts like something is not in his pocket and says where is my phone? Pragya says wait i will make call to ur phone abhi thanks her and gives her his number ,pragya makes call to his number and phone rings which is in abhi’s pocket, he says oh phone was in my pocket pragya laughs and says bye. Abhi says bye, pragya went on walking on road abhi thinks to himself why did he wanted pragya’s number! At same time pragya looks back and abhi waves his hand , pragya smiled and Allah wariyan plays

Bulbul gets to home and says sarla about her meeting, surla says okay i will pack ur stuff, pragya comes home and asks surla if they are going some where bulbul says she is going to delhi for meeting after 2 hours. Pragya says oh! Pragya goes to kitchen bulbul follows her. .

Pre recap:pragya says bulbul that abhi is a nice person , he apologized to her , and i forgave him. Abhi says to purab that pragya is such a nice girl, she forgave him. .purab thinks bulbul was right..

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